The SDP Rally at Hong Lim

A 400 crowd attended the SDP rally yesterday to express their unhappiness on the social political situation in the island. The crowd could be bigger if there were more publicity, and if public transportation is cheaper. Attending such a rally could cost a lunch or dinner and could be an inhibiting factor preventing people from attending. The organisers should have tried to contact those bus operators that were recently out of job to ferry hardlanders to Hong Lim instead of the casinos. That way the crowd could easily swell by a few thousands. The three main issues raised were foreigners, jobs and cost of living. The SDP's position is that too many foreigners is not good, not enough jobs and escalating cost of living, which reads bad. The response from the govt could be like this. They are slowing down on the intake of foreigners. And those foreigners that are still here are no foreigners any more. They are new citizens. As for jobs, who says no jobs? Just lower the expectations, there are plenty of jobs around and that is the reason why we need so many foreigners. The bestest living spirit of a Singaporean is to take any job that comes along. A foreigner with a PHD is willing to drive taxi, so what are Singaporeans complaining? And the last one, cost of living which equates to high public housing. This is definitely not a good reason. More than 80% of Singaporeans are living in public housing and the higher the prices the happier they will be. They can smile every day, not every month, when they read the newspapers reporting that the value of their flats have risen. The little annoyance is that all the CPF money will be sucked into it and nothing left to withdraw on retirement, taking into consideration the huge minimum sum and medisave account. But the latter two are for the good of Singaporeans. At the worst, they will die rich, with plenty of money to pass down to their children, if any, or worthy of the inheritance. See, so easy to rebut the opposition claims.

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Wally Buffet said...

How Sinkapooreans spend their time last Saturday.

The gambling addict goes to horse races, gambling dens and for those who can afford the $100 entrance fee, the RWS and MBS casinos.

The Chinatown playboys who can only afford a Suzuki or a Subaru morphed into a race car goes to the F1 and ogle at the real Ferraris, Mercedes, Lotuses and McLarens making their paces in the preliminary rounds.

The poor Chee Koh Pek uncles head straight for Geylang and the coffee shops to look at the cattle parade as well as to rant about how tough it is to survive in Sinkapoore.

The well heeled Chee Koh Peks head for the nightclubs, KTV and the Sing Song halls to enjoy the company of SYTs we let in by the planeloads, courtesy of our lax immigration policy.

Most with nowhere very exciting to go, throng the shopping malls and the food courts like a ritualistic weekend outing. See only. No need to buy.

Ah, the kaypoh and the political newbies will head for Hong Lim to see veterans like Mr. CSJ in action. Clap, clap, shout, shout but in the end, NATO. No action, talk only.

Me? I went to bed early.