Another reason not to have babies

A 3 year old toddler had his thigh bone broken by a maid who was hired to take care of him. I feel so sorry for the poor child. There must be many children out there who were in the charge of maids and suffered pain and injuries, victims of maid abuses. And the parents had to be out earning a living to pay for the maid and hoping to bring up the child, to give the child a good home and a good life. It is not just brave but foolish, silly, to trust your children to a stranger, called maid. Do these parents feel any pain leaving their children to strangers and being battered or tortured in their absence? I can feel the pain for the poor children. This is another reason why it is difficult for young couples to bear children. It is very expensive and if they are unable to take care of their full time, or with reliable help, it is suffering for both the parents and the children. Who says go forth and multiply? So easy meh? Please have a heart for the children and their parents. Not many can afford to bring up children and have peace of mind when the cost of living is so high. Don’t think having children is just for fun, for economic reasons. It is a life!


Wally Buffet said...

If your children has grandparents, then employing a maid to look after them in their presence is no problem.

My wife watches the maid's work and the baby like a hawk, so everything synchros like clockwork. Also, my home is fully wired for CCTV surveillance. except the master bedroom of course, hehe, so no monkey business by the maid goes undetected.

These are extraordinary times so we have to take extraordinary measures.No choice.

That little toddler that was abused by that pinoy maid is not an exceptional cases. Many goes unreported or undetected and these children grows up psychologically affected and sometimes physiologically disabled.

Ideally, the mother should stop working and take care of their children. But with the costs of living skyrocketing, who can afford to have this ideal? Besides, nowadays, women, especially the educated ones do not relish the idea of spending the whole day being a home maker. They also want some excitement and variety in their lives.

Still, children brings joy and attachment to a couple's lives and therein lies the meaning of marriage.

Lost4ever said...

The baby issue started 40 years ago with family planning and the nuclear family.

Before that, the elder kids looks after the younger ones, thus many big family.

If lucky like me, was brought up by grandmother and aunt, the benefits of the extended family.

Then came HDB, family planning, re-settlement, industrialization....

When I became parent, first kid, top end milk power was less than 30 SGD.... subsequent kids, price goes up and up, now, top end milk power > $60, but salary still the same like 20 years back. Also housing and other cost of living.... housing (HDB) up by 300 percent from 20 years ago, so we all become slaves to pay for house and fill stomach, may have to do 2 or 3 jobs just to have enough, so no time to make baby, how to raise baby???