Starting fires paying off

US plans massive arms sale to Saudi to counter Iran threat AFP - Tuesday, September 14SendIM StoryPrint. US plans massive arms sale to Saudi to counter Iran threat WASHINGTON (AFP) - – The United States plans to offer Saudi Arabia 60 billion dollars' worth of hi-tech fighters and helicopters to help counter the threat posed by Iran, in the largest ever US arms deal, officials said Monday. A senior defense official said President Barack Obama's administration would formally notify Congress this week or next about the groundbreaking deal, which follows months of talks with the Saudis, who are increasingly anxious about Iran's missile arsenal. "If you look at the kingdom, the major threat that they face in the region emanates from Iran," the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told reporters. "And this gives them a whole host of defensive capabilities to defend the kingdom and deterrence capabilities.".... The above news will bring comfort to the American arms merchants. After years of inciting tension and wars in the Middle East, it is bearing fruits. The Arabs are divided and poised to attack each other and buying arms is an indispensable alternative. This is a US$60b deal. Finally the Arabs have an avenue to spend their old money. Who says starting war is not a profitable business? Next big buyers on the list are Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Asean states.


Anonymous said...

The Iranians are not Arabs. They are ethnically Persian.

Anonymous said...

The US selling arms to Saudi is to counter Iran and therefore above board.

If China were to sell arms to Iran to counter the Saudi's arms purchase from US, it will be classified as weapons proliferation and will be condemned.

The US can spend as much as they like on their military and nobody is allowed or dared to voice disapproval.

When China spends a little more on the military, they go through the spending with a fine tooth comb, and then the US together with their poodles will build up a case to voice loud disapproval laced with perennial threats.

Hypocrites, pure hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

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Matilah_Singapura said...

Yessir, there's money in them wars.

And I'm willing to bet that somewhere in this saga is the Bush family making money.

In WW1 the Bush family sold weapons to the allies and the Kaiser -- war profiteering from both sides, paid for by govt money (taxes, national assets, sovereign debt)

War is a great way of extracting large sums of money from entire countries.