Monks, priests and nuns agitated

They are fuming mad at Resort World Sentosa for providing free buses to the little tropical paradise. I don’t believe that providing free services can incur such a wrath from the holies. Ok, there is nothing free under the sun. We don’t believe in freebies or anything can be free. Actually they are against luring the poor unthinking masses to gaming, or gambling to sound callous. How can RWS encourage the poor people to gamble in their casinos? I heard that at least 60% are going there to enjoy the resort and not to gamble. And many are retirees who probably can’t even afford to pay the $100 entry fee. So what the fuss is all about? Is it the gesture, the act of luring people there and they will be tempted to enter the casino? Or is it an act of providing free transportation that is intolerable? With the $100 entry levy, I would think that it will be prohibitive enough to keep the poor out of the casino. And those who can afford to pay the levy surely can afford to lose. So no need to worry lah. Now go back to your prayer rooms. Still something must be done. No need to carry the stick to force people from getting on the free buses. Just make them sign an undertaking not to go to RWS to gamble. Can or not? If not good enough, check their pockets and make them declare that they did not bring more than $100 to Sentosa. That should fix them from entering the casino. Now they will be saved, protected from evil. For added safety measures, to prevent people from gambling, please close all the toto outlets in the hardlands and supermarkets. Please also tell the stock exchange not to operate through lunch hours with no lunch breaks. And no online trading. The latter is encouraging gambling even in the homes. No need free buses, can gamble in the bedroom, kitchen and toilet, with a laptop. I think I have brought out many good ideas to be raised in house of gods on how not to encourage gambling.


Anonymous said...

The older people used to say that, even if you chop off the hands of a compulsive gambler, he will still find ways to gamble.

I think it is already a lost cause talking about discouraging gambling. The purpose of building the casinos is for people to gamble and, moreover, there are already a thousand and one ways you can gamble away from the casinos. Just walk into any Toto outlet and you find 4D, Toto, Big Sweep, Scratch, Football, etc, etc to suit every appetite.

Again, the older people have a saying that, for the Chinese people anyway, there are three inherent traits which they are born with - gambling, eating and vice.

I think that is quite the truth.

Anonymous said...

There is a saying which people who know gamblers should know or have heard and that is, gamblers are never out of cashs.

There are also much rumours that at any gambling dens and casinos, one will never run out of financiers in and outside the dens and casinos.

Gamblings and gamings are good, they contribute greatly to the economy and charities.

Anonymous said...

Plse dont be prudes, humans are prone to vices lah.

Anonymous said...

If any MP dares to raise this in Pariahment, hope speaker tell them don't be silly and sit down.

Anonymous said...

Sorry people, our MPs go into Parliament to pay their respects to God and say 'aye'.

Debating is a waste of time when they do it first and talk later. Are we not sick of the wayang?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Because monks and nuns believe in unproven bullshit, no one should take what they say seriously.

Every casino that I know of offers "freebies" to entice clientele.

Guess what? Gambling is a choice. No one says you have to "submit" to temptation :-)

Anonymous said...

As a benevolent service, perhaps RWS should start a couple of kopitiam outlets at its compound, where old folks and retirees can gather to meet, chitchat and engage their minds discussing and debating on whatever topics that interest them, over a cup of tea, kopi or milo and with a toast kaya or two, priced reasonably, at say what is charged in similar outlets in shopping malls. Of course there must be this free bus service to bring our seniors there. Entry to these kopitiams should be way of displaying the Senior Citizens' Concession Fare Card.

Anonymous said...

The crime isn't because RWS is making it more convenient for heartlanders to visit their resort, but the free RWS shuttle buses are eating away at Sentosa's $$$$ bus and train ride profits. People are taking the free RWS shuttle services right from their heartland estates to RWS, then fark off, take the free buses and trams to the beach instead.

Anonymous said...

A frivolous quote from a born citizen.

'Before they make this country a nation after given independence, Singaporeans are giving it up to foreigners'(settlers born in other countries).

Me thinks Sin is beyond nationhood.


Charles Lim said...

Not unexpected. Just what you would expect from the hypocritical Singaporean.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Charles Lim, Welcome to the blog.

Anon 2:08 made an interesting observation.