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Quote by Michael Richardson, visiting senior research fellow at the Institute of South East Asian Studies. If America fails to send the carrier into the Yellow Sea with South Korea, it will embolden hardliners in China and set a precedent that will be widely interrpeted in the region as a sign of US weakness. Below is a quote by Redbean by substituting America with China If China fails to keep the American carrier from the Yellow Sea, it will embolden hardliners in America and set a precedent that will be widely intrepreted in the region as a sign of China weakness. Reading the two quotes it is obvious what arrogance of power is all about. To the Americans, sending their warships to someone's front porch is not provocation but to tell the other party that America is the big power. China just have to accept it. To the Chinese, it is provocative and they will not be intimated by the Americans and will tell the Americans to back off from their front porch. And they are going to stand up to the Americans now that they are able to. Then to the Americans and westerners, China is the aggressive party. Of course many WOGs and anglophiles will say yes, yes, America must send their warships into the Yellow Sea.


Wally Buffet said...

I don't normally like to get personal but this guy thinks that America has the obligation to throw shit into the yellow peril's house to show who is boss and the bully.

What an utterly thoughtless proposition!

Michael, read what our eminent analyst and critic Mr. Chua said and ponder about it.

Anonymous said...

Any ships irregardless of nationalities have the every rights to sail on the Yellow Sea because it doesn't wholly belong to China as it is considered International.

Anonymous said...

China would probably have no objection to ships plying in Yellow Sea, if it is not a nuclear powered carrier which intends to be seen as a show of force. For too long, the Chinese have been subject to such acts of humiliation, esp in the waters of the Taiwan Straits. The world has changed and the Americans need to be instructed that they can act as they like.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

One day, when Mexico recovered California, Texas, Nebraska etc etc, when America is no longer number one, the Chinese will said their aircraft carrier into New York and conduct war games there.

Today, the appearance of Chinese ships in South China Sea will get panicky calls of war like intention from the Americans and the West.

The Americans and the West can continue to bully the Chinese and other Asian countries, but not for long. And cocky arrogant western academics and reporters, including those in this little island can continue to write rubbish against China in their media, also not for long.

Anonymous said...

Just my naive opinion.

The US can goes around everyone's corridor, violates the territorial demarcations to flex and show its' splendid and powerfool armada and latest fighter jets. They are most welcome, China and some other Non US allied Nations did welcome the American Fleets from time to time. Few were intimidated.

The dynamics of warfares have changed, even commercial airlines can be targeted or made use of as weapons against one's enemy. Not to mention that one successful attempt by any enemy on any commercial vessel, building and infrastructure like train station, air/seaport and shopping centre could caused great damages to properties and live. And these attempts can be carried out by just one or a few people.

Imagine a concerted effort at a number of targets spread over at different locations simultaneously. There will then be tens, hundreds or even thousands deployed to hunt for one fugitive within the affected areas. Panics and anxieties will be struck deep into the inhabitants and their relatives and friends staying elsewhere. Thus a wonderful psychological victory could be achieved with minimum manpower and weapon.

Huge in size, powerful in strength and ostentatious display had caused the demises of many giant species. This happened long ago and this will happen as time goes on. it's only natural that bigger targets are easier to get hit. Or so i think.

Do pardon me should i sound simplistic.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The world's number one war mongers and the world's ex number one war mongers, both with imperialist dreams, are ganging together to start a fight with China.

It is only a matter of time before war breaks out between China and the US/Japan. The Koreans will the pawns to be sacrificed.

I hope the Koreans know what they are in for and how they are being played by the big powers to kill themselves.

Good luck Koreans.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Agreeing with redbean's last post, except for the "luck" part for the Koreans.

Fuck the Koreans. Who cares if they are sacrificed?

Destroying Korea adds to the spectacular show which is bound to be an extravaganza. All that fire power and awsome weaponary, backed up by massive BUDGETS on all sides.

Shit, I'm getting excited again. Better go and jack off to relieve myself.