Burn Europe/America, burn

Western Intelligence has uncovered the biggest terrorist plans targeting Britain, France, Germany and USA. The historical bullying, looting, plundering and suppression of the victim countries by these empires are going to meet its pay back time. But, but, it was all history. The bullying, destruction and killings were done by their predecessors. The people today are simply innocent, very nice people, have nothing to do with the cruelties and oppression of their forefathers. It was all in the past, forget it and move on. Would the descendants of the victims accept their fait accompli? The sins or mistakes of the former colonialists and imperialists were their inability to do the job completely and leaving behind hordes of descendants to avenge the wrong doings of the past. They only did right to the Red Indians. They were killed to near extinction and no way to fight back. Quietly spending time in the reservations to forget their sorrows and the injustice done to them. The beneficiaries of past brutalities will say, why bring out the past? It’s over. Tell that to the terrorists. America does not need to start fires everywhere outside Europe and the US. The fires are coming home, to stay.


Matilah_Singapura said...

It all started with ideas of Manifest Destiny, which had roots in the Christian religion.

Manifest Destiny [1] [2].

Manifest Destiny has morphed over the centuries to implicit ideas which now suggest that "western" values like freedom, democracy and open societies must be "implemented" in all nations of the world to achieve "world peace".

"World peace" at white-man's gun point.

I think the idea is fantastic and guaranteed to bring us decades of rocking entertainment.

BUt redbean, you have to excuse them: who doesn't want "global domination"? Let's face it, if conquest and wealth accumulation has worked for you for centuries, why give it up?

Anonymous said...

9/11 changed a lot of assumptions.

There was the assumption that since USA is so far away from its enemies, an attack on them was impossible. 9/11 changed all that.

After 9/11, the enemies of USA knows how to fight their wars, and that is right on USA soil. And they are doing it, not using foreigners now, but using the very Citizens of the USA to carry out their fight.

Now, what can smart bombs and drones and stealth fighters do in the face of all this?