Who is littering my country?

Singaporeans are being blamed for the increasing littering on the streets. If this be so, our education system has failed badly. Our anti littering campaign has failed badly. Our heavy fines and CWOs have failed miserably. It saddens me to think that all the education and campaigns and fines could not teach our people to keep our streets clean. Don’t forget our toilets are still the dirtiest among the world’s worst. How then could we call ourselves a first world city with first world people and with first world etiquettes and conducts? Living among us there are more than 1 million foreigners, maybe 1 million. Would they be the one who are doing the littering and dirtying of our streets and toilets? I would suggest that we set up a task force to catch some of these culprits and check on their identities. If most of them are Singaporeans, then the schools are not doing enough. If most of them are foreigners, then we should know what to do. Living in our midst, in HDB estates, the school children, the foreign workers and the office workers, there are many foreigners. We need to know why are we failing in cleaning up our city and raising a population that takes pride in keeping our country clean.


Anonymous said...

Mr Redbean;

me thinks it is the failure of the Whole System Of Governance that causes all the anti social behaviours of the inhabitants in this tiny dot.

The people here can only be as good as the way they are led and brought up by their Leaders, right?

I mean if the People are lead by selfish, greedy and care not Leadership, what can we expect of the plebeians?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Patriot, your vocabulary is very strange this morning. Greed, selfish, care not? Never heard of.

I am only use to another set of vocabulary, eg sacrifice, honourable, the best talent,....

Wally Buffet said...

Singapore used to be one of the cleanest cities on Earth.

Not anymore.

Go to Little India and you can see all the litter on the ground after our guest workers have had their little drinking parties during weekends. Go to Geylang and you will see the PRC bumpkins, who besides riding their bicycles against traffic are also spitting like they were still in some god forsaken little city tucked away in a forgotten part of China. Once, a glob of gooey sputum landed on my car's windscreen whilst I was there looking for my favourite froggy porridge. I lost my appetite after that.

How did the situation degenerated to this?

Simple. No enforcement. Once upon a time, the mata matas were much evident on our roads patrolling and deterring crime. Nowadays, find me a police patrol on foot and the beer's on me. Same story for the NEA enforcement teams. Where the f@#k are these guys, signing off from their office in the mornings to do their rounds? Hope they are not like me, hopping over to see a movie like "Salt" starring the ever sexy pouting Ms. Joyllie instead of issuing tickets to Samy or Ah Niu for littering.

Guys, you can have all the laws and rules and regulations in the world but if there are no enforcement, it's like there are no such in the first place. So bring back the matas on bicycle patrols and the NEA guys should stop eating snake and get on with the job. Or are they too busy pondering and still scratching their heads and wondering what caused the once in a fifty years duckpond at Orchard Central?

Who is littering my country?

Certainly not me, nor Redbean, nor Patriot, nor Matilah (anyway definitely cannot be him because he is down under.) So, it must be Samy and Ah Niu.

Elementary, my dear Watson!

By the way fellas, "Salt" is a rollicking, excitingly entertaining flick. I particularly like the last line uttered by Ms. Pouting Lips before the finale................

"I'm going to kill them all!"

Wow! that was even more sexy than the lips and I'm looking forward to "Salt II" and see what kind of death Ms. Joylie has in store for the baddies. Four star out of five!


Anonymous said...


good morning! Don't mean to spoil your day. No mata on bicycle patrol cos there are no bicycle lane for them to ride on. Riding anywhere else could get them face the wraths of the Public.

Me hates to see more enforcements on the plebeians and no enforcement on the elites, talented and leaders who hardly care a damn what happen to the people. By the way, any place where there need to be this law, that regulation and what not that needs enforcements has to be a damned LOUSY Place.

A clean country needs no CPIB, cleaner, it will even need less mosquito pest control, less doctor and nurses. When we can have clean leadership, none of us will have to hope for closets to be opened.

It is no philosophy to tell You a man without sin needs no god and a land with good leaders and people needs little enforcements.

As i have said before, in SIN the people are supposed to police one another. And in any case, our police, security men, carpark wardens, prison officers and other enforcers are paid peanuts and expected to govern on behalf of governors and parliamentarians, few will responsibly do the dirty jobs they are ordered or detailed to do lah.

Redbean; my vocab is very limited due to my elementary education lah, had i been to NUS, better still Oxford or Cambridge, then You know what me will use. Me will give the people up there a good run for their money as well.

Me am also in Cyberspace to upgrade, upskill and learn from others without having to pay EXHORBITANT tuition fee. Teach me more.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Patriot, no need pay high tuition fee lah. You can easily pick up a set of vocab from the media, and if you keep repeating them, they will become second nature in time to come.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I almost forgot. Words like greed and corruption are no longer relevant in today's society. Greed is good. Corruption is no corruption if you know how. All a matter of perspective.

The guy with the expensive set of angling gear will tell you fishing is a sport. The fish will tell you it is damn painful, if only they can speak.

agongkia said...

