Time to buy another car

COE is down. It was $36k last month and now $32k. Cars are now getting cheaper. Better hurry down to place my order for the next one before the price goes up again. I am hearing everyone saying, cheap, cheap and cheap. (It was $10k a short while ago.) I will call the car salesman today and place my order. How much to bid for the COE, any amount, no problem. If he wants to bid $100k also can. I know that I don’t have to pay for that sum as the monkeys cannot afford to pay so much. So many monkeys will scramble and count how much they could afford before submitting their bids. And knowing that they don’t have much money, how much could they afford to bid, $30k or $40k? They would exhaust every little savings they have. That is all they can afford. To me and those who are, ahem, very comfortable, what is a few million? So bid $100k, bid lah, what is the problem? The system is so kind to people like us, bid high high but no need to pay high high. : ) I love this system. It is an amazing system, very well conceived. Sometimes I feel sorry for the monkeys.


Wally Buffet said...

Stupid monkeys all scrambling for some peanuts must even sell their wives for something to munch on.

Stop! Monkeys, think about it. If all of you stop buying cars for one month and all bid $1 then you will get your cars at a 99.9999% discount. As monkeys, I hope you have more brains than donkeys!

That's the whole trouble with Sinkapooreans. No cohesive collective action. All held to ransome by greedy property developers, hawkers, purveyors and other marauding profiteers. Just get together and refuse to buy. See what happens.

Wally Buffet said...

Sorry folks.

"ransome" should be spelt "ransom".

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Like dat better for my rich frens man. We continue to bid $100k. Then sway sway all the monkeys go away, don't bid, and I get my COE at $1.

I simply love the system.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, stupid herd behaviour. Ego is very important to them. Kiasu mentality is getting more intense with ignorant peasants.

In time to come, upkeeping a car is more expensive than paying the monthly instalments, just like buying printers. Buying 2 sets of replacement ink can buy you another new printer. And the ink last only a short while, nothing like what they tell you about being able to print a whole lot of copies.

Wally Buffet said...

Yup. This printer con is really something. But some enterprising back alley ink manufacturers are putting out compatibles so the problem is mitigated somewhat.

But cars? How? Everyone in this sardine can wants a car to escape from the crowded buses and the jam packed MRT. So no choice. Some PRC trash buys motorized bicycles to solve the transport problem riding against traffic ignoring every imaginable rule that we Sinkapooreans follow to the latter. Nothing happens. These boors sure are turning our little cultured paradize into a traffic nightmare. But I always like to scare the shit out of them by getting close enough and blaring my car horn.

I get a middle finger shown but heck, that was fun!

Wally Buffet said...

Sorry folks:

"latter" should be "letter"

Geezus! (with apologies to Matilah for borrowing this word), I must check my comments before hitting the "Publish" button.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

All this craze is good for the coffers. Where on earth would there be crazy people spending this kind of money of a piece of paper. The $32k can buy a Honda Accord in OZ or the US.

Anyway, this is a good thing. The dumb citizens are encouraged to spend and spend. Then they ask, why no savings and not enough money for retirement?

Someone say this is a kind of robbery.

Anonymous said...


Dumb citizens deserve the dumb Government they choose.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Talking about PRC thrash, one crashed his bicycle into me while I was about to cross the road. Luckily the damage was not too severe. And I thought it was a rare incident.

This morning another of these country bumpkins almost crashed into me again at Raffles Place. We need to take their bicycles away. They thought they were in China.

Wally Buffet said...

With so much bicycles being ridden around the central business district a gwailou visitor must be excused for thinking he is in a third tier city in China instead of the world class metropolis we are touted to be.

45 years to take us here and a few country bumpkins sneaking into the country as foreign talents spoilt it all in 4.5 years.


Matilah_Singapura said...

After paying $500 bux for my first car, I could never bring myself to buy a car whenever I had stints (incl the disgustingly well paid ones) and pay the govt all that TAX.

It amazes me to the great lengths folks are willing to go simply to own a car -- in other countries no big deal at all -- cars are so abundant they're practically being given away.

COE is an interesting idea: you have to buy permission to own a car, and the monopoly "seller" of this "permission" is the govt.

Brilliant scam.

Anonymous said...

