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LKY hospitalised for chest infection

LKY has to skip paying his last respect to Balaji because of his hospitalisation. He had a fall the day earlier but managed to appear as the key speaker in the Russia Singapore Business Forum. His mental faculty was still vivid, but his physical appearance was simply bad. Anyone watching the newsclip would know what I meant. I have never seen him in such a horrible condition physically. The point is that he is going to continue what he is doing, flying around and expounding his political wisdom. I am not against him doing it, but he should do it in the comfort of the Istana, probably in his most comfortable couch or a rocking chair. Let Mohammed come to the mountain and not the other way. Any political leaders wanting his advice or his views should pay a visit to the Istana. Even simple courtesy will dictate that the young and vibrant visit the elder who are less mobile. Unfortunately no one is able to tell LKY to stop doing what he is doing. Maybe Hsien Loong should take out an exclusion order to keep him from hurting himself. Biological age respects no one and will take its toll when the time comes.


Matilah_Singapura said...

This guy is keeping a close watch on the emperor.

This guy, is placing bets. :-)

C'mon, the man is in "bonus time" now. i.e. "One day at a time". He can do anything he likes.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, bonus time all right. Three million S$ a year or thereabouts, doing nothing!

Anonymous said...

Some of the comments on Temasek Review on this topic really hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Let Mohammed come to the mountain? Hahah... the thing is no one wants to go to him. Old fella flying around to keep hiumself relevant.

Anonymous said...

Flying around for what? He is not paid by us to fly around advising others, giving speeches and criticising other countries. Is that the job that he is supposed to do?