Solving problem Singapore Style

We have just solved the night car parking problem in HDB car parks. We have solved the jams in our road system, we have solved gambling addictions among Singaporeans, we have solved our housing problems. We have solved the problem of not able to get quality politicians by using money. We solved the corruption problem too. Even insurers of motor vehicles have learnt the trick. We have solved many problems by applying the same principle, using money. How we used money to solve problems can be classified under two distinct categories. The first is to throw money at the problem. The more money thrown at it, the faster will the problem be solved. The second method is to make the affected party pay for the incompetence of the organisation. In applying this method, every problem becomes a money making opportunity. I think problems are most welcome as problems will end up in boosting the bottom line. Naturally the second method is the preferred choice. The smarter Singaporeans are aware of this and are afraid to raise new problems as their own pockets will be affected. The ignorant will continue to raise problems to be solved with their pockets being emptied. A few outstanding problem awaiting to be solved. The recurrent flooding in Orchard Road and many other areas, and the crowding in MRT trains. The solutions are at hand.


Wally Buffet said...

Now I know why my wife keeps beseeching me.

"Don't complain too much lah. Let sleeping dogs lie!"

This woman knows more than me about Sinkapore. You want to complain right? OK, we will improve our service standards but Uncle, you better get ready to pay more. Nothing is free you know!

Hehe, my wife is a real talent to safeguard our piggy bank and tighten the purse strings by shutting up my mouth about complaining.

People started complaining about not being able to find parking space for which they already paid up front. So they complain. Now, the overnight parking poor basterds have to pay double to "solve" the problem. Brilliant.

I am laughing so hard that I got to go to the loo and sit on my throne and after the guffaws ponder on whether these super talents use their brains or their a@@holes to keep the country going.


Anonymous said...

Knowing how the system works, it is so easy to fix up any group of people. Just complain on their behalf and things will get done.

Anonymous said...

It will sink


sink it will

if this is the way

they go about solving


Not a single cell in

the head need be used.


Anonymous said...

Solving problems like this, any kid and any grandmother also knows how.

Why do we have to pay so much for the so called highly talented people doing the thinking and coming out with such no-brainer solutions?

Maybe the complaints are self-generated to get the scheme going.

Anonymous said...

If cannot solve...then as usual they'll form a inter-ministerial committee...

Anonymous said...

Ahem, sorry, I beg to differ.

If they cannot solve, they just bring out the old deity. This is the old, tested, proven and highly effective method in red dot.

Pardon my bluntness.

Anonymous said...

If all "problems" in life were solved, there'll be no purpose to living and it would be totally boring.

For those who believe in a wonderful afterlife -- it's a bit like that: no want, no need -- just sit around and sing hymns all day -- for fucking eternity.

Similarly the job of the government (if you believe in that sort of thing) is to govern -- that is ensure that there is peace (by rule of law when it becomes necessary) so individuals can go about their lives "solving problems" by associating freely and voluntarily with one another.

However, it is apparent that the entitlement mentality is alive and well, especially to the author of this blog. redbean expects the govt to solve everyone's problems, and by doing so enforces the "entitlement mentality" which in turn provides a political profit motive for those fuckers "employed" (as in being "employed" by an organised criminal gang) by the state.

The entitlement mentality is epidemic, creating people who expect their countries, employers, or families to take care of them. ~ Donald Trump
The trains are crowded because the now-stupid system was designed in the 1960's and built in the 80's, based on the projections in that pre-digital, pre-globalised eras.

That was way before the S'pore govt came to its senses and started opening up the borders even more to allow the free passage of human capital, and really opened up the economy to become the 2nd freest in the world.

So you are going to have crowded trains, and as long as they work, fucking man-up and deal with it. Or work harder and smarter and buy a car, for fuck's sake, or emigrate... or just die already.

The recent flooding is due to La Nina weather patterns which are causing large amounts of rainfall in SE Asia -- larger than normal.

Now people are asking the govt to trump god -- screaming to "fix the flooding", when the really adverse effects of La Nina only occur occasionally, and the best way is just to adjust to the change in the weather. Since the weather is always changing, rest assured that "normality" will return.

If the "entitlement mentality" is so strong, why not ask the govt to prove free umbrellas for every person on the island in the event of rain? Afterall, isn't the govt supposed to solve everyone's problems?

Matilah_Singapura said...

The above post is mine. For some reason it posted as "anonymous".

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, I can go along with your view if our govt is just like any average govt like those in Australia or the US. But I can't when we have a govt that is made up of the best in the world and paid the best in the world.

The people deserve better from a world best govt.

Matilah_Singapura said...

What the fuck are you talking about?

The people get the government they deserve. That's a truism lah, a law of nature.

Anonymous said...

Do i get the drift that there is no need for government in SIN as in that the SIN Government does not need to administer the State to ensure that there are no abuse, exploitation, no bullying and no hanky panky nonsense within the populace. That it is the duty of the people to behave, to pay obeisance to the leaders who I feel that some people believe need not have to do anything for their citizens nor have the duties to do so.

The plebeians have to ensure that they do not fall sick and always strong and intelligent to be infinitely able to survive any condition. That it will be perfectly fine for SIN to be run as a private commercial entity?? No free market, market only for government run companies, cartels, monopolies and vice kings. The rest with no capital or talent function as serf and slave to survive at the edge and fringe of a First World Country?

What the fucking hell is democracy in in the Pledge and the Republic to the State for?? And why do we need any government? Sick!


Anonymous said...

With so much overcrowding in trains, maybe they can reduce the crowds by increasing fare. Then lesser people will be taking the trains and there will be less crowding. And no need to employ pushers to push people into jam packed trains.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Why does S'pore need a govt?

I've always asked that question but haven't yet got a satisfactory answer.

The fact is if you believe in "property" or any enterprise there must be some sort of management or governance.

Where the proponents failure of logic occurs is that they go from a requirement for governance to government as a necessity -- hwta is know in informal logic as the logical fallacy called a non sequitur i.e. "it does not follow".

Governance or management can come in many other alternative forms: local community committees, management company paid fees by the citizens -- they are paid a fee and that is it...no more asking for money, accounts completely transparent, individuals held personally responsible.

S'pore is a small island -- a tiny territory. New York City has 11 million souls and they have a mayor and his staff.

Singapore has 4.5 million people and has a whole huge state/ political infrastructure, and a standing military.

What bullshit.

But that's not the end of it: the majority of people believe in the need for a minority of elites to RULE (as opposed to "govern" or "manage"), and these true-believers will defend their point of view to the point where they'll ask their RULERS to defend them (the voters) from all sorts of "life threats" -- like education for their kids, transport from point A to B, money for retirement, housing, healthcare and to kick those pesky foreigners the fuck OUT...just to name some of the silly "welfare" these entitlement mentality folks scream for like spoilt children.

IF there was OTOH a management company paid a FIXED fee and therefore have their power curtailed and finances scrutinised, there'd be no entitlement mentality and you won't have one gang of S'poreans against another.

Democracy is an illusion. Most of the world's so-called democracies are all fake -- it looks like a democracy and the people believe it is. Mass delusion. And none of them work as political systems. Not one.

Be thankful there is no real democracy in S'pore. Democracy is often conflated with "freedom" -- which is another error. Freedom is an individual thing, democracy is political or "group" thing. In fact, democracy is the tyranny of the majority and that eventually leads to you the individual's freedom being CURTAILED because more people than you can and will IMPOSE THEIR WILL on you.

Can you be "free" in S'pore.

Absolutely. Free, happy, healthy and comfortable.

Anonymous said...

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