The M1 satellite map

M1 put out an advert with a double page spread of a Singapore map taken from a satellite. It was a very clear map on the state of development or build up of the island. Other than the catchment areas around the reservoirs, we are as good as 90% fully built. There were a few scattered plots of land left which could be taken up in no time. Finish! Where do we go from here? It is clear that the next big phase of development will be down under or destroy and rebuild. All the land with lowly built properties would be next to be mowed down to ground zero and new pinnacles will take their places. That's a good way to realise the value of all the little precious land we got. And we can then sell them away to make more money to be kept in our reserves or to invest overseas. Investing in overseas is a great way to grow our wealth. Each plot of our land is worth a hundred or thousand times what we can get in other parts of the world. By trading ours to the rich investors, we should be able to buy up land that are hundreds or thousand times what we have sold. Then we can have scattered colonies all over the whole and we can call them the Greater Singapore. All we need is a little more focus and planning and not to buy anything that did not fall into this Greater Singapore Plan. We can then become a bigger country: )


Anonymous said...

Wow lau...will we become SINKapore????

Wally Buffet said...

For the price of a five room HDB pigeon hole, you can get a whole farm in the outer areas of Greater Perth.

You don't need money to live. Grow your own apples, oranges, grapes, veggies. Milk your own cows, shear your own sheep, rear your own chickens and collect fresh eggs.

But you will miss the MRT crush and your noisy HDB neighbours!


Anonymous said...

A bigger Singapore made of many Singapores elsewhere is indeed a grand idea.

See no reason why our leaders cannot invest in foreign countries by buying some islands or even a whole town for willing Singaporeans to move in.

Me wishes this idea can bear fruits.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The residents in Sentosa refer to the main island as mainland. What a relative theory of reality: )

Matilah_Singapura said...

Fascist Singapore can conquer Batam, Bintang Riau Islands under the state military policy of Lebensraum

Since they already fucked up Sentosa, it is time the state put it's meddling hands on to the other islands and started "developing" them. Imagine, hi-rise metropolis on Pulau Ubin or a theme park/ arts center on Tekong.


Anonymous said...

Come on, with modern technologies, a second or third tier developments below or above ground or sea levels are very possible.

Aim higher and think deeper, nothing is impossible.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

To build higher or dig deeper is a very costly affair. If only other countries are thinking like us and willing to sell everything away, we can buy some Indonesian islands or some parts of Australia,or the USA.

But they are too smart to sell off their precious land to us.The most stupid people were the Russians for selling Alaska to the Americans. We will be next.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the Bunch managing Sin are far more clever than the Russian.