The temptation of Garuda

Hilary has done a great job. The Garuda was seduced by her charms and the lure of power and glory, military hardware and foreign aids, to become a regional power. F-15s, F-16s are on the way. So are frigates, battleships and battle tanks. Of course there will be investments and financial aids too. And Indonesia will be invited to all the grand parties organised by America. There will be more visits to the White House and more photo takings with the President of America. The Indonesian President will have his rightful place beside the infidel President. After the courtship and after being hooked, the hardware will no longer be free. The money from timber and palm oil will be needed to exchange for them in times to come. What would happen to Asean? For decades, Asean grew in strength under the banner of peace, freedom and neutrality. By keeping Asean neutral and staying clear from big power rivalry, Asean was able to carve out a bigger space to manouvre in the international arena. The big powers courted and wooed Asean like a pretty maiden but just enough, fearing that it would push Asean to the embrace of its rival. They treated Asean with tender loving care. No harsh words. What if Asean starts to take sides and sleeps with one of the big powers? When the chips are down, when the cards are open, the battle lines will be drawn. No need for any more niceties. The knives will be out. Will Asean regret the efforts put in all these years to keep the big powers at bay and the freedom to drive its own policies and interests? Or will it enjoy more the opportunities to engage and be full participants in big power conflict? Musharaff and Pakistan are living examples of what will happen when a country traded peace for glory. How would Indonesia transform itself while trying to be a member of Asean and a member of the Muslim brotherhood? Would Indonesia become another Iran, a Pakistan or a Saudi Arabia? And what would Asean become? Or would there still be an Asean?


Anonymous said...


The Banana Republic of America just secured another big pawn in their attempt to contain China.

Wow! They already have Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and now Indonesia. Who will join the Imperial House next?

Anonymous said...

Asean Members are only diplomatic and cordial with each others, no real friendship to talk about. Their abilities to keep peace in the Region is already a blessing.

BUT, with the US playing the INSTIGATOR, PEACE may not last and the small cats are likely to be mauled. Being small in this Region means disadvantaged and the ones without natural resources will have to face the greatest consequences of any dispute.

Anyhow, some Asean Members are embroiled in domestic political polemics and violent struggles and may have no ability to take side with anyone.

There are possibility that Regimes maybe willing to betray their own sovereignty and independence by sucking up to the superpowers, to remain in powers and to save themselves.

Empirically, there is one consistent result for those nations that let the US to play and participate in their homelands either in economic and or political developments.


that is; it's the end of peace and stability in their homelands and the region.


Anonymous said...

The Garuda could possibly be the only BIRD to drive away the Eagle from this Region.

Wally Buffet said...

The Phoenix is ready to swallow the two little birdies below.

Matilah_Singapura said...

ASEAN is just another big-assed COLLECTIVE, and as far as collectivism goes, individuals lose their unique identity and take instead the "common" identity of the group.

ASEAN will no doubt become another vassal of Uncle Sam. ASEAN biggest customer is Uncle Sam. ASEAN dun like nor trust the Chinaman communists (but ASEAN like Chinaman money) mainly because the Chinaman can make goods cheaper than ASEAN, and lots of Chinaman offspring are emigrating to ASEAN countries to buy up assets or to work in the cheap labour force.

So because the Chinaman is squeeing the small-balls of ASEAN, and just about ready to flip ASEAN over on its belly and anally rape it, ASEAN has very little choice but to lick Uncle Sam's balls, later sucking his dick and licking his asshole -- doing whatever it takes to seduce the perverted Uncle into protecting the eunach ASEAN from being sodomised by the Chinaman.

Geo-politics is violently pornographic. I hope the reader is aroused.

You're welcome.

matilah.singapura said...


To redbean:

It seems that you're getting spammed quite a bit by what appears to be the same anonymous user(s).

Suggestion: disallow anonymous postings

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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Matilah,
I know of the spamming. Some were porno as well. But I must respect some of the bloggers who want to use the anonymous nick.

Unless the anonymous bloggers supports postings with a nick. Otherwise does not want to make things difficult.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Hi redbean,

Yes, there are people who prefer the 'anonymous' option, However when you use the idea of 'respect', that implies a two-way contract: you 'respect' their right to have certain needs (i.e. the right to have the need to post anonymously) and they 'respect' your right to run your blog in the way that works for you -- taking into account the numerous anonymous posters who are responsible and don't abuse the 'anonymous' feature by spamming.

Anyway, I'll step up and encourage posters to this blog to register an Open ID. Seriously folks, having a NICK for blogging sure beats being "anonymous".

Please consider.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

That's a good way forward.

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