Why are the oldies complaining about fare hike?

The recent fare hike, or to put it better, fare adjustment, was not meant to be a fare hike. Whether commuters, especially the senior citizens, travel longer or shorter distance, need to make a transfer or not, there will be a saving. I am a senior citizen and I am speaking on my first hand experience. I am benefitting by adjusting my pattern of travelling. Before the fare hike, if I travel 1 station or 2 stations, I would have to pay 68c. If I travel 5 stations or 11stations, I would still pay 68c. With the new changes, if I travel 1 station or 2 stations, I will have to pay 53c. If I travel 5 or 11 stations, I will have to pay 86c. My normal route will mean that I will have to pay 18c more one way or 36c more daily. This is a 26% hike every day! Now, how can I benefit from the changes? I figure out that if I get in at station 1 and out at station 2, I will save 15c (68-53). So if I break up my journey into ten trips, in and out of every one station, I could save $1.50 per trip or $3 daily. Wow, I am saving more than the 36c hike daily by changing my travelling pattern! Can make money some more. I am an oldie and my mental faculty may be a little faulty. Please don’t take advantage of oldies. And thank you for helping me to save $3 daily.


Anonymous said...

Only oldies complained meh ?

The students and the workers are happy, You mean ?

Wally Buffet said...


Now we know how wonderfully beneficial the new fare adjustment is to all the oldies in Sinkapoor.

What brainy hares we have to dream up of such an esoteric scheme where it's "win win" for everyone. Travel short, you pay less. Travel longer, you pay more but if you are an Oldie who has plenty of time to spare (Really? I thought Oldies have very little time left!) break up your long journey into shorter ones and you may even make some profit! Wow!

An assfelt thank you to all the talents who are so caring for the oldies as well as the students and the workers. Thank you Sir from the bottom of our backsides.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry old uncles and aunties. They are debating this furiously in Parliament. What will come out of it, I think everyone knows.

Anonymous said...

They encourage oldies to continue working, but they are punishing oldies for taking public transport.

I guess oldies must walk to work lah. Leave the spaces in MRTs and Buses for the growing army of foreign pets. The overcrowding is getting worse, so the first to be getting rid off are the oldies. After all, they are enjoying so much subsidies, which is a strain on the bottom line of the transport companies.

I am so lucky to live in Singapore and have such a caring Government.