Balaji -Living the Singapore Spirit

Life is short. At 55, Balaji was even younger than Hsien Loong. What is pronounced in his passing is that he lived the Singapore Spirit. What is that? The Singapore Spirit is the desire to work till one's last breath. Even when he was very sick, he never stop working. He powered on, to serve the people, doing his duty as an MP and a Senior Minister of State. For his devotion, commitment and dedication to public service, he deserved a beautiful eulogy to his honour. The current leaders should look at Balaji as an inspiration and soldier on in their tasks to build a better nation. In sickness or in pain, answer the call of duty and persevere in an honourable role as leaders of a country. Then again, the people must not demand such an unreasonable expectation, that our leaders should plod along if they do not think they could take it. Some medical conditions or biological conditions will make this onerous task that much more demanding and excruciating. For those who have good reasons to want to spend more time while they can, to enjoy a little of life's pleasantness, and quit their jobs, the people must understand and wish them well. Singaporeans shall not demand that our leaders shall work till death do us part. They must also be given the privilege to have a good time and enjoy life while they can. To be honoured with an excellent eulogy is a good thing. To enjoy life and live well is equally good, though a bit selfish. As a Singaporean, I am feeling a bit guilty that we made our minister work to his death when he was already very sick. We should be more graceful and generous to our selfless leaders and remind them not to over work in the call of duty to the country and people. May Balaji rest in peace.


Wally Buffet said...

By all accounts, Dr. Balaji was a likeable man. Much more than many of his peers in public service. He was not tall but taller than the shorties.

I have this perception about people. One look and I will immediately decide whether he is likeable or abominable. Dr. Balaji was such a likeable man. I remembered him appearing on TV during the SARS crisis. Soft spoke, no airs and humbly persuasive.

Ah, the good die young. So one has to be "not that good" at times.

Now look here Mr. Bean, are you insinuating that I should retire and not be a burden to my son's business? As chairman of the company, I just go to office, get served by a pretty secretary, drink my cuppa, sign a few papers and it's off chauffeured back to my home for my afternoon nap before gallivanting the night away with our imported SYT foreign talents.

I think I deserve all the goodies going my way since I "founded" the company.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I like your style Wally. Enjoy while you can. Matilah too is enjoying his life on earth.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singaporeans should feel ashame for making their leaders worked so hard and suffered just to make this place a better place for Singaporeans.

We should hold a campaign to respect and honour the seniors and let them live and enjoy their golden years instead of working them to death. Very cruel indeed. Very embarrassing and anti Confucianist values.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Have a campaign to save our oldies. Save them from being worked to death.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who does'nt takes care of him/herself is in not much a position to take care of others. Such people either have little ideas of existence or hardly appreciate the meanings of living.

Another extreme type of character is those that are so consumed by ego that they keeping working non-stop to build their namesakes. Unfortunately, it's quite easy to see their motives and purposes. More unfortunately, in their zealous and selfish pursuits for fames, they stumbled and refused to accept disappointing their families, friends and others.

Even more unfortunate is that such egoists are usually 'respected' and 'reverred' by most who have no personal communication with them. And those that despise such people are usually people living or working close to them. The Latter certainly has better understandings.

Me knew little or nothing of Dr Balaji. So, me has to look at his companies(in works and in livings) for an idea. My feeling of the Leadership is not too positive.

Nevertheless, my condolences to his family and wish him rest in peace.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Generally a good chap. I was shocked to learn that he died.

You're making too much out of nothing redbean. Don't use this guy's life/ death for your tasteless grandstanding.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is not about grandstanding. Every issue, act or event can be looked at from different perspectives. From the govt, Balaji deserves a public star for devotion to public service. From the party, he deserves a hero's sash for loyalty, sticking to the last hour.

Then you can look at it from the angle of the family, from the citizens he is serving, from the opposition who was waiting for the seat to be vacant....

I am a disinterested party, and I look at any angle I chose.