Before my frens here consider anymore cyclist to be all from 3rd or 4th World Nations, please give a thought to this old(age) fren of yours who ride bicycle since age six to sixty now. What the hell, so many knocked and killed cyclists and wrote to the press, spoke on radio to deride cyclists just because they forget they drive with one hand on the phone, some two, to do textings(sms) or have babe sitting on half their laps.

They want cyclists to be registered, confined to ride only in the now non existent kampongs and with bright lights infront and at the back of the bicycle. They want cyclists to wear headgears. Will they one day suggest to have mandatary annual bicycle inspection, they will. Parking of bicycles will be charged as well, just see.

See, Singaporeans see (bi)cyclists no up, so buy car lah, how expensive also must try to buy one for other Singaporeans to see one up.

From top to bottom in SIN, all sick in the heads.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Patriot, You should distinguish Singaporean cyclists from PRC thrash cyclists. The latter think that they are cycling a Kawasaki or Honda Gold Wing on the road. They bash through anyone as if they are the king of the road.

Singaporean cyclists mostly cycle for fun and are very careful. They don't become a nuisance to other road users.

Another point I want to make is that our roads are not suitable for cycling. Too dangerous. The highways are too fast. The small country roads too narrow. HDB estates don't have bicycle tracks.

As for your concerns about cyclists becoming a source of income, it will come when cars are too expensive and trains are too pack. And when more people turn to bicycles, then there is real money to be made.

Wally Buffet said...

To add to what Redbean has said, we are not deriding cyclists per se but the idiots from Tang Shan.

I am sure you are a very responsible cyclist who would never dream of cycling against traffic and carrying a damsel on the back of your bicycle. These trash do.

By the way Redbean, I heard that car thieves are making a career switch to being bicycle thieves in view of the rising popularity of the two wheeler.

As a side comment, Tampines is the most bicycle friendly estate. This GRC maybe a test case to make residents receptive to the sight of bicycles and more bicycles because with the explosive intake of PRCs and their cycling fetish, Tampines has to be bicycle friendly to the new immigrants.

Anonymous said...

That's why they are slowly changing the rules to favour cyclist over pedestrians.

Foreign cyclist must be the reason for the need to change, to accommodate their style of riding. And they have started teaching foreigners how to ride over here. Sounds like teaching grandmothers how to suck eggs.

Anonymous said...

Me lives in Tampines for about 25 years. Before, the Authority cares not about cyclists and bicycles except the bicycle thieves. My old ricketies were stolen twice.

Now, they care a lot for cyclists and that worries me more cos they focus on finding faults with cylists so that those newly created jobs for cycling enforcement personnels will be paid by errant bicyclists with some extra revenues for the State. Wow! Three birds with one stone, education in SIN is expensive even if it is meant to inculcate proper behaviours.

Time to buy cars and my neighbours are buying into this mantra before the next $10K and more increases in COEs.


Anonymous said...

When they come out to help in anything, like building cycling parks and tracks, and talk about educating cyclist, better beware.

Singaporeans by nature are hapless creatures and like to be nannied and will not hesitate to ask for help, but when help comes from the Government, a strange thing happens: they beg for mercy. Why are they turning away mercy relief?

Beats me!

Anonymous said...

There was circulation in Cyberspace sometimes back whereby a lady was pleading with the Government not to help with anything.

Each time the helping hands are extended, they go straight into our pockets, not to give alms, but the REVERSE, to empty them.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Yep, that is one smart bitch. Welfare statism is like the mafia, they come to you:

"We will help you. You pay us. You have no choice. Pay now...or else"

Works all the time.

WRT to biking: I am a avid cyclist. Somedays I ride 40-50km. Riding here is a pure joy -- fresh air, scenery, hot girls with big tits jogging or rollerblading...nice

But one thing I will not do is ride a bicycle in S'pore - unless it's just going down to Holland V.

Fucking hell.

You cannot win -- either you run the risk of dying from being hit by the myriad of "action borak" drivers -- car, bus, lorry, motorbikes and scooters -- or you get hit or have to swerve because of motherfucking no-courtesy/ safety other cyclists...many who also "action borak".

You guys are crazy or bracer than me... or both ;)

Wally: geebus, cheez-bus, jaysus... use what you like lah. I didn't invent this mystical figure (or his mum or dad) so any word will do since no one can prove this dude actually existed.