Another faux pas in the making

We are going to force some PRs to take up citizenship or they will have to leave. What is this? Is this a solution to the overcrowding problem? Is this a solution to the citizen versus non citizen problem? What is this trying to achieve? What were the people unhappy or angry about? Would this solve the congestion problem, the over crowded trains, the high property prices, the NS angst? The govt is going to select from among the PRs, some, presumably the good ones, to become citizens or forced to be citizens. From the word go this is a no go. In the first place these must be the really super talents that we want. And they know, and they also know that they can go elsewhere. And if their hearts are not here, not wanting to be citizens, who are we going to get? Or what are we going to lose? I think we can live with the PRs here. The unhappiness is the overall number, too big a population in too small a piece of rock. In fact it will be better to have PRs than to have them as citizens. I would say, keep them as PRs, but make the distinction and privileges between PRs and citizens clearer and betterer for the citizens. There are many reasons why we should not force people to become citizens. We only want the numbers, the head counts, and their labour and skill for economic growth. Citizenship is a different commitment, an emotional and psychological one. You mean we cannot differentiate that? And forcing people, forcing the issue, is that the only thing that we are good at? My goodness!


Anonymous said...

How about forcing some backdoor MPs to take up less pay or they will have to leave for "private" sectors.

Wally Buffet said...

I think this faux pas is targeted at the Malaysians.

These assholes are real smart. They don't want Sinkapoore citizenship because they still have strong ties, properties and other exit strategies lined up in that shithole up North.

They prefer to remain PRs forever, have the best of both worlds. When the going gets hot from racial discrimination back from where they came from, they will take cover here. When everything is hoky doky, they will earn their S$ here and bring back 2.32 times in Dinggits back home.

Many years ago, a MALAYSIAN surgeon practising here asked my aged mother, "You want to operate or Not?" He was cutting up patients in Mt. Elizabeth on an assembly line basis, like slaughtering pigs in an abatoir. And his clinic assistants were busier counting money than dispensing medicine. What a money mad asshole! Looking back and with the benefit of hindsight and a tinge of regret, I should have sued the motherfucker until his pants drop and he runs all the way back to the shithole where he came from with his tails between his legs. If the asshole is reading this, count yourself lucky for my oversight!

Also, their children don't have to do NS. Ok maybe they need to do the mickey mouse NS back North but that's a walk in the park.

I have a smarter and more incisive solution. Revoke all PRs of the real trash from the PRC and India. People like food centre assistants, study mamas, masseuse, factory workers, good time girls, small time crooks and cooks, hole in the wall businessmen et al. Get them back on the work permit or work pass. Make no bones about it. Don't be wishy washy and be decisive and manly about it.

Like Mr. Nike said, "Just Do It"!

Anonymous said...


You don't want minted citizens, now they mint them faster.

Brother Wally, tell me secretly here, do You even ever wished the Leadership will consider your views and ideas ? Bear in mind they(leaders) know best, they are always 'betterer', more talented and the greatest elites in Sin.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your deliberations on the issue. But what do the people expect. These mininisters and politicians have talents as they claimed. Without consulting the people they reward themselves with astronomical high salary from the public coffers.So they must dramatically act and say something to hookwink the public of their questionable talent. But very often they spout out nonsense and trash and their comical actions raise eyebrows. What to do? They claim they have talents. yn

Anonymous said...

Wow, they are really desperate.

I think they are pretty sure, from feedback, that new citizens will mostly vote for them, so by hook or by crook must coerced them into taking up citizenship.

Native Singaporeans are going to sink into oblivion.

Matilah_Singapura said...

To me, citizenship -- whether local or by foreigners should not be a birth right but a choice.

When you make citizenship BY VOLUNTARY CHOICE then you can be absolutely moral with getting people to voluntarily agree to "social contracts" -- like NS, taxation etc.

Tan Ah Beng said...

No big deal, lah. In some countries, you can relinquish citizenship but still retain the right to have it reinstated at a later time. India has the Non Resident Indian scheme which effectively grants citizenship rights bar the ability to vote, stand for elections and own agricultural land. So, these PRs will have no problems taking up Sing citizenship because the still have their second card up their sleeves. It is nothing more than another half-hearted attempt to placate Singies just like the overseas private property ruling. How on earth are they going to enforce that?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Tan Ah Beng, long time no see.

Faux pas confirmed.

Delete, delete.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The good thing coming out of this is that it shaken the PRs a little and awaken them not to take their PR status for granted.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Wah, now redbean becomes the "bully cum moralist", just like those fuckers who teach in religious schools.

redbean imposes his "policy" to tekan PR's.

redbean, you are a hateful, sick, angry and twisted man.

...andyway, enjoy your sickness :-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are wrong Matilah. I am YOUNG!: )

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