The moment is here!

NSP announced to field 30 candidates in the next GE. This is an interesting piece of news. If NSP is confident of the number, then Workers Party and Reform Party could easily attract the same number if not more. And we have another few parties out there to add to the number. If this materialized, then there will be no walkovers anymore. You will have your chance to vote for your future. The moment has come to make your choice wisely. Some mishaps cannot be ruled out like parties disqualifying themselves by slipping on banana skins, or too many opposition candidates competing in the same wards and cancelling their own chances. That will be stupid. The voters can only hope that the petty disagreements among the alternative parties will not be in the way of the bigger mission, to get in as many opposition candidates into Parliament. The best hope is still the dark horse Reform Party. It has a clean slate and led by highly qualified professionals. They could attract equally qualified candidates to join them to present a solid party to the people. My gut feel is that many professionals and qualified people will run this time, sensing that the end is near. May the force be with the people and for the good of the people.


Anonymous said...

The only accuracy in this post is the end is near.

Oppositions are no match even if they contest in the hundreds.

Anonymous said...

Er...you not scare of the following?

"I may still do something foolish before the lid is closed on me"...

Anonymous said...

If they continue to disagree among themselves, internally fighting for power, contest against each other instead of the common enemy, then the end is indeed near.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I would not know what would be considered foolish to him, running for PM one more time or go under the table to look like Arnold S?

What I think would be foolish to do for me is to throw away $100 to visit the casino. Or perhaps have a tryst with a PRC mei mei, or perhaps start another family.

Or perhaps start a political party!

All this should not be that frightening right?

Anonymous said...

The bad part about the opposition is too many people starting too many opposition parties because of their ego and each wanting to be the chief.

If only they could suppress their ego, unite and agree to disagree and put aside their differences for the sake of fighting the PAP. Then I think some good will come out of it and some progress made. Decades have already been wasted by the opposition after all those years of infighting.

I know this is difficult, because human nature is such, but it is for the long term good. I may be too optimistic, making this assumption that there is going to be a future for the opposition.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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He does not boast or proposes solutions or tries to show he's an intellectual. All he did and does which in themselves are solutions, was/is to suggest the authority to do away with all the blood sucking unfair policies and implementations of pervert measures which are getting more draconian and unreasonable. The posts were short, sharp and relevant. Thank You Sir and looking forward to more of your writings.

Posting comments in this site is just as easy.

Wally Buffet said...

Wow! How about standing for elections? You got lots of fans man!

If you do stand, which party would you join!

This will be a real watershed election.

The results will show whether Singiputras are convinced that the foreign trash are good for us.

I am now in Chinatown. The name is now very apt. It's filled with PRC Chinese. No, not as tourists. They are all running food stalls, mini brothels masquerading as reflexology joints, tattoo shops with shady PRCs manning it, departmental stores giving you the impression you're in some third tier Chinese city. The Chinatown I know is now unrecognizable. I heard our Indian Sinkiputras are also feeling the same way about Little India.

We are done for!

Matilah_Singapura said...

I doubt that these parties will have any power to influence the real politik of Singapore even if they do win a few seats.

In real politik, "crisis" means opportunity. Any smart political player knows that.

The problem with the new parties is that they have no idea how to play politics, how to manipulate people's emotions. The PAP, having had the power for several decades are far superior political players.

Plus they have the courts and law on their side. They can use the Straight Times and the media for "campaigning" but have banned any political campaigning by film, internet...anything at all.

And now that the people are disgruntled, that presents an excellent bargaining chip and leverage for fear for the incumbent.

If any party wants me as a consultant/ strategist my fees are resonable. I am of course requiredly amoral -- because there is no "morality" in politics. The ends justify the means, and rest assured not everyone will agree on this, but fuck them and hammer your opponent any which way anyway.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ha Wally, let's form a new party! : )

When the rag tag communist party of Mao was formed, nobody pay any attention to them. They may even joke about them.