Sorry.. but I would prefer to live in a country with happy citizen caring for one another than to have a country which aim and think to be cleanest but have their people blaming each other for the littering.We should stop dreaming and aiming to be the cleanest city.
The call for more patrol for anti littering ,the blame on FWs and FTs,the blame on the education system etc is pointless.
Such education should start from the family.....Self discipline..
Proposing for a better alternative like having more or bigger bin will be much better than blaming others .
I sometimes do not blame those littering becos very often there are no bin around ,esp. in housing estate..I suppose the lesser bin they provide,the lesser manpower is required to clear the litter.I use to put the litter in my pocket and dispose it only when I can find a bin.But we cannot expect everyone to do that.
So,how to blame ?

Lost4ever said...

Dear Mr Chua

The biggest litterbug is the SG government, as they open the flood gates for Samy, Ali and Ah Niu to come in as instant people, without educating them about basic civic moral. Its all about GDP and their FAT paycheck.

Samy & Ali will dirty Little India to provide more request for more Ali to come in as cleaners.

Samy & Ali will dirty the void decks for the same reason.

Ah Niu and local MAT will dirty any place so that more jobs can be created.

BTW the government also created a lot of yellow trash by opening the flood gates for white trash sub culture from the west to influence our youth.

THUS we are now a country loaded and littered with TRASH.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is like switching places with China's big cities. The Chinese cities used to be populated by bicycles. Today the bicycles are replaced by cars.

The Chinese have exported their bicycles and cyclists here. Soon we will be populated by bicycles instead of cars. And Singaporeans will be riding bicycles too, when cars are just too expensive.

Shssssh, parking lots for sale. And soon there will be a market for buying and selling parking lots. OOh la la. Another great item to speculate and make money from. New vocation, Parking lot agents, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Mr Agongkia Sir;

with a jittery siege mentality haunting everyone's precious life, bigger litter bins will only worry the rich and powerful Singaporeans although it should be commonsense that the first to be harmed will be the poor old cleaners who have to clear them(bins). So, your suggestion is a no no.

But then hor, no bin means Singaporeans have to put the waste in their pockets and what if the wastes are soilled, dirty and too big for the pockets and the hearts are even smaller to swallow the measure of less bins????? Throw lah, afterall the chances of getting caught is near zero.

Lost4ever made a very good comment, the foreigners are more intelligent and maybe more intellect than our leaders. The foreigners adopt simple but very effective strategies to generate jobs for their countrymen. They save by using the cheapest mean of transport; bicycle. Singaporeans try to get some false upmanship by indebting themselves to buy cars used only occassinally.

The intellectual level of Singaporean from the Top to the Bottom are same same. Why? The Top bengkok, the Bottom senget and the Bottom always envy the Top and learn from them.


Wally Buffet said...

Yup, I'll echo that.

Throw lah, why worry?

Chances of getting caught is 0.0000001% because the litterbug catchers are still busy with wondering why there was a duckpond at Orchard Central.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We spent so many years and so much money to educate a generation of our young not to litter. The oldies are more self disciplined and were taught earlier and becomes second nature not to litter.

All gone down the drain with the new migrants who were not only not taught not to litter. Littering is their first nature, by nature.

Then we put the blame onto Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

If the top bengkok and the bottom senget, the whole thing will collapse.

Hahaha, when the country is littered with trash, they will tell you, look, in the Philippines they have smokey mountain, which is even worse. What is a little trash? Singaporeans cannot expect no trash.

If that fails to satisfy Singaporeans, they will bring out the grandmaster or deity and life goes back to normal. Same with the floods. Different story, but always with the same ending.

Anonymous said...

How to throw when there is no bin?

If there are bins, they think there will be explosives. You put in something and if the bin explodes later on, everyone who put in their litters become terrorist suspects. Jobs gone, go behind bars and get grill for nothing.

No go man!


Anonymous said...

a large number of litters i have encountered in public and private housing estates are singaporeans...

Matilah_Singapura said...

> Singaporeans are being blamed for the increasing littering on the streets <

Err.. that is categorically TRUE.

That info comes acquaintances in hi-level sources, yep I personally know people who live off the public purse :) I also have many christian friends... go figure...

When I was told about this by my friends, they had the same problem: trying to understand why public education campaigns don't work.

My answer: Simple. These folks who work in govt don't understand SELF INTEREST.

I used the thought experiment: I'll bet these litterbugs and toilet fiends don't piss all over their own toilet, nor dump their rubbish all over their OWN homes, or the environment they live in.

Why? Self interest: it is in their own self interest to be as clean as they can at home.

However in public -- fuck that shit. Since the majority of S'poreans are ot what I call "personally responsible" -- i.e. looking after yourself and knowing that looking after others and the "common" interest is actually in the long run in your own self interest, then the country is fucked. And it is.

The entitlement mentality is widespread amongst the citizens. A huge majority wants the govt to look after them from cradle to grave. With this attitude... why in the world would anyone be personally responsible?
Whatever for? Govt will fix the mess.

So litter away. Piss and shit all over the public toilets.

The govt will fix the mess. Don't worry.

But one thing is for sure: public education policies do not generally work...unless there is DEATH involved: like quitting smoking, or trafficking drugs. The threat of imminent DEATH is a great way to get the ol' self interest mechanism activated to make the motherfucking public pay attention.

Self interest. We are "intelligent" apes, but we are still apes.