Indonesia in the big league

The US officially welcomes Indonesia as a member of the big power league with Indonesia rejecting China's stand that the US should not meddle with the territorial disputes in the region. The Indonesian Foreign Minister, Marty Natalegawa, after a meeting with Hilary Clinton in Washington, 'has rejected China's stance that the US stay out of territorial disputes in the South China Sea.' His positive commitment will be rewarded with an audience with President Obama who would probably announce his visit to Indonesia as icing on the cake. With Indonesia openly supporting a US backing for Asean states to negotiate with China, Vietnam already in support of this position, and with Asean's number one military power sure to take the same position, Asean is likely to grow in confidence to thump table with China. China will find it tough handling the most populous Muslim power in the region, back by the US. Marty Natalegawa added that the current row between China and Japan 'reminds all of us that we cannot take for granted the relatively benign atmosphere we've had for many decades now in the Asia Pacific region.' It is time to raise the temperature and have some fun with a little tension and possibly war. Pakistan had many years of peace but found it too uncomfortable. It then invited the US military to have a little fun and the rest is history. Indonesia will be the first recipient of generous military hardware sales to beef up its defence forces to take on China, just in case. And the other Asean states too will queue up to buy more sophisticated American weapons. The US war merchants are salivating with such wonderful opportunities opening up. Soon we will have a militarily strong Asean standing at par with the super powers. Forget about ZOPFAN. That is history. Asean should change its name to SEATO.


Wally Buffet said...

The used car salesman looked at the duffer of a customer who bought a junk, with glee and said to himself:

"What a dumb fuck!"


Enough of Hilary's hilariously infamous sales pitch. I'm off to see a movie by my favourite film director and featuring the mother of all my idols, Gordon Gecko, now released from prison and returned more heroicaly in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. I recommend this film to anyone who couldn't understand why they got fleeced by the likes of Lehman Bros and those pieces of shit, they called structured derivatives.

GREED IS GOOD - Gordon Gecko.

solo bear said...

Linked your article.

Anonymous said...

Wow, wat a theory ! Mr Chua thinks the lions will share the meats and sleep together. Too imaginative lah. The whites are the main targets for attacks in Indonesia and it shall be for a long time to come.

Anonymous said...

Amendment to post #3.
'Mr Chua thinks the lions will share the meat.....', should be amended to 'Mr Chua thinks that the lions and the tigers will share the meat...'. Please pardon.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Maybe, maybe not. To the Americans, China is the bigger enemy. So they can sleep with the terrorists if needed be like they did in Iraq and Afghanistan. Remember Osama was their hit man and they trained and supplied his men with arms against the Russians.

The Talibans were also trained and armed by the Americans to do the Americans calling. Now Indonesia is so flattered by the American interest and hospitality, just like India, feasted in the White House.

Matilah_Singapura said...

This is spectacular maneuvering.

Obabma, of course, grew up in Indonesia. He still speaks a smattering of Bahasa.

Indonesia has had a colourful relationship with the US. Suharto -- the cruel asshole that he was -- was a "favourite" in Washington -- who have no problem with supporting brutal dictators so that US economic interests are strengthened.

There is mutual cock-sucking going on, and it looks like both parties are getting off on each other.

I have consistently argued that most ASEAN/ Asian cuntries are too scared to piss off China, although they are clearly worried about China's rapid rise in military power and economic influence.

But rest assured, once in awhile, some asshole from a govt just gives the game away because he cannot control himslef and blurts out "the truth": " Hey China, mind your own business"

Nice one, Mat.

Anonymous said...

There will be casualties along the ways however, due to fundamental differences between the US and Indonesia, events are hard to predict.

The situations in Thailand, Nyanmar and the diversities in cultures, developments and political ideologies in Asia and SE Asia are unlikely to bind the Region to work in unison against either China or the US.

Indonesia will be in the big league in economic progress as well as nationhood due very much to its' population. As it grows, its' relationships and influences with its' neighbours will be different from the past and now.

How it will develop shall depend very much on how the US is involved in the Muslim Societies.

The US is glaringly an INSTIGATOR in this region(SE Asia/Asean) while China is hardly a threat to Indonesia territorially and politically. The Indonesians(Leaders and People) are obviously aware of these aspects.

There are a few little cats amongst the big ones and these small felines are those that truly need to be nimble, may they have nine live as proverbially said.


Anonymous said...

We never will know, but as the situation in the Middle East shows, friends have the irony of being turned into bitter enemies. The Banana Republic of America were staunch military supporters of Afghanistan against the Soviets and Iraq against Iran, but what happened? They created all the friction among all the Middle East countries. For whose benefit?

Behind the friendship with Indonesia lies the cunning objective of countering China, leading to the sale of weaponry, and in time to come maybe another base for their military projections.

But beware. Wherever the Banana Rapublic of America goes, trouble is sure to follow. ASEAN will not be the exception. Territorial disputes in the South China Sea will soon escalate. They are here to pour oil over troubled waters.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Asean needs a charismatic leader and the US is the best country that can provide that. All their presidents were chosen for their Hollywood look. They even got a real one from Hollywood.