Every journey starts with a single step.

Wally Buffet said...


My saliva is oftentimes more than my spittle but forming a new political party?

No way man.

I am too busy enjoying the company of the planeloads of "foreign talents" that they have imported for my enjoyment to worry about affairs of state.

Count me out.

But I will surely support you, Patriot and maybe if Matilah will come back to take up the cudgel. The three of you will be formidable. As good as the Reform Party which is now the future of opposition politics in Sinkapoor.

Call it SFS. Singapore for Singaporeans party. Sure win one. I will bet everything I have on you guys getting a seat at least in Parliament.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

SFS sounds good. But don't like the F. Can be twisted. Just call it SSP, Singaporean Singapore Party: )

Anonymous said...

Wally must have disappointed Redbean, maybe even Patriot for turning down Redbean's offer. Readers here have the impression that the three old die hard sinkies are in it together. Remember Wally said the three of them will defend Singapore till the end ? Where is Patriot ? No din lately.

Wally Buffet said...


I said I will defend Sinkapoore when the chips are down and the devils are at the gates. Then, I will proudly lift up an old .303 world war two vintage, for which I was trained to face the enemy. Right now, I don't see any devils beating the gates down but I do see lots of devils coming in in style at Terminals One, Two and Three. So they must not be devils but foreign talents who will give jobs to us poor Sinkapooreans. Our government knows best!

But politics?

That is not the same as defending my homeland. It's a dirty slug fest with people of similar ilk. Since I am thinking of going to heaven when I hand in my pass port, I think I want to associate with those with a purer heart.

Patriot might be busy guarding the airport because the number of devils coming in at the airport recently is overwhelming. They want to make hay while the sun shine before measures are put in place to shut the gates for the election.

Wally Buffet said...

I hope Matilah will come home from exile to join Redbean and Patriot.

Hmmmmm......SSP sounds good. Better than another party of morons with the same starting alphabet. Fuckwits, especially with THAT video.

With his inimitable style, when Matilah speaks in Parliament, all those almost dozing off parliamentarians will sit up and listen with rapt attention. $13K a month plus free lessons on how to debate vigourously and intelligently instead of reading from prepared notes. Where to get?

And when our bull makes a point with a little expletive, even Zorro gotta say he's the MAN and the betterest of the bestest!


Matilah_Singapura said...

No way Wally. I hate politics.

To me only sick fucks with meaningless lives engage in politics, because they seek meaning to their lives from controlling others.

Oh wait, I don't really hate 100% of politics -- I get a huge hardon everytime a politician is killed -- bonus points for the most spectacular assassination.

So yeah, in the best context -- entertainment -- politics does have it's place. :-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Haha, no one would want to do such a foolish thing. That's it, just watch the fun from the ring side.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean - balls dropping:

> no one would want to do such a foolish thing. <

Ha.ha. You're trying to defuse a great wish and hope of mine, perhaps to protect your blog. Nice try :-)

Political assassinations although uncommon do occasionally occur. To say that it'll "never happen" is either being in denial or just plain ignorant.

Listof political fuckers who have been assassinated and probably deserved it

Remember, I make it a point to celebrate after an assassination makes the news. So I'm looking forward to my next celebration.


Anonymous said...

Religious assasinations are just as common and they were just as vicious if not worse than political kinds.

Anonymous said...

Me am very interested to screw some politicians in parliament. But the Shit System in Sin disqualified my ambition because me too lowly educated, too poor and now, maybe even too old. Shit System, where got democracy, worse when it comes to politics.
At least let me apply for the Post of President lah, me can carry babies, hug beauties and wave my hands in the most lovely ways.


Anonymous said...

Patriot, anyway You wave your hands, it must be ways more lovely. Those old hands are so old and slow, they moved like those slow Wayang Kulit Characters, very lifeless. Do they feel cold as well ?

Anonymous said...

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