2 in 3 are foreigners!

The latest statistics show that there are 3.2m Singaporeans to 1.8m foreigners in the island. In the trains, probably for every 10 commuters 6 are foreigners. Though the Singaporeans are technically still a majority, in many other counts Singaporeans are already a minority here. For the 3.2m, I am not sure how many are new citizens who were foreigners a few days or a few months ago. And in the trains, Singaporeans are definitely a minority. So what is this call for Singaporeans to integrate foreigners to our society and way of life? It should be the other way round when Singaporeans are a minority. At the rate it is going, soon Singaporeans will be an absolute minority here and have to integrate themselves to the foreigners way of life. It must be a good thing for the well being of country and Singaporeans to plunge into this situation with eyes wide shut. One puzzling phenomenon, where are the foreigners hiding, or living? In Orchard Road or Bukit Timah and Tanglin? It is not possible that for every 5 HDB flats 2 are occupied by foreigners. Where are they other than those living in the workers dormitories? Oh, some jokers will compare with Bahrain and say look, they have 80% foreigners there and very happy about it. So we are still far from being overwhelmed! We can do much more and have more foreigners here.


Anonymous said...

Good. The more foreigners the merrier.

Better still let some foreigners be elected into Parliament.

The best choice will be the Taiwanese. They can provide good entertainment in Parliament.

The best of the best choice will be a mixture of Taiwanese, South Koreans, Hongkongers and Mainland Chinese Parliamentarians. They can provide all the blockbuster out-of-the-box type of plots to spice up red dot.

Ooooohhhhh, I cannot wait to see the show.

Abao said...

Actually, most of them are living in HDB flats amongst Singaporeans. At least enough to say that the occupy at least 20-30% of a block.

Well, if this goes on it will just mean that Singapore can be delisted from Nation to City imbo.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I think you tie yourself into logical knots if you think that "foreigners" are somehow homogeneous ...and live in districts 9, 10 & 11.

So what if "Singaporeans" ae a "minority".

We're all the same species, aren't we?

redbean, get with the science man -- you'll find that emotional shit/ unwelcoming attitude might start to wane :)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


Your reference point is from a man with no country. At best you are just a guest in Oz. You don't belong and will never belong. Your really belong here. And because of its size, Oz has no problem taking in another 100m people.

But we have this little precious piece of rock that if we are not careful, it may sink into the sea below. The govt has to calibrate its policies very carefully.

But of course there are silly buggers everywhere and some may still believe the sky is the limit. We have real limitations. Who cares about minorities or nationalities?

We are up to our neck. We cannot keep pumping till it is too late to turn back. We must stop those crazy things that we are doing NOW. Otherwise it will be a fait accompli.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> We must stop those crazy things that we are doing NOW. Otherwise it will be a fait accompli. <

I don't know who this mysterious identity/ label "we" is, but I'm sure I'm not included in it :-)

I consider myself a "guest" of the universe, not just any old cuntry. The idea of cuntry is applying less and less in the global village.

However, I do take the points of the "cheated" S'poreans, but they get no sympathy from me.

The "cheated" make a valid point: resources like land aka living space is finite and S'poreans who already live in govt-controlled chicken coops called HDB flats now have to contend with their chicken coops getting more crowded as the state encourages more chickens (to the slaughter) to move and breed in the nation-state's battery chicken farm.

I am an empathetic person, but I direct my compassion to where it is earned, just like any other value. I am openly unsympathetic to S'poreans and their (so-called) "plight" because they -- as a collective and as individuals -- did zip, zero, nothing, fuck all all these decades to LIMIT the power of the state and of the govt, and most importantly of a POLITICAL PARTY form seizing the entire apparatus of state, country and government.

Yessir, it is undeniable fact of nature -- the nature of poilitics, society and nationhood:

The People Get The Government They Deserve

...and the logical consequence from that axiom, since the govt runs the state and the state eventually determines the nature of the country:

The People Get The Country They Deserve

So, fuck you all. You all talk a lot of cock and whine and complain. And you have done so for decades. Now it has become increasingly difficult for the people to seize back the power from the state: the entanglement is complex, messy and possibly lethal.

PAP controls the govt, which runs the state which makes legislation for HDB, CPF, education and what not...everything the people "need". But the state then also makes policies which seem to favour "outsiders" over the locals, and then passes anti-xenophobic laws to keep the locals from "complaining".

You motherfuckers are a joke lah. Just look at the shit you're complaining about -- it is all self-inflicted.

To answer your quip about Aust: I have always argued the case for a population of 200 million or more. This has been a very unpopular idea, and I have been told to my face to "go back where I came from" in some heated "discussions". Immigration and society are sensitive topics and their is no peaceful discussion -- it will always be boisterous and chaotic.

Still I don't give a fuck. I like sovereign individualism. Borders are just imaginary lines on a map, and human beings are one species which have the right to be wherever they choose on this planet -- provided the property they choose to be on is either unowned, public or they themselves own it.

I don't expect any agreement here. Doesn't bother me -- I'm used to it :-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The sage from Perth has spoken.

No he did not impose his views on anyone else, only others do: )

Matilah_Singapura said...

I don't only shoot my big mouth off. I practice my ideas -- I've spent the last 20 or so years looking after my individual sovereignty -- at great expense and personal cost.

I neither like nor trust any state, any govt nor any form of absolute territorial "organisation", but am not blind enough to con myself into believing that the "authorities" will use violence and guns against me if I got to be too much of a "threat".

Under the radar folks. Anonymous beach bum (freezing his balls off) has served me well.