A great evening for F1 but shit….

Everything was perfect. Even the threat of inclement weather was blown away. The evening was surprisingly cool and the spectators were happy enjoying themselves while the cars roared by, right to left, the heads kept turning. That’s what F1 is all about unless one is following closely on who is winning the race or chasing who. My best time spent was behind the grandstand, in the padang itself. The performers were great. The aerial dancers were better still. I did not stay back for Maria Carey and Adam Lambert show. But many came in just for that. I was quite pissed off with the F1 itself. I got a sore neck after repeating my head turns for an hour following the cars whoosing from right to left. That’s not all. I brought two cameras to shoot the cars and all I could shoot was the fence. Even at the top of the padang grandstand I could not overlook the fence. Eventually I folded up, and that’s when I got my sore neck. And there was even a clause in the terms and conditions of sale of ticket that copyrights of photographs taken of the F1 race belong to the organizer. Unbelievable! Do the organizers really feel that their competent photographers could not shoot better than amateurs and they have to fence up the whole circuit to make photographing the race impossible? Where is the freedom to take photographs? I am sure the event would have more exposure and interest if the public and amateur photographers were able to shoot good pictures and post it everywhere in cyberspace or in other media. It is free publicity and promotion for the F1. Surely safety can still be ensured by some ingenious fencing and location of the spectators with the fence lowered in some sections for a clear and unobstructed view of the race. It really spoilt the fun watching through the fences and unable to take a single clear shot. This is shit to F1.


Anonymous said...


do You know that whatever one writes to the press also become their properties.

And if anyone reproduces contents belonging to the publishers, they will be infringements of copyrights?


Wally Buffet said...


You watch one F1 and you would have watched them all.

The same friggin' drivers, the same f@#king cars, the same stale razzmataz, the same drill.

Sorry you had a stiff neck turning constantly and breathing in the acrid fumes of high octane fuel.

I spent it in my tent at Changi Point, watching the stars and listening to the sound of lapping waves.

Ah.........peace, away from all the bullshit.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Patriot,

I must say that the press is right to call it their property once printed in their paper. But the photos of racing cars taken by individuals? Why don't they deny people writing about the event?

And Wally, you are right. I was telling myself how stupid to be sitting there to watch cars whooshing by and paid so much for it. At least if I can take some pics that would be another thing. It will keep me busy doing something creative.

With the cars passing at high speed, you hardly see anything or was there anything to see. Better to watch it on TV.

Anonymous said...

"With the cars passing at high speed, you hardly see anything or was there anything to see. Better to watch it on TV".

"You watch one F1 and you would have watched them all.
The same friggin' drivers, the same f@#king cars, the same stale razzmataz, the same drill".

Singaporeans may like to bear these in mind.


Anonymous said...

Yes, better watch it on TV. But after a while I felt deeply disappointed, seeing the cars circulating the prison-like track with hardly any thrills of overtaking at all.

Some say watching football is dumb, focusing on 22 men chasing a ball, but F1 is even worse.

No wonder the dumb gets dumber paying so much for a grandstand seat, while the smart gets smarter collecting all the dough cough up by the dumbest. Funny world!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I hope the organisers will do something to attract the amateur photographers and spectators. Looking through the cage is absolutely unacceptable and a spoilt fun. They should provide some windows for a good views of the race, without compromising on safety. I am sure it can be done instead of selfishly protecting their right to photography.

The second point I want to make is to ask Hamilton go and fly kite. If he can't drive well in our circuit while other drivers can, he should ask the question himself. The circuit is fair game to all drivers and whatever difficulties everyone will have to deal with it. Maybe he should go and drive go karts in Kallang.

Wally Buffet said...

Anon 2:03 pm

You're the MAN!

My sentiments exactly!

Watching 22 men, minus the goal keepers chasing after one stupid ball round the field is really dumb.

Craning your neck and turning it left to right vigorously watching some high octaned juvenile adults driving their souped up contraptions round a caged circuit is not only dumb but simply imbecilic.

The Romans, bless their souls, were really good at organizing an exciting sport. Blood cuddling and adrenalin pumping.

Gladiator Sports.

Yeah, bring back the glory days when real Men gets into the stadium and only one will get out alive.

Now, that's something worth watching.

Mr. Bean will have a field day capturing all the glory and gory action with his camera. That is, if he is still standing with all the excitement!


Anonymous said...

Without camera and television, everything will be interesting.