Theories of a little bird

All it took was one resident(dunno citizen or PR) to complain and a zealous MP to raise an alarm, and the free bus service to the IR was stopped, immediately. Got to be careful here, is it free bus service to the IR or to the casino? Are the IR operators allowed to provide free transport to their customers? The casino is only a small part of the whole IR and most of the people taking free transport went to many other places except the casino. But one resident and one MP were enough to ruin the pockets and enjoyment of the majority of Singaporeans. Many low income children will now not have a chance to visit the IR as their parents cannot afford to pay for the expensive public transport. And fuck heads are claiming that this is progress, a great achievement! Why should one resident and one MP dictate the lives of millions of residents? Or why should 10,000 residents and 30 MPs deprive millions of residents from free transport? There were several theories for the mad rush to stop the free bus service. One is that the free service is eating into the businesses of other transport providers. Another reason is that it is election time, so must show that the govt is listening to the resident's complaints. ST correspondence, Elgin Toh commented that this is encouraging. The residents must complain more to get things done. If they don't agree with the govt policies, complain lah. I know someone is frowning. The little bird has two theories. One is that is it similar to the Aware saga where a small group of bigots try to impose their holier than thou values on the majority. They are against gambling and took the opportunity to stamp the free bus service. Think they will all go to heaven after chalking up such great merits in saving so many mindless Singaporeans from gambling. The second little bird theory is that this is a sign of political struggle from within. The IR was Hsien Loong's baby. And if this is too successful, he will get all the credit. And maybe one or two more IRs could be added. This cannot do. The IR cannot be allowed to be too successful. Quickly take the opportunity to kill the free bus service when he is away. This is just a bird theory, mind you. Free bus or no free bus, I have not taken a step nearer to both IRs. But I was planning to take the free bus to visit my island in the sun. Now I can't even do that for free. Shit to those holier than thou creatures! I hate minorities trying to impose their superficial superior values on the majority. It is good for you! Duh. My middle finger to you.


Wally Buffet said...


The little bird's theories are just that. For the birds.

Methinks this was all planned right from the beginning. Start the buses rolling. Then at an opportune time, scale back some to make it look like the casinos, sorry IRs, really are meant for foreign high rollers.

Next to go maybe some toto 4 D outlets in the main hardlands. See? gambling is bad. We do everything not to encourage it. Of course there will be collateral damage. But in the bigger scheme of things, that's a good move, politically that is.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ya, remove all the 4D booths, no soccer betting, and no sleaze.

We shall call it the City of Angels. That will be nice.

Anonymous said...

There should be free shuttle service especially from our HDB heartlands to popular places in Spore such as Sentosa Island,the Marina Bay area, Orchard Road, the Changi beach, Kranji area, etc, seasonally, say during extended school holidays, so that our children and their families can get a chance to visit and enjoy themselves and take pride of these places as Sporeans.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yes there should be free shuttle services to places of leisure for the general public. Unfortunately the transport companies are there to make profit for their shareholders. So it is a no go.

Now we have RWS willing to do this public service for free, a way of returning their profits, with also some spin off in their businesses, but some gods think that this is harmful. So it is put to an end, for the good of the people, to protect the people from harm.

Those buses and trains going to the casinos with paid passengers did not bring harm to them so it is ok to do it.

This is the most logical thing to do. Only the immortals and gods can reason it out.

Anonymous said...

Election coming. They are doing it to show they are listening.

Did you guys not noticed lately that suddenly their ears are no longer deaf and their eyes are not blind? But it happens only once in about 5 years only.

Little bird theories are to fool little birds. But they cannot fool the old birds.

Anonymous said...

There is a 3rd little bird theory.
The govt has the latest data on the IRs which show an ever increasing trend of Singaporeans patronising the casinos. This is a political bombshell especially if an election is round the corner. So all signs of actions or incentives that could possibly be seen as contributing to this trend must be squashed quickly to avoid public bombardment when the data becomes public. IRs are here to stay with huge investments, bank loans and employment at stake. So the govt balls are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. At the same time, without local patronage of the casinos, the IRs will not be finacially viable.

Now it is interesting to see how the wayang will play out, or rather acted out, in Parliament when the free shuttle service is debated.

Anonymous said...

Since when do the IRs owe you a living? They want to bring you there so that you will line their pockets!

agongkia said...

This reported bukit panjang resident and those people's fu ren chze jian has caused me my free ride to befriend the rich tais tais at IR.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I heard over the news that the IRs have many other attractions and SBS buses will continue their runs from the hardland to the resorts.

They will not bring commuters to the casinos though, only to the resorts.

Anonymous said...

The chirpings from all the small birds here are not going to make any difference to this society. Small birds chirpings do not frighten anybody, be mindful of your dignities. There is nothing more hurtful and depressing to be treated as invisibles and purposeless.