Different aspiration and different angst

For those who are earning million dollar incomes, they could conveniently brush aside the $9000 NSRA. What is $9000 when they are swimming in a pool of money? There is a different story for those who are sleeping on a piece of mat. A letter to the Today forum today highlighted the angst of the lesser beings that drooled at the chance of touching that miserable $9000 to some. It was about the earlier batches of NS men, a 60 year old who has nothing much left after bring up his children and thinking of what that $9000 could mean to him. I know that the elite would laugh at such desires of the have nots. It is indeed a different world out there. This NSRA case is a manifestation of how people with different means would look at issues from a very different perspective. I wonder if the award distribution would be different if the decision makers were people that are less well off. Yes, it is a case of hawker centre, food court or restaurant mentality. We can sneer at those who only think hawker centre and salivate at the sight of a plate of kway teow while the regular restaurant customers would snub at a bowl of sharks fin that have too little fins in it. Politicians must think like a politician and look at the electorate at large.


Anonymous said...

No wonder during NS...we're told to (S)erve (A)nd (F)cuk off...

Wally Buffet said...

For all the nights I stood, crouch and laid in the undergrowth, sometimes in pouring rain looking out for the older generation foreign talents wading, swimming or crawling up our beaches, I too am drooling over the $9 K "Thank You" voucher. It would be good if they can backdate it to 9th August 1965.

Nowadays, the new generation illegal immigrants don't have to come in such an undignified manner. They fly in style sometimes business or first class and land at Changi with fake credentials and call themselves foreign talents or professionals with "special knowledge".

My previous duty as a national serviceman has been passed over to the ICA. I hope they are as assiduously vigilant as I was.

By the way, Mr. Bean, a cunty ex Singaporean living in the UK with the shitty nick of A2ED at Temasek Review mentioned you by name as one of the "fascist" bloggers harping on the foreign trash issue. Read "The Fascists Monkeys of Temasek Review - Listen Up."

Anonymous said...


Redbean Fascist. But he has no power nor influence to practice his Fascism and may in fact be a victim of being too nationalistic for his own good.

SIN is a city state that absords and assimilates alien cultures and embraces capitalism which is the core of the Governors' ethos. As a non-existent (yet to be)nation as MM Lee Kuan Yew and Minister Shanmugam have attested, this city state has been run like a corporaton, just like the Former British Colonial Master administered it as an entrepot port.

SIN is run on a purely pragmatic, read survival base on economy and nationalism is just too flimsy an ideology for any Singaporeans. Useful and wealthy aliens are welcome with open arms and Singaporeans can leave whenever they choose to.

No matter what, a clumsily implemented national policy that tries to buy some and not all eligible Singaporeans is just plain naughty and knotty. Anyone with a brain bigger than the birds can feel and see it.

How it escapes the Top Dogs in this city is hard to understand.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Heil Hitler! I fascist Singaporean. Now that's a compliment. I will be the first fascist here: ) Oh, second after Temasek Review.

He is entitled to his opinion. But he is badly ruffled by TR's post on a Nigerian murdering a prostitute. He is very sore over that post.

I am still wondering why he is so worked up? Hitting a raw nerve I think.

Wally Buffet said...

I am the following:

1. Fascist.
2. Xenophobist.
3. Racist.
4. Hedonist.
5. Homophobist.
6. Atheist.
7. Egotist.
8. Sexist.

Heil Hitler, Heil, Heil!

Maybe that Nigerian is his sifu teaching him how to gallivant in search of fairer looking prostitutes?

I understand most blacks like the fairer skin females. Kind of a fetish you know.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I don't know who you hang out with, but to most people -- including squillionaires, money is money.

Govt give you money, you better take it. You don't get any medals for refusing -- and it won't make any difference anyway.

Govt gives with one hand and takes with the other -- it is an endless shell game, played by the most masterful of conmen ever, and perfectly legal too.

I second Wally's suggestion. Since they're giving away goodies, the earlier batches of NS men are entitles to some love too.

Heil Harry!

Anonymous said...

A fascist in a multi-cultural country is a rare breed.

Heil Redbean !

Heil All the Dreamers in Sin !