More glee on YOG

My feeling is that many are cheering to read more news of the happenings surrounding the YOG. Today it was reported that some volunteers were supposed to be rewarded with F1 tickets that came after the race was over. Cock up, cock up again! I can hear the screaming and cheering. And some will be asking for blood or demanding another apology from Vivian. Poor Vivian. It seems that he is the only one responsible for the YOG, an OMO, one man operation event. The critics may want to give him a break. How about asking the person tasked to mail out the tickets to take the blame? It is definitely not Vivian's fault. He can't be over looking at a mundane task like this and can be expected to rely on the staff concerned to do the necessary. If a minister has to do all these jobs, then every position shall be replaced by a minister and we will have thousands of ministers everywhere. Time to place the blame at the right person.


Jetreroy said...

Well, its the "Complacency Theory" all over again.

In the end, the fault will ultimately lie with Singaporeans being too complacent since we have such a good government.

Anonymous said...

Wow lau...Shitty Times tributed Aug high tourist arrivals to YOG..how can? Should've tributed the "success" to Mr VB

Anonymous said...

Yes, time to place the blame on the right person.

And who is the right person? If I am not wrong, it is again Singaporeans' fault.

Why? Because Singaporeans' were the ones who choose the Government who will eventually make them pay for all the mistakes.

But, on the other hand, if praise be due, guess who will get it?