The Ridiculous Nature of Thick Heads

Up till today, they are still using the same stupid reasons to explain the fiasco in public housing. There must be demand before HDB will build more flats. What about the demand of those who could not afford and could not apply, no demand by default of inability? And what about those that were kicked out of the HDB queue because their incomes are deemed too high? HDB will build flats to cater for the lower income first. Those who earn above HDB’s arbitrary income ceiling cannot apply for HDB flats as they will compete with the lower income and push up demand and prices! How silly. But they cannot see the silliness of this argument. The higher income group can only apply for the bigger and more expensive flats. So they are not competing with the lower income group for smaller flats. So what is the problem? What is the problem? The whole problem is NOT building enough to meet the demand. That is the stupid problem. And how silly of it when the flats are sold for huge profits? Hey jokers, you are not doing charity and selling flats at a loss! Can you get it? It is profit and profit and more profit. The difference is how much profit. So what is your problem in building more flats to meet the needs of all citizens irrespective of their income? Is it that citizens buying HDB flats will deflate the prices of private properties and the coffers of private developers, and the rich/speculators who have bought private properties and waiting to dump to these suckers that have no where to turn to? How thick can they get? They are still thinking that they are selling HDB flats at a loss and so must not build more than necessary.


Anonymous said...

This is like being trapped within the box. Unable to think out of the box. It's amazing.

Anonymous said...

There must be demand before HDB will build more flats is just to ensure that demand will always exceed supply, and thus maintaining the high prices.

The upward pressure will always be there, because even if you apply today, you have to wait about 2 to 3 years down the road to get your flat. Those who cannot afford to wait will therefore have to look for a flat in the resale market, pushing up prices.

Forget about the horse shit coming out of the horse-headed minister. His motive is clear after all these years. Keep the waiting list as long as possible to take advantage of the property mad Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

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