Notable quote: Don't pray pray with NS

'...for male citizens, NS obligations have the highest priority, ahead of studies and personal reasons,.... Judge V K Rajah Goh Khim Siong was jailed for four months for evading NS. The importance of NS and how it affects the personal life of all male citizens cannot be understated. Goh Khim Siong had been deferring his NS to complete his studies, to look after his parents and brothers, cut no ice and was jailed for 4 months before starting his NS from scratch. This is how serious this obligation to the country is. No one should trifle or rubbish this obligation as just a passing phase in life. The NSRA is just a token to this heavy responsibility and tedious constitutional commitment. What the govt can do is to make this sweeter by tying it to the right to purchase a HDB flat for all NS men who have completed his NS liability. With housing becoming so 'AFFORDABLE' to some jokers but so unafforable to many NS men, the linkage will make NS much more palatable and meaningful. The NS men will be more committed to serve the country and to defend his home. At least he has something to fight for and to defend for.


Anonymous said...

When they can legislate and change the law, there is no need for the Government to give priority, compensate or exempt anyone from NS.

That is why I believe the $9K given only to current NS men, is a step towards making it more palatable for adopted citizens to serve NS, when they next change the law requiring them also to serve. It must be, because adopted citizens always get a better deal than native Singaporeans.

Matilah_Singapura said...

...for male citizens, NS obligations have the highest priority, ahead of studies and personal reasons,....

Spoken like a true collectivist, and absolute power-monger.

Fuck the individual and his plans and his life. The state has plans for you to die for your cuntry -- against your will.

Conscription is a form of kidnapping and slavery. I re-state my "morality": the job of every moral parent should be to get their sons out of being kidnapped and enslaved by the state, by any means.

I have nothing against a volunteer militia. Forcing young people to essentially put their life on the line is just plain wrong.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hey Matilah,

You are sounding like the koyok man peddling his ware in the street lah. You can shout and scream on all the virtues of lawlessness and borderless. I can assure you, till your voice is hoarse, the borders will still be there, and the man made laws will still be there, no matter how artificial you called them.

Get real man!

Anonymous said...

All that I want to say is that the Human Rights movements in the World and the United Nation are not effective in upholding Human Rights and or in eradicating Human Rights abuses.

Sicken patriot

Anonymous said...

And all that I want to say is that The Animal Rights Movement in the world is more effective in upholding animal rights and eradicating animal right abuses.

Shame on the Human Rights Movement. Shame on the UN.

Hypocrisy, all hypocrisy!

agongkia said...

Alamak why Goh again.
I am sad.Why are we Goh so suay this year?
Me, Goh Ah Gong love NS.I want to defend my country.Without NS ,I still want to appeal to be enlisted and volunteer my service to the Nation.But please do not give me any special priviledge .The HDB flat priority or a 9K etc is a great insult to me.Pls do not insult my loyalty .
Maybe we should start a Volunteer Military Force.Let people like me continue to play my part.I will not ask for S$X an hour like what others will ask for .I will be happy to see volunteer soldier everywhere one day but not to see citizen being force to serve NS or being jailed.
A volunteer soldier will definately be more committed and loyal than a soldier who is being force to serve.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Agongkia,

We need more loyalty citzenry like you. I am so proud of you. What the govt can do is to create a special NS Corp for people who just want to volunteer for military service to the country.

And those who served honourably will be recognised differently, not rewarded with any monetary stuff as it will be humiliating to them. They may wear a special volunteer badge in their uniform as the pride of the nation.

For those who do not subscribe to such idealism, they can continue with the normal stream NS and be rewarded with other perks.

That should make everyone happy. We need to be flexible and cater for people with different aspirations. Some want honour, some want money.

Anonymous said...

What you think the gamen can do is exactly what they will not do!!

redbean, you have to stop looking at politicians as saviours, as people that you depend on to make your lives better. That is not how it works, my grossly deluded friend. Politicians, as with other human beings, are in politics first and foremost for themselves. The only interests that they are interested in are their own. Don't ever make the mistake of believeing what they say. You can't be a politician before you mater the art of speaking with a forked tongue.

ching chong said...

If 2 year NS is good for the country why arent first generation PR's and new citizens doing NS?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi ching chong, welcome to the blog.

First generation PRs and new citizens are here to help us. And if we don't treat them well, they will go elsewhere.

The last part I don't know. I don't know if we don't take them, other countries will. But we must assume that we need them more than they need us.

We treat our citizens well, and we treat PRs and new citizens betterer.