Stop At Two will return

At the rate our population is growing, Stop At Two policy will make a come back not too far in the future. Be it 6.5m or 10m, it will be hit in no time. And looking at the rate of congestion everywhere, in public transport, on the road, competing for services, school places, I think we will hit the limit much quickerer than we hit 6.5m. And when that breaking point is reached, there will be strong pressure to limit population increases. No more space for anymore heads. We could also hit a major financial crisis when the world economy turns into a tail spin. Companies go bust, jobs lost, huge unemployment. We will be in a similar position as the British pull out in early 1970s. A new NS for women may be introduced to absorb the jobless. Population restraining measures will also come in. Stop At Two v2.01 will be enforced. Third child will face discrimination in all fronts. No priority in schooling or medical benefits. It may come sooner than you think. Many things will come in full circle.


Anonymous said...

Vicious cycle will only get larger till the problems kill the Issue itself.

Anonymous said...

By that time the people who made the mess happen will be long gone. Gone to hell, paradise, heaven, where ever, whatever, with their wealth?

Only the losers stay behind to protect the shit hole.

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody, I just want to say hello! How is everyone??

agongkia said...

Mr bean
Pls dun bring up this lame idea again.Nong nong time ago when I saw the Stop at 2 sign,I thought the Garmen was trying to tell us not to marry more than 2 wives.I wanted to tell my father that the Garmen allow man to marry 2 wives but not more than 2.When I learnt that it mean stop producing more than 2 children,I told myself leow leow.When I grow up,true enough ,I have difficulty finding a wife becos of the limited choice due to less production .
See,now we have no local talent and have to import them.
Nevermind,reported its Yong Nyuk Lin's idea..Not the garmen's fault.
Pls dun mention stop at 2 again.I actually pray the Garmen can allow me to marry more than 2 wives and let me do my national service by producing more local talent.hehe..

Wally Buffet said...

It was a real hare brain idea to stop at two. Those buggers never saw the world beyond the tip of their nose.

Useless martherfockers!

I never listened to them. I START at four and look at my brood now! My immediate clan has ballooned from two to 15 in a space of a few decades. I have done more than making sure foreign trash don't invade our coastline in the dead of the night.

I have produced four national servicemen to carry on their own man's tradition of protecting the martherland.

The moral of this short story?

Never listen to the bull of the martherfockers. Do what you think is right.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi agongkia, think I am mistaken and you are right. Stop at Two wives! Many men will be extremely happy. But not the women folks.

The funny thing about human decisions is that a decision that once thought to be good would turn out bad in times to come. It is like day and night, never ending cycle.

Our housing policy is a good case in point. Not enough flats, over built. Then too many flats, under built. Now going on building spree. Tomorrow clamming down again. It will never end if people are too smart and not using their wisdom to deal with problems.

But don't blame them. Just blame the losers and complainants.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Wally is like a lion king.

Wally Buffet said...

If everyone were like me, a Lion King, we may not have to import so much foreign trash masquerading as "talents". flooding our tiny claustrophobic island.

If only...............

But yes, we still need to import the real talents to serve us at the malls, build our infrastructures, man our factories, take care of our old and infirmed, mind our children, pander to our fantasies and do all the unpopular things that Sinkapooreans won't do.

But.........they are guest workers, nothing more and once their usefulness is over and they have earned enough Sing dollars we should show them the door with a heartfelt show of gratitude. And that's about it. No "newly minted" citizens or PRs to upset our unique Singapore equilibrium.

That's harmony. Again, if only more would look away from the "Stop At Two" posters then pasted all over the island and behaved like a lion king, there could have been a happier ending.

Anonymous said...

Reading Wally leaves me an impression wat a wiseman is and this is the kind of man that should rightfully be the calibre to bring us forwards to greater glories.

There is no personal bias here at all in so far as my fraternities with Redbean and Wally are concerned. The three of us have as diverse views and opinions as any strangers have and we respect each others. We are candid and open with each others and though me the youngest amongst the Three, the Two Elders had never flaunted their better experiences in live on me.

May I express my sincere appreciations of them both here. There are much wisdoms in them that will benefit me.


Wally Buffet said...


Me of such calibre to bring "us" to greater glory?

Walau eh, the only "calibre" I have is to bluff the female PRC foreign talents and get them to be nice to me for much less than the usual "tips" paid by other old men. You know, more for less! Me, the big "kiamsiapkui".

As for comparing to Mr. Bean, I can't hold a candle to him lah.

Which reminds me, Patriot that it's about time we hold a board meeting of the three wise men!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If the world's 3 wise men are found here, there won't be any wise men left.

At best we are betterer than the better and far from being the bestest: )

We are just longkang fish.

Wally Buffet said...

We, the three wiserest men are not even betterest than the betterer.

But we sure can talk the cockerest and laugh the louderest.


Anonymous said...

I just do not understand why the magical number of 6.5 million. Looking at the current mess can't we settle at 5 million population ? Or can't our leaders freeze the numbers and evaluate the situation ? If another 1.5 million foreigners are shaft down our throat imagine the kind of lifes we are going to face.

Wally Buffet said...

Even 5 million is too much.

