Notable quote by Julia Gillard

'The Labour's main purpose is to serve the people' - Julia Gillard, PM Australia. Am I dreaming? Is she stupid or what? Maybe she is being naively idealist. If she is to stick to her serving people idealism, Australia will continue to lag behind other developed countries. If she wants to lead Australia to become the most properous nation, be Number One, be betterer than America, she will need to change her tack. She must rule Australia and tell the Australians it is for their own good. Australia needs a heavy dose of pragmatism in govt. A govt that knows what is good for Australia, and just do it. The people may be unhappy, may complain repeatedly, but they will continue to vote for a govt that will bring them progress. Promise them growth of 15% annually. Promise to double the value of their assets. Promise them that they will all own their properties, the size of Singapore's Istana each. How could the Australians refuse such prosperity? How to get there? Have an open door immigration policy and bring in the best talents money can buy. Not the prostitutes, maids, cleaners or construction workers. Be selective. A 15% growth in quality population will easily give Australia the 15% growth promised or more. Then play the property card. Build as many properties as possible and sell to the Australians. Then let free market forces to inflate their prices and all Australians will not only be property owners, but millionaires too with million dollar properties. Be ambitious and let the population grow to 200m. Then build an armed force as powerful as Singapore. Oops, I mean America. And be the number one superpower to replace America. And all they need is to pay their ministers top salaries. I think they can afford to pay more than what Singapore is paying and get the best talents to be in govt. All it costs the Aussies is 3 pieces of kangaroo meat per Aussie. And if they still cannot find the talents, they can always look to Singapore for help. I am sure we will have all the talents they want. Australia can be the number one superpower with the richest economy and the richest people. All it needs are some pragmatic policies. Forget about serving the people. Run the country, rule the people. That is the real formula for success. Always believe that the people are mindless and needed to be led and governed for their own good. PS. Matilah will be pleased with my suggestions. Borderless world, no restriction to immigrants, 'free' market economy, meritocracy....He is the ideal candidate to be Gillard's advisor from the red dot. He has all the experience and qualifications for the job: )


Anonymous said...

Hope PM Gillard will take your suggestion. Indeed, it could be the best for Australia.
If PM Gillard or any Australian is reading your post, you deserve an award of an honourable Australian Citizenship as well an abode better than the istana in sin.

Anonymous said...

Such a huge country, about 10,000 times the size of red dot, and yet they still have problems over too many immigrants.

I am not sure running a country as big as Australia is the same as running red dot. It is comparing apples with oranges.

Sure, they can look to red dot for talents. But our talents will undoubtedly be constantly giving 'caught off guard' or 'caught by surprise' excuses.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Yes, it is a great quote. At least she's honest.

Serving the people is causing the Aust Federal Govt to borrow $100m per day -- you can check the Aust bond sales every Wed and Fri at the rate of $800m per week, or if you like 40+ billion per year.

Hmmm... I wonder who is going to have to pay that back.

Add to that, the already high taxes.

C'mon, keep serving the people, Julia old girl!

Matilah_Singapura said...

One thing I do like about Gillard is that she's an atheist and chooses not to get married, but insterad live with her guy.

And add to that the fact that her step-daughter is stripping it off for the boys.