Selamat Datang

On 24 Sep 10, Singapore welcomed the return of one of its infamous supertalents in Mas Selamat. Although Mas has never achieved anything in his career as a mastermind terrorist, his reputation has been elevated to a cult status. He is a legend in escape that makes David Copperfield looks like a school boy. His skills and talent in planning terrorist acts are second to none. I am not sure about the execution part as he has no opportunity to put this plans to work. He has a knack to be arrested and re arrested after his great escapes from fortress Singapore. The potential of Mas becoming a world famous and successful celebrity is immense. There are many big things lined up for him. The copyright to his story of the great escape is worth millions in books and celluloid. He could become a professor in the academy to lecture on terrorism, and how to escape from prisons, or how to float across a body of water using empty plastic bottles tied to his body. He has also made famous the art of breaking a fall by using toilet rolls. At worst he could set up a security agency to provide security guards. I am going to submit my application to Mas Selamat as his business manager. I will promote his talent world wide and bring him instant fame. He can go on a world circuit to give speeches at US$2000 per head to attend his talks. It is so easy to dramatise his heroics and mind blowing feats as a terrorist. I have not read any reports of what he had done, but he must have done many to his credits. Then no sweat, all I need is to engage a few terrorist experts to endorse his talent and write about them, like a comic book super hero. I hope Mas Selamat is reading this and realise his great potential to be a very rich and famous man. PS. Double posting deleted. I honestly posted once only. It must be his special power that rendered my single post becoming double, like seeing double.


Anonymous said...

Haha....double postings, however me must say it's worth repeated readings.

Redbean Sir; Me find it hard to agree that Mas Selamat is as good as You described and portrayed by the Authority. His terror intentions and activities seemed to be comprehensively uncovered before any damage was 'achieved'.

Me doubts his competency, no need to mention his 'expertise' and 'professinalism'. Having said that, the Foreigner Experts working in Sin seem fantastic to me though I do wish that they be patriotic to return to their homelands where terrorists had, have done and are doing a lot of damages for a long time. Why are they, the Experts, not contributing to their own motherlands???

Are the Foreigner Experts making easy money in Sin as this is such a small landmass where any crime, including vandalism and terrorism, if any, is soooooo easy to be discovered and uncovered. Me thinks so.

Mas Selamat to be a celebrity for Stories in books, celluloids and give talks??? Tan Ku Ku, Singaporeans are not even interested in his posters put up everywhere after he 'escaped'. Some even called his elope and the whole event as 'wayang', me finds it quite agreeable.


Anonymous said...

This "limper" is back to help Singapore secure 6 Olympics medals

Anonymous said...

Some things still bugs me.

Our police are thought to be better than those of our Asean neighbours right? How come Mas Selamat was caught by the Malaysian police while ours could not even say where Mas Selamat was, right after breaking out from Whitley Detention Centre.

And a stupid guy of elite status even went to the extent of saying that if he is not in Singapore, he must have left Singapore. Any three year old kid in kindergarten knows that.

agongkia said...

I agree with Patriot.
Your so called supertalent is not as great as you think.Many tend to talk as if he got 3 heads and 6 arms.
We should not let these so claim terrorist affect our daily livestyle.
Your double posting could have been caused by him as a result.Stay cool .

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

As regards to the supertalent that was bestowed on Mas, it could be an admission that Mas is cleverer.

We have so many supertalents and talents in our midst. So it is no big deal. What one may want to look at is which level of supertalent is Mas at. Comparable to our ministers, generals, CEOs, terrorist experts or slightly betterer than a gurkha soldier?

Seriously, to me his talent is nothing more than a secondary school dropout. Hope no one is going to compare him to the dropouts who started Microsoft or Apple.

Anonymous said...

From reports, it appeared that only some Malaysian Policemen were involved in apprehending Mas Selamat in their much much larger country than Singapore. When Mas escaped from Whitney Detention Centre, thousands of enforcers were deployed for many weeks with one big shot kept saying that Mas Selamat was in Singapore. How many of our officers were made to work overtime, have their leaves and plans cancelled and deprived of rest etc ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Somehow we are not able to apprehend him but the Malaysians and Indonesians seemed to be able to do it quite easily. The next time it could be the Filipino police to arrest him.

Wally Buffet said...

Frankly, I think Mr. Selamat likes us to arrest him most of all.

The Malaysians are harsh, probably made him eat durians for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And one will surely be very tense the whole day because sodomy is such a popular recreational sport.

He probably got the limp while escaping from the Indonesians. That's how tough it was to get away from them.

