$12b not kid’s play

Two international conglomerates invested in more than $12b in the two integrated resorts with casinos as the major component in their business model. No matter how we tried to deceive ourselves, how to disguise them in all kinds of grandiose terms, the two integrated resorts would never be built without the casinos. And the casino concept was relented, accepted, despite the negative aspects associated with it, for there are many benefits too that would come along. They became operational at a time when the world was hit by a financial crisis and economic slowdown. They brought along a lot of jobs and investments, prior to their openings and after that. And more jobs and business opportunities are opening up because of these two ‘demons’ in the temple of god. Construction industry booms, tourism booms, meetings and conventions, and many supporting businesses sprang up because of them. Many people found jobs. And now because a few children complained, because a few whiter than white or holier than thou voices were raised in the right places, the operators of the casinos and their business partners are troubled, and their business plans and arrangements in disarray, looking so evil. Are we real in curbing the free buses from the hardlands? Do we really believe that stopping the buses will stop hardland gamblers going to the casinos and save these people from the harm of gambling? The only people that will stop going to the resorts/casinos are the occasional gamblers. The serious gamblers will be there. Their lives have changed the moment the govt decided on the casinos. The saving of $2 from free buses are not going to be in the calculations of people intent to gamble. The stopping of the free bus services hurt more of the casual visitors going to the resorts, the families going to the resorts, the retirees who could enjoy a few free rides, the general public who are going to the island or Marina Bay other than the casinos. Gamblers will not be deterred by not having free buses. The $100 levy is already a big deterrent, and the age limit. So what is all the fuss about, and the urgency, as if the sky is falling down if nothing is done, immediately? Hsien Loong is away and may not know what is going on. Would he reverse this panic decision and reinstate the free bus services? He was the one who gave the green light to the casinos. Minor irritations like free buses are not going to look good on him. The two big investors may abide quietly by the sudden change of regulations. What would they be thinking? What would other potential investors be thinking? What kind of place is this paradise? Are there really angels guarding this place and the goody residents sip tea, sing hymns and recite the gospels as past times, and pray to god day in and day out? Isn’t this a fun place, a place of action and excitement, entertainment, boozing and free mating? I have been living in this place all my life and I think the lives of the people are as colourful and complex as any big city, other than a few hypocrites. The sinful and pleasurable activities permeate every level of society for all I know. No? Then I must be imagining. Or I am not AWARE of the good side? The gamblers will still be at the casinos. The brickbats will come from those who want free buses to the resorts. They will be really pissed off by the few holies. Some are asking aloud why should kids decide what is good for them and what is not? Would this result in more anger votes? I am sure there are more humans than holies walking around in paradise.


Anonymous said...

It took months for the IR and bus operators to get it running, i believe they must have followed the proper procedure from getting approval from LTA/URA.....So it looks stupid on the government to stop the free shuttle bus service.

Anonymous said...

Stupid or not, they are not going to admit it.

But, rest assured, they are extremely good in manufacturing good excuses for any foul up.

Just watch the wayang.

Anonymous said...

Good in everything is what a good government should be. And a good government must be good in protecting the people, the country and the thing it only needs to manufacture are peace and happiness for the people and itself. Can it accomplish such simple tasks ??

Anonymous said...

They no provide free transport, no one else can.

Wally Buffet said...

This is a pre election syndrome.

As usual, the collateral damage are the poor MFs who invested in the buses.

Guys, you should have foreseen all eventualities.

Well, you win some, you lose some.

Better luck next time.

Try and sell your buses on Ebay. It works.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We have children playing angels.

Anonymous said...

So the minister or ministers concerned and some holy people try to prevent citizens from gambling base on high moralistic grounds. Gambling is gambling whether it is at the casino, buying 4D, Toto or football pools.If there is genuine sincerity at curbing gambling, then close the two casinos, close the 4D and Toto outlets and stop all the football bettings. The frustrated poor who try their luck once too often at all these gambling outlets have become poorer and more desperate financially. So lets not play hypocrite and close all gambling outlets. The poor are not only poor but also deprived . sg