We are doing it for Singaporeans

The govt is doing it for the sake of the Singaporeans. This is the most explicit commitment made on National Day by Hsien Loong. We need to bring in more foreign workers for the sake of Singaporeans. Can’t the Singaporeans understand what the govt is doing? What else were done for the sake of the Singaporeans? Higher GST, for the sake of poorer Singaporeans. Higher HDB prices, for the sake of Singaporeans who have bought their flats earlier. Higher minimum sum and Medisave, for the sake of Singaporeans during old age and when hospitalised. Higher medical fees, a world class medical care for the sake of Singaporeans. Higher public transport fare, for the sake of Singaporeans, benefits akan datang. The govt has been doing so many good things for the sake of the Singaporeans. Why are Singaporeans still complaining, whining and griping? Are the Singaporeans so dense that they cannot appreciate what the govt is doing? Look at the foreigners, they know exactly what the govt is doing and know how good they are. And they are very appreciative of what this govt is doing and fully support this govt. The dense Singaporeans should talk to the foreigners and get enlightened. KNN, the $100 levy to enter the casinos is also for the sake of Singaporeans.


Wally Buffet said...

KNN the $100 levy for Singaporeans should be waived for senior citizens above 60.

Let us have the few pleasures left before leaving for the happy hunting grounds.

Thank you Sir.

Lost4ever said...

I go serve my NS for the sake of Singaporeans while the FT took my job... thanks

Anonymous said...

F1 and YOG also for Singaporeans. Singaporeans should and can support YOG, so said LHL.

But I doubt they would, because asking for support is a two way traffic. You listen to us, we will listen to you.

Anonymous said...

Vote in more oppositions for the sake of Singaporeans. The PM is talking nonsense and pleading us to accept more FT's for their sake and their survival for they know they are losing popularity. If what he said was true, why did he not explain how Singaporeans benefit from high GDP and more FT's? Our lives will be made more difficult with the influx of more foreigners. MRT trains will be more crowded, HDB prices will go up, weekends will see more foreigners in our parks and beaches, less jobs for locals, etc. The impact on Singaporeans will be negative were we to accept more foreigners. Anyway they will just do it with or without our consent. This is just wayang talk as we have no one to speak up for us.

Anonymous said...

With more foreigners, Botanic Garden will be as crowded as Chinatown or Little India. Is that what we want? Is that better quality lifestyle?

Don't even think what it is like in MRT trains. People who don't have to take trains would not mind even if the present capacity of trains is doubled.

Anonymous said...

Oh PAP please STOP "helping" us. Every time PAP 'help' us we end up far worse off than before.

The last time you "helped" the poor led to GST being raised from 5 to 7% (and will be 10% after GE)

Anonymous said...

The Sin PM and his father, the first PM of Sin are Gods' Gifts to this beautiful island. Nowhere in the world can anyone see such a well developed country. It is welknown to the world, when one visits the country, it will immediately strikes the visitors as a clean and prosperous city. There are neat highrise housings and the roads are filled with new and latest Mercedes, BMW, Audi and other big cars, unlike other countries. Shopping complexes selling branded goods are in every corner of the country. Many south east asian countries with bigger lands and natural resources are nowhere comparable. Singaporeans are so lucky to have great leaders. Many people of other countries wish they have such great people in their governments.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help comparing red dot to the animals in Animal Farm. The pigs always tell the other animals to work hard so that they will have a better future. But the only animals enjoying better lives are the pigs themselves, changing every original rule to benefit themselves.

In the end, the animals were all sold out by the pigs.

Anonymous said...

Not true.
The pigs always end up as porks on my dinner table. It is the lions that escape man's slaughters. The most vicious and dangerous animal is singa the lion. Anyone who suceeds to hunt it down should be awarded.

Anonymous said...

Good or bad is not measured by how high are the buildings, how prestigious the big cars and how much designers goods are sold in the shopping complexes. That's the superficial part.

Good or bad is measured by how much the Government cares about its own citizens, the elderly and the poor, not how much the Government can benefit by squeezing from its citizens, by making housing and hospitalisation more and more expensive, for example.

Good or bad is measured by whether the Government is able to galvanise most of its citizens to support its actions and be patriotic to be associated with its achievements. Not the kind of patriotism associated with carrots and sticks.

Good or bad is measured by how much a country's leaders are prepared to sacrifice for the good of the country, not by how much they have to be compensated in order to come forward to serve.

Finally, good or bad is measured by how much the Government is prepared to listen to the voice of its citizens, not by turning a deaf ear and claiming to be deaf frogs.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I am so lucky living in Singapore because we have people who are not only carrying balls, but resort to licking it.

Thanks for doing it for all Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Good or bad is not measured by how high are the buildings, how prestigious the big cars and how much designers goods are sold in the shopping complexes. That's the superficial part.

That's the solid and concrete part.

Proof that the world can see and touch.

Consolidating and fortifying ones' power, control and wealth is the wisest and practical strongman's way to supremacy. To be strong, one has to make others weak, to be stronger, others must be made weakers.

It's always the weaker and lesser that have to listen and obey the stronger and superior, simple logic and wisdom. It's call control and command, understand ?

The lion is king of the jungle never the sheep or the dog.

The leaders in Sin have commonsenses, intellects and they have master the arts of scheming, manipulation and exploitation. These are the cleverest calibres in Sin.

You know ?


Anonymous said...


just to join in the funs of Anon 3:31 and Anon 5:00.

Yes, do readers understand the crabs they are talking about ?

Anon 5:00 has said what the Chinese call hen sin pa tao meaning using any (crooked)means to get ones way(ambition).

Anonymous said...

Just to pick up on what Wally said. may the young boys and girls understand that the ah kongs and ah mahs are more than able to look after themselves and their monies. For those oldies that already don't have any money, they can't lose them anymore.

Those who have have proven that they can hold on to them. So why should they be made to pay $100 to enter casino?

Hen sin pa tao! Yes.

Anonymous said...

The $100 levy is also for our own good.

We must understand that anything that is for our own good means more money for the Government.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are so lucky with such caring govt. They can all sleep in peace.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:31 seems to be an upright person and an idealist. Had our government ruled and practiced accordingly as he/she 'idealized' here, our leaders will be the most loving parents any citizenry can wish for.

Anon 5:00 has keen observations of the real world, there were and are many rogue regimes and or leaders who were/are corrupt, despotic, nepotic and abuse others in whatever way they can.

Sg is far from ideal and there are much that the people desire, however though, things do not look good. The worse has yet to come.