He won't want to end up with a bullet in his head because the Pinoy can't think straight and their shooting skills are equally off the mark.

As for us, we are very polite. If we ask Mr. Selamat nicely in the vein of, "Excuse me, sir, would you mind telling us how you escaped with just some toilet paper and an average brain?", I think we will be able to coax some "co-operation" from him with such humane politeness. Also, he will have to spend some more days in that nice refuge amongst tropical rain forest because the maximun security in Changi will not be ready except "in a few years". This, when condos are cropping up all over Singapore like mushrooms?

See the posters of Mr. Selamat when he was in custody in Singapore? Such a calm, peaceful and contented look. See the photo on today'
s paper showing how he look now before being handed to Singapore? Such a hardened criminal look. Life must surely be tough being locked up in that shithole up North.

Mr. Selamat, you be a nice boy now and don't try to escape no more. It is not only our national security that's dependent on your behaviour but our reputation as well.

So, just relac and enjoy your life although it may be quite solitary sometimes. Look, some people gotta pay for a nice quiet abode amongst tropical rain forests. You are staying for free so just be grateful and enjoy our hospitality.

Anonymous said...

We laughed and made fun of the Pinoy police over the tourist bus hostage fiasco, but I think they probably also had a field day laughing at the great escape of Mas Selamat.

The pot should never call the kettle black. You never know what will hit us one day.

Anonymous said...

In this modern world with satelites, gps and heavenly cameras, one singaporean Phey Yew Kok is still stealth and safe. How he was able to scoot for decades and a terrorist expert got all his movements and activities uncovered, is not easy to understand. Very difficult to understand actually. Some said sandiwara, some say wayang, wat else ?

rex said...

Rex comments as follows,
To the anonymous who said,
From reports, it appeared that only some Malaysian Policemen were involved in apprehending Mas Selamat in their much much larger country than Singapore. unquote

Did you not read too, that the reports plainly stated that the malaysians caught him "on a tip off from singapore police".

Singapore police cannot lose face mah. That is the official story line. lol

Oh by the way, i agree that mas selamat is a Talent. He could start a series similar to "Breaking the Magician's Secret Code"!! He could write a book titled "What you always wanted to know about Whitley Detention Centre but afraid to ask" or "Dummy's Guide to escaping down a toilet hole" or "Positive Thinking for Prisoners" or "How to Think out of the Box".. lol


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi rex, welcome to the blog.

That is another talent which people tend to forget. His ability to make people's faces red.

Anonymous said...

So, Mas Selamat was arrested by the Malaysia police on a tip off from the Singapore police according to Rex, quoting from an official story.

And who tip off the Singapore police? Must be the Malaysian police. Knowing the animosity between the Malays in Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore, they will not betray their own kind and I really do not think so.

I am getting confused, even though I am not a follower of Confucius.

Am I correct to say that the Singapore police do not even know whether Mas Selamat was still in Singapore or not before he was rearrested by the Malaysian police. So how did the tip-off arise in the first place, unless they know he had already left Singapore?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I must agree with your reasoning. If we didn't know if he was in Singapore or not, it means that we didn't know of his whereabout.

If he was in Malaysia, it would be even more difficult for us to know as our officers cannot operate there. The higher probability was for the Malaysian to find him.

So there is a little mystery here.

rex said...

rex comments as follows

the strange thing is that in our headline page straits times said singpaore police tipped off malaysian police so they arrested mas. Since malaysian officals didn't challenge this statement, then it must be true.....

I think singapore police managed to get the intelligence because Mr Selamat still has family/kawan in singapore. Someone in singapore doublecrossed Mr. Selamat and told singapore police and singapore police told malaysian police. Yes, that would be about the easiest solution to this puzzle. How smart i am! lol.


Anonymous said...

It must be fun cracking the blains playing detectives. However, the smartest was the One who wasted and upset much precious time and money of th officers and the state, only to foxily declared that if Mas Selamat was not in Sin then he was out of Sin. May I make it easier for readers to understand. Wat the chief of the home ministry was saying was that if Mas was not in Sin
then he must be elsewhere in other country. Can You see that head he wins, tail he also wins. Can You beat him ? When you deal with person who farts both ends, the top smells as foul as the botton end.

Anonymous said...


The possibility of family/friends double crossing Mas Selamat by revealing his whereabouts in Malaysia is a tad hard to believe.

My theory is that Mas Selamat, his family and kawan probably thinks it will be more difficult to escape from Malaysian detention, whereas getting out of Singapore detention is a breeze, a toilet affair realistically speaking.

Please don't laugh at my two cents worth hor!

Anonymous said...

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