With the kind of trash we turned into newly minted citizens, the price we pay for this kind of rozak will manifest itself in the next generation. Study mamas, kitchen helpers, small time crooks (oops sorry, I meant cooks), bus drivers, fly by night small time businessmen etc. They can work here but most certainly should not cheapen our red passport. Try applying for PRC citizenship. It's harder than applying for Singapore citizenship. I didn't say it, they, the PRCs themselves said it.

Actually, what happened to the "brilliant" idea that offsprings of graduates will beget quality children? If one of my grand sons falls in love and marries a PRC cook's daughter in 2030, I think I will be turning, nay, rocking in my grave because they may beget dullards according to one cosmic theory.

I asked the kopi soh and she said, "Really meh?"?

The 6.5 million?

Hehe, you don't have to understand. I KNOW it will be good for us.

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Anonymous said...

All the postulation for a 'just right' population had been lost since the villages and nature(undevelop {natural}lands) in SIN were turned to concrete jungle. In my Jungle Jim opinion, that was the 'stupidest' idea of the most materialistic leader SIN has ever had.

In my view, any man who does not appreciate Nature and always think of artificial improvements and wild imaginations of 'ren ting sheng tian', meaning man(kind) will (have the intelligent to) change Nature for so-called better life, must be the greatest fool.

Singaporeans can enjoy happy livings like the Bhutanese, Malinese, Balinese, Mauritians, Bermuda(ns), Sri Lankans and the many inhabitants in the islets in the Riau and West Indies.

It is not that these countries do not have talented men or have less resources than SIN. The Leaders and the people of these countries love and cherish the happy livings they were and are enjoying for decades and centuries.

Many of the countries listed have population controls and that is they do not allow immigrations. And they do not have to practise stop at two and other nonsense.

Just to be a little personal, me was penalized for producing a third child and he had to do NS. Had there been no stop at two, me and many others could have produced many more to do NS, which i repeat; me never liked.

The average broods in my village was about six per household with almost nil mortality rate.

Redbean says the stop at two will return, me shall go a little further to prophesize that when SIN becomes saturated, one chid maybe considered too many and I am quite sure it won't take longer than two decades for it to happen.

As regard the great idea from Agongkia, me thinks the idea should be implemented as soon as possible to speed up the productions of Singaputras instead of importing aliens that badly bastardize our own unique cultures of the Fifties and Sixties.

Many of our youngs are having great difficulties communicating and relating to the elders and oldies. For no rythme or reason, families got splitted and divided(housing policy) as we got lost with our cultures. Time to make our ladyfolks get used to living harmoniously in many one households rule by a single lion king and we shall see big packs of Singaputras in the very near future. MR Agongkia, You get my vote.


Wally Buffet said...

Walau eh,

Mr. Patriot, you just produced more than one post. If we were more fecund during our generation, we don't have to import so much trash.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Think his computer has been tempered with to give the impression that he is spamming: )

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If every country is as silly and grow their population like what we do, it will be the end of the world. Forget about going green or save Gaia. The human race will devour everything and leave behind a barren earth.

Anonymous said...


for once me thought You were giving me the biggest thumbs up for being productive.
Reassure You me am and definitely above average products in intellects and finishes, good to look at and nice for company, no hard sell here.

Beannie, don't worry ! The Three Wisecracks are too old to do damages.

Let's arrange for another kopi session, me does not forgot my promise to have my cigarette whiff away from your direction, i promise.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I'd rather stop at zero and fuck and fuck and fuck as many women as possible, then fuck and fuck and fuck many more.

The whole idea of all these lovely young hot single women coming into S'pore to find fame and fortune is to bang as many of them as possible.

Producing offspring: optional.

Anyway many of these babes are focused on career rather than pumping babies out of their vaginas every year.

I don't think "Stop at Two" will return. The scarcity of land and living expense in S'pore will naturally limit the size of families. Anyway the trend is:

1. Women are having children LATER. Career first

2. Couples are having smaller families.

So redbean, rest easy. No need to panic and to blame the govt again for a "Strawman" which is unlikely to occur.

Wally Buffet said...

"The whole idea of all these lovely young hot single women coming into S'pore to find fame and fortune is to bang as many of them as possible."


That's why every night I am working overtime banging away in a race against time.

When these foreign trash reaches critical mass and they are the majority population, we the natives will be fucked big time.

As it is, a lot of businesses in Singapore are already controlled by PRC and Indian interests. The day is not far off when the natives will have to scrounge for a living and be ordered around like dogs and fucked like dogs.

So make hay while the sun is still shining although, it's almost always sunset nowadays!

Fuck and fuck on the cheap (at today's tariff), buy two free one).

You may never come across this deal of a lifetime again.


Anonymous said...


Singaporeans in the past, rich or poor, were very fecund, six or more children were the norm. But then You, me and others were literally told to mate less, as birth control was something quite new then though abortion was common, by a wiseman.

The same wiseman had made a futile U-turn, but luckily, the people have learnt not to be fooled by his wishy washy inclinations.

Anyway, forget about productivity, otherwise another clown will get the credits. One thing is for sure, human productions will NEVER be 'cheaperer' liked he pu..uuuts it.

Virility and libido keep many a man and woman healthy, attractive and lovey eh and Singaporeans say the Angmos are loose and too liberal.


Anonymous said...

Another brilliant satirical piece.