How easy to start a war

Ask the Americans, or ask George Bush in particular. It is so easy to start a war. The Americans have been doing it for decades or centuries. The Gulf of Tonkin Incident, the WMD and the war on terrorism are recent events of history. Some of the reasons for starting a war could be fictitious or fabricated and involving some hare brain issues. The latest is to declare it a national risk as if America will be attacked, or an issue of American interest. The latter has surfaced at the recent Asean meeting with the superpowers. Just declare that it is of America’s interest, no matter how far and how detached or remote, it is good enough a reason to start a war. The present heat generated in East China Sea between China and Japan is not hogwash. It is not a fabricated no brainer. It is about territorial sovereignity, about a country’s territory. In this case it was an island seized by Japan when China was weak, helpless and powerless. The Japanese just declared war on China, won and extracted land and islands from the defeated. China must not forget the atrocious Treaty of Shimonoseki and the 21 demands that came later. A militarily weak China was of no match to the then mighty modern Japanese army, navy and airforce. And China had to sign away its territories to the Japanese, just like it signed again Hongkong to Britain and Macau to the Portugese. And more land to Russia. Is it unreasonable or belligerent for China to declare war with Japan to reclaim its territory? The Western view is that such an act will prove that China is an aggressive and hostile power. China is doing it all for face? China should send Japan a 37 demands to commemorate the 37 Incident and to avenge the 21 demands shafted to her in 1915. Declaring war on a fabricated truth like WMD is acceptable and not aggressive, not warmongering if done by the USA. In fact it is an act of a peaceful power. Japan took away Chinese territories by force, by an act of war when it was strong and China was weak. Today Japan is still strong, but China is stronger, militarily. Is it unfair and unjust to take back one’s lost possession taken when someone put a knife at your throat? The tension could easily flare up and war could be here tomorrow despite the heavy tolls and destruction on both countries. Japan seems to be very eager to prove that it is still the supreme military power in East Asia and what they took by forced would not be returned unless by a superior force. From the tough stand taken by its leaders, they are more than ready to take on China, with the Americans backing them from behind. China will be easy meat, like in the 19th and 20th centuries. Asean is enjoying peace for decades since the end of WW2. Asean too can enjoy some tension and possibly war if it finds peace too dull and uneventful. The Americans are there ready to back Asean countries to wrestle with China in the battle field instead of the negotiating table. America is the number one superpower and has no fear of China. But it would not fight China and neither does it have any legitimate reason to do so. It can fabricate another WMD or China is an expansionist power and need to be stopped. Even then, fighting China directly is a deadly business and not much benefits or profits to be made. Getting Asean to do the fighting and America supplying arms is more lucrative. America can stand at the sideline, watching and profiting from selling all the weapons that Asean countries would need. Asean is being invited to Washington for a cosy conference and for a little cajoling to intoxicate them with the feeling of power and how fascinating victory in war can be. It is a nice feeling, and terribly exciting too.


Wally Buffet said...

Selling weapons is the same as selling insurance or properties. It is almost similar to selling to the electorate by politicians.

Promises, promises and more promises.

Promises that if you accept my hegemony, I will be your big brother. An attack on you is an attack on me and we will respond accordingly.

Promises that if you buy my weapons of Mass Destruction, you will be invincible and your enemies will cower before you.

Promises that if you are not with me, you are against me and your economy will be sabotaged and go down the tube.

I can't wait to see the Yanks play poker with the PRC.

Now, where is that upsized BK meal which I told the maid to buy?


Anonymous said...

It's fascinating, it's exciting, it's entertaining and it will be nice for the actions to start asap.
If only, the enemies of the US send their fighters to start destructions in the US Homeland itself now, the world will have round the clock entertainnments, real live entertainments. That will be wonderful.

Anonymous said...


So the Chinese have the right via "threats" and if necessary a 'war' to get back what is originally theirs from Japan...

Key Note: This incident is weird...why did that Chinese Captain rammed the Japanese patrol boat...international law can go to hell now is it? And how many other past incidents that "communist" China has created said "incidents" in the past to drum up support or manipulate to its vantage.

Well, so after giving in to the bully if to prevent war in this China/Japan spat...does this means taiwan, Vietnam, Russia etc later on must also "give" back these Chinese territories?

A signed international agreement whether by force or taken advantage of in the past must be stood by...

Else all havoc will break loose...look no further at the current and ongoing idiotic issue where the Jews claim that Israel still belongs to them even though they were expelled from the old holy land by the Roman Empire a thousand years ago for their revolt/insurrection. So now it is ok for Israel to play at being the modern day "Roman Empire" now?

It is gonna get worst.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

War is a legitimate act when diplomacy fails. Japan declared war on China, won and demanded war reparation and territories. Is it legit for China to declare war with Japan? No? Cannot?

Are the wars in Iran, Afghanistan legit? Of course they are.

The Diaoyu Island is still a contested island and that is why Japan does not dare to develop it. The fact that they had been patrolling the surrounding seas because it was able to do so all these years does not make them the rightful owner of the island.

As China regains its military power, it is going to send its navy to patrol the seas in time to come. More Chinese fishing vessels are going into the area. The Japanese Navy can try to chase them out and incident like this will happen. Japan can arrest the Chinese captain. One day the Chinese Navy is going to arrest Japanese vessels there as well.

How legitimate was the ceding of the island to Japan? The fact that Diaoyu is still a disputed island said it. Even if the treaty is legit, it does not prevent China from declaring war with Japan and take it back if it wins. And China may even demand the return of Okinawa and some other islands in the area.

Same thing as the Middle East or elsewhere. It is still gunboat diplomacy. The country that carries the bigger gun wins if they intended to. That is what the Americans and Europeans have been doing and are still doing. And so does Japan. And so does Israel. What can the losers do about it except crying out for pity?

The rest of the world that suffered at the hands of militarily stronger nations will stand up one day and redo the injustice done to them. If they are unable to do so, then they will just keep quiet or conduct insurgencies against the powers that did them wrong.

Political power comes from the barrel of the gun. That is the language of the powerful. China is going to offer Japan some of its own medicine. Cannot? Illegal?

Who is the bully? Go and read the history of China when it was bullied by the West and Japan. Then you will know who are the real bullies.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Yesit is easy to start a war. War is the enactment of the ultimate political policy -- "sovereignty".

War is when political power meets private financial power -- it is not only easy, but our warlike, profit/ powere centered primate species is excellent at starting and engaging in warfare, hostility and conflict.

Unfortunately redbean has it wrong: America "looks like" a bully, and then it becomes "fashionable" to bash the US.

But to do so is to only see the effect of smoke and mirrors. The deeper story behind MODERN war has everything to do with specific business interests. The politics -- although newsworthy -- are less significant in reality.

War is about making money. It "looks like" legitimate political strategy, but actually it is totally immoral/ amoral profit-seeking by privae interests.