Cleansing Sin City

Incurring the wrath of god is a bad thing in Sin City. The Sintizens need to be protected from evil and temptations. No one shall tempt the Sintizens into sin. The edict came down swift and fast. Not a moment shall be lost. No buts. Just stop promoting evil. And so the free bus services to the casinos or integrated resorts ceased immediately. No grace period was needed to unwind for a matter so serious as sin. Bus operators, casino operators just have to bear with the edict and take their losses. Free loaders taking the free buses would have to find their way home. If they had no money, thinking that they could take the free buses home, walk or do anything to get home. The decision is not about pragmatism or profit making. It is about goodness versus evil. The bus operators and casino operators losing their investments is of no concern. Now that it is official that gambling is not allowed nor encouraged among Sintizens, especially the hardlanders, I can expect the act of cleansing will go down further to make it real and complete. And it cannot be a half hearted measure or it will look hypocritical. Phase Two could see the eradicating of gambling booths in the hardlands. No more toto, 4D, football bettings, horse racings in the hardlander's neighbourhood. No one shall be allowed to tempt the hardlanders into gambling, all kinds of gambling. Phase Three should see the termination of online trading in shares. This is even worst than going to the casinos. It is bringing the casinos into the homes where adults and children all can play together. I mean gamble together. It is so convenient, free bus or no free bus, gambling is now available in the bed room, living room, study room and even in the toilet. Isn't this disgusting? To be real, to be really caring, to protect the Sintizens from gambling and indulging in sin, Phase Two and Phase Three must be enacted too, as immediate as the termination of free bus services. What about Phase Four, cleansing of Joo Chiat and Geylang? Maybe they are ok, as long as they don't bring the sleaze to the hardlanders. These unthinking hardlanders must be protected. They can't look after themselves and easily succumb to sin and temptation. God bless the citizens of Sin City.


Anonymous said...

LOL enjoyed reading your satarical piece.

The Government certainly doesn't want the casino to fail.

The only reason why they stopped the shuttle service is because they got some negative feedback from some of the prudes living in the heartland. You know the type - they want their neighbours to live on the same moral standards as themselves. The only ones seroiusly affected are the hard-core gamblers who I am sure can afford the $2 transport fee that Sentosa charges.

I don't think heartlanders go there to shop as they cannot afford the high price designer label shops at the "resort". The food also is not cheap.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, maybe the negative feedback comes too close to the election period, so must do something about it.

But what is the real reason? Obviously someone must have given approval to run the shuttle service in the first place. Why the about turn now?

Singapore is becoming more like our neighbours up north at one time. One decision made today, a sudden reversal the next day.

Anonymous said...

'God bless the citizens of Sin City'

Careful which God you are referring to. The one I am thinking is the same one that is going to do away with retirement age. Not something of a blessing I suppose.

Anonymous said...

I want my free transport!!!!
Who is the idiot to stop my free transport? KNN!!!!

And why in a hurry? I beh song now.

Anonymous said...

Hey, being such a wonderful satirical writer, have you thought of writng a Singapore version of "Gulliver's Travels". Your writing skills are comparable to Jonathan Swift (30 November 1667 – 19 October 1745) was an Anglo-Irish[1] satirist, essayist, political pamphleteer (first for the Whigs, then for the Tories), poet and cleric who became Dean of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin.

Anonymous said...

More faux pas on the way.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

How about 'The Satires of Redbean'? There are enough articles posted here to fill a book. Any publisher interested? : )

agongkia said...

In my view,the idea to stop these free bus services to the casinos could be that it is becos it affect the revenue of the public transport.
Nothing is free.You must pay for everything.If one want to provide free shuttle service,can,pay for the license fees.
As for me,I do not see anything sinful to provide these free shuttle services.Actually we should appreciate the service provided.It brings in more visitors to IR and make it more lively.,whether they gamble or not.

Greatest joke to me to hear those saying that this services will encouraging gambling .I call that Fu Ren Chze Chian.

I regret not knowing of such free services earlier.If I known that ,I will definately make full use of the free shuttle service to the IR,not to gamble,but to see Swee Char Bor.hehe..

Anonymous said...

Thinking out of the box method
1) issue lifetime IR membership for $1
2) indicate clearly it is for universal studio membership
3) provide subsidized coach transport for 10 cents per trip

Does the above break any rules ?

Anonymous said...

Thinking out of the box method
clause 2 (A) left in the fine print :

2 (A) Entrance fees as per normal

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yes, it breaks the cardinal rule that nothing is free. Anyone providing free services is committing this cardinal sin. It undermines those that are overcharging and their huge profits.

So something must be done to stop this free thing. If I don't give freebies, no one else is allowed.

Now who is the evil one?

Anonymous said...

A good satirist should never reveal that his writing is a satirical piece. He must sound deadly serious but so absurd that any reader will know that it is satire.