Sylvia Lim – A pertinent question

Sylvia Lim is going to ask Kan Seng about employing non Singaporeans as security officers. To many, with the line between Singaporeans and foreigners being blurred, employing foreigners as security officers is just a commercial activity. Yes we also have the Gurkhas as a precedent. So nothing to sweat about. After all Singapore is now a country for everyone or anyone who is a talent and want to settle here. If they don’t, we may even want to force them to. For Singaporeans, the Sinkiputras who value this little piece of rock as their only home, seeing how it is being abused by the influx of foreigners is heart wrenching. Personally I will feel very pissed off if I return to my country and is being checked and queried by a foreigner. I hope no foreigners are being employed and deployed at our doors to check on Singaporeans. It is a very obnoxious and pungent thing to do. This is like asking foreigners who became Singaporeans and asked to defend the country. All you need is a few bad apples and many lives can be lost. Remember the case in Australia when two of our young men were murdered by a new citizen turned soldier? We accept foreigners on face value and with good intent. Do we know who they are and what they are in the first place, what is their intent? Yes Sylvia, please ask Kan Seng.


Anonymous said...

This place is sold and therefore your classification of the inhabitants into sinkiputras and aliens does not stand. Time for you to wake up sir.

Wally Buffet said...


Really got foreign talent security guards ah? No wonder I see that some are very arrogant pricks. Not like the friendly uncles before. The latter were more interested in sending sms to their newly found girl friends from Geylang than guarding anything.

Actually, I think some security personnel and some SPF are already recruited from that shithole up North.

Gazing into my crystal ball, I see some guards looking like ex PLA soldiers, albeit wearing local uniforms, manning our factories and checkpoints.

Wait....I can see a digital clock behind one of the guards. It reads 18th January, 2017.

Where the fuck are all the Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

All the singaporeans are talking koks at kopitiams, looking and fooling around with meimeis at geylang, chinatown especially pearlcentre. Some cleaning toilets or clearing tables, washing plates and cups and some loitering at void decks. Singaporeans got checked and surveillanced by foreigners in their homeland? Singaporeans got homeland meh? And why everywhere got security wan hah? Singaporeans cannot trust wan lah, must be, right?

agongkia said...

Aiya,wats so bad about being checked , queried or even interrogated by non singaporean sookoority or enforcement officers.
You will get use to it one day.
Go and find out from those who owe the bank money .They got foreign people from elsewhere or even call from elsewhere to demand for payment as if you owe these foreign talent money.Our singapoorean are oredi pleading with foreign talent every day...
I am fully supportive of the idea of employing non singaporean as sookoority officers.But I prefer foreign woman officers to guard or protect me.hehe..

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hmmm, I am sure you don't mind a body search by the mei meis also. Me too : )

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans have to first behave themselves, look after themselves and their properties and possessions. If Sinkies fail to do so or are too weak and vulnerable, you got to employ others to protect you and whatever you need to protect. The country and its' machinery got nothing to do with your personal live, be it your livelihood, health, education and safety. You only have the duties to protect yourselves and the country. More importantly, you must help to prosper the country and the leaders. No more complaint from the slaves please.

Anonymous said...

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