Caught off guard, caught by surprise

"On housing, Mr Goh acknowledged that the surge of immigrants in 2007 and 2008 caught the Government by surprise. But the Government had not stopped them from coming because the booming economy needed workers. Mr Goh also acknowledgedthe National Development Ministry 'did not provide for the sudden surge' in its housing plans." The above was reported in the ST on 7 Sep 10. I may be caught by surprises every other day. It is a normal occurrence for an ordinary mortal to be hit by the unexpected in daily life. But for a top talent whose bread and better is to plan ahead, plan for all eventualities, to be pro active, is it inexcusable to be caught by surprise? That’s what they are being paid for. Ok, there can be exceptions as we are not god, and there are acts of gods that are difficult to prepare for. Was the influx of immigrants unpredictable, an act of god? They swarm onto our shores overnight? Were their needs for housing surprising, so difficult to anticipate? I am really surprised that top talents, being paid top dollars were taken by surprise by such events. It is unlike a thunderbolt that can strike anywhere anytime. Now, is there anything else that is surprising? This is how many mortals would have reacted to all the surprising comments. On the other hand, look at the admissions as a sign of humility. You don’t get this kind of things happening often. Yes the election is around the corner. It is still an admission that, well, they are not gods or immortals after all. Let’s be kinder and accept their confessions of not being on top of the problems. You people don’t be like dat can? Let’s be more gracious and look at things in the proper perspective. PS. An interesting point to view this admission is that Mah Bow Tan will be the sacrificial lamb to take the heat off the party, and will not run in the next GE. Anyone want to put a wager on this?


Anonymous said...

Think our leaders too busy in planning for IR opening, YOG and FI events to show to the whole world that we have arrived. The rests of issues are pushed aside.

Anonymous said...

Me hardly win any bet despite being a patron of Singapore Pools for donkey years. Maybe time to change my luck with a different wager.

Dear Redbean;

patriot bets with You Minister Mah Bow Tan will contest and goes to win the supports of his constituents. The entertaining clown Minister Lim Swee Say will also be in contention and me wants to bet that if he is contesting in a Single Seat Constituency, the voters may say sayonara to him.

Ok, back to the great escape with the most wonderful often-used excuse of being caught off guard. This excuse is valueless and eternally effective.

SM Goh appeared sweet and sincere when he was the Prime Minister and that won him much appreciation. HOWEVER, if we look at all that he had promised and said, nothing had materialized. Now, he joins his superiors in chiding and admonishing the people and at times even swipe them as the Minister Mentor is wont to do. May the SM has reached the Senior Level and is practising the 'attainment' of superiority.

'Caught off guard' maybe perpetually good excuse but, use too much and too frequently, it may result in people getting 'put off' or simply stale and offish.


Anonymous said...


Mah Bow Tan the sacrificial lamb? Tan ku ku. He and Wong Kan Seng are all in the family to help the crown prince hang on to power.

Anonymous said...


The only people who seemed to have been caught off guard or caught by surprise, over the recent problems, are our leaders.

They are either very good actors or bad leaders.

Matilah_Singapura said...

It shows that markets work and no one especially and including those "wise sages" in government can predict the future.

The "influx" is due to individuals being individually attracted to emigrate into S'pore -- I would hazard a genral gues: for betterment of their lives.

It is good that the govt did not interfere and allowed the market to work in the way it is supposed to:as free as possible from interference.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What market? You never heard of govt policies?

Influx is due to govt opening the doors wide wide.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Nonsense. No one will come if there wasn't good reasons to do so.

Singapore has no social welfare for fereigners to mooch from. Also no universal health care. Everything excpensive.

Therefore to emigrate, people must have good (usually econo9mic) reasons.

That's the market working for you -- demand driven, pure and simple.

The govt's job is not to close the borders, but to keep them open and well defended. i.e. "friendlies" welcome. "hostiles" intercepted and destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....... from the angle of the runaways, there is an invincible and forever precious jewel sandwiched between two large pieces of plain hard rocks.

Why did the empire threw it away ? Why are native singaporeans not coming back ? And more are leaving.

Will it's present leaders or their children leave it behind and move themselves elsewhere ? Can you envisage citizens and their leaders leaving their own country ?