China taking on the gangsters and yakuzas

For two centuries, China suffered in the hands of the international gangsters and yakuzas. They raided and plundered the country to bankruptcy. They humiliated and robbed the Chinese of all respect and dignity as a people. China suffered constant threats of war, containment, embargoes, incursions, spying and trade discriminations for many years. This is the same fate that many small and weaker countries suffered at the hands of the international gangsters and yakuzas, once called colonialists and imperialists, and now neo colonialists and neo imperialists. They have never let up in their domination over the small and weaker countries. China is saying no to the bullying but the bullies are denouncing China for standing up to them. To the bullies, it is wrong and unacceptable to right the wrong of the gangsters and the yakuzas. What they have done and taken are rightfully theirs to keep. The rules of the game in their favour must be maintained and no one is allowed to challenge them. And the only language they know is power and might. China would have to behave like gangsters and yakuzas when dealing with them. There is no other choice. The small and weaker countries now have a leader in China to change the rule of the game of the gangsters and yakuzas. Would they want to change, rock the boat for a fairer system instead of being suppressed by the existing power blocs? Or would they want to side with the gangsters and yakuzas for a little crumbs left on the table? Asean looks like taking this road and joining the dark side. A little flattering and a little handout are all that is needed to win over the leaders of these countries. They will be divided and ruled as before, under a different guise. The small countries will miss a chance to fight for a level playing field if they join forces with the gangsters and yakuzas. They forgot that they are being courted now because there is a China to spoil the party. Without China, the gangsters and yakuzas will rape them again and again.


Wally Buffet said...

I have to voice some disagreement with
this dictum that China was plundered by the gangsters and yakuzas involuntarily. In fact, there could even be some collusion by weak rulers with these robbers during these two decades.

Look at it this way. If you left your house door open while you were out, could you accuse the robbers of plundering your home?

In that 2 decades, a weak, corrupted and infamously incompetent dynasty ruled the country colluded by marauding warlords and assorted bandits. The country asked to be plundered.

Mao and the CPC changed all that. A country as vast and as diverse as China needs Mao to galvanize it into a cohesive whole and take on the plunders, gangsters and the Jap yakuzas. This they did admirably and as they say, the rest is history.

Stage one to salvage the country's honour was "reform" to turn it into a market economy.

Stage two in tandem with it's economic ascendency is to flex it's muscles and show the world that any incursions or inflections on it's territorial integrity will be met with a measured response.

We are now in Stage two.

Stage three when it takes it's super power seat next to the present gangster chief is to have a blue ocean navy and intercontinental air superiority and exert it's role as a moderator to the excesses of current only incumbent.

Stage four is.........hehe, Thermonuclear war.

Then, all of us will be fucked.

So enjoy life while you can and don't, repeat don't work till you drop.

It's not worth it

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Your disagreement is incorrect. Though the Qing Dynasty was weak, it was still an organised country with proper army and navy. No warlords to take them on till Hong XiuQuan and his Taiping Rebellion. This was quelled about the time the western gangster came in, in mid 19th century.

They started their raids and plunder and demands. It bankrupted the dynasty and China broke up. The days of warlords came in only in the early 20th century after the gangsters did their damage. The Qing Dynasty did not open the door and resisted the invasion but too weak and were defeated.

Then again, might is right. The winners called the shot, collect their loots. Blame it on China for being weak.

Shall we blame it on Japan should China prove stronger and take over the islands?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

On that matter shall we blame all the colonised countries in Africa, Middle East, India and Southeast Asia for being colonised?

Wally Buffet said...

When I was young, I was exploited and paid pittance to do a job that the Ang Mohs would have beeen paid a king's ransom.

Should I blame my employers?

No choice lah Mr. Bean.

That's life.

But it is now the age of the previously down trodden.

Like they say, every dog has it's day.