So, littering by fliers is ok?

If the ST is the official mouthpiece of the govt, then littering by fliers is ok. I say if. Of course ST is not the mouthpiece of the govt and its position is not necessarily the position of the govt. It just exercises its right to express its view and position on any issue it wants. This morning's editorial on littering by housing agent is blaming the Singaporeans for being too well taken cared of, a spoilt lot. It asked, why can't the heartlanders just pick up the fliers and put them into the dustbins? Let's see, 3 or 4 fliers daily, at different times, will mean that the heartlanders will have to perform this cleansing daily a few times if they did not want the flier/litter to adorn their entrance. Why should heartlanders be responsible for clearing the fliers left by someone else? They are not simply nuisance as I have said. What if all the spoilt heartlanders just let the fliers accumulate in the corridors? It is not a matter of just the cleaners to come cleaning. It is a slum in the making. The heartland will become another third world slum, with litters everywhere. Is this the standard that we want, permitting litters to