Would your parents love you less?

Would your parents love you, or love you less, just because you are a little slow, a little dull, a little complacent? No, parental love transcends all the superficiality of physical perfection or human perceptions of goodness and cleverness. No parents will send their children packing because they are less able, and replace them with other people’s children. It is always children first, under all circumstances, and the more disadvantaged the children are, the greater the parental love and attention. Parents are protective and will sacrifice everything to care for their children. Would parents, deserving to be parents, bring home other people’s children to share the bowl of rice with their children, on the presumption that other people’s children will in the end make life better for their children? And why would other people’s children care for the well being of other competing children? Is this a fallacy or a high falutin theory? No worthy parents would ever think of bringing home better looking or more able children to replace their children, to bestow them with loving tender care. They make do with what they have, their less than perfect children. Most parents would continue to provide more, to make sure their less able children will not be disadvantaged. That is what true and genuine parenthood is all about.


Wally Buffet said...

Other households have a mansion that is so huge that it boasts a few hundred bedrooms. So letting in some orphaned children would be the right thing to do. And the larder is so full that soon it will be infested with rats and other vermin if not emptied. So sharing food with children who are hungry is also commendable.


When your little abode is so painfully small, giving other children more of your love by letting them share your bed and whatever pitiful scrappings of the barrel, now that's not only gross but utterly unbecoming of a caring parent.

A stupid parent may say to the aggrieved child that letting other children come to the household means more pairs of hand to till the land and so there is more food. But what do you say to a child who retorts that we can grow less and feed less but the family will be much happier? A warm and loving family in happier times before the interloping children came.

It is a truism that we cannot choose our parents.


Anonymous said...

On top of that, we are expected to stand guard at the door overnight to protect our step siblings, so that they can study hard/work hard to make our parents happy and proud. Biological kids have to contend with less sleep and get scolded in front of neighbours and step siblings because we make our parents malu.

Anonymous said...

Our position is now like sharing our home with strangers, who, in time will tell you that if you do not like the way they behave in your home, just move out, so that they can take over your house.

How can Singaporeans tolerate that and welcome them?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This will be the plight of many oldies here. They will not have enough savings to last and will have to sublet their flats out. and the foreigners are unlikely to be very nice to them.

With the cost of living and medical going to the roof, they are lucky if they don't end up moonlighting as cleaners.

Anonymous said...

Oh, when it comes to forced subletting of their flats to get an income, that will be another reason for letting in more foreigners.

From the old mantra to a new mantra that says: "Foreigners provide a lifeline for Singaporeans to survive".

Anonymous said...


You're being conventional. Parents today are of many types. One comes to mind reading your post and that is the step parents.

Their own children will be given the best in everything, including taking over the ownerships of their possessions, money, assests and oversea investments etc. Others children are given the crumbs, make to labour and forever consign to these treatments.

My parents were/are simple humans with normal humane characters, they are/were not elites. They lack the abilities to scheme and exploit, they do not know how to act(actings) or pretend.

Just too bad that Singaporeans have step parents that are more talented than their biological ones.

And if You're like me, my children have more powerful fathers and sons of gods more divine, powerful and lovings than me. Then You need to be stronger than gods to survive.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hsien Loong said Singaporeans will share in the economic growth. I am anticipating a big angpow on the way. A real big one for all Singaporeans to match the 15% growth in GDP.

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for!

Big angpows before an election may be followed by big sharp knives that makes you scream for mercy.

Anonymous said...

You cannot choose your parenst but you can choose your country. Bad analogy, redbean.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Not really. Country by birth.

Not everyone can choose which country they want to go. Not everyone wants to go country hunting.

The meaning of country has been diluted because of migration and changing rules. We may think it is a common thing to pack and go somewhere else because our roots are shallow. For well established countries with a long history and identity, the bulk of their people will just remain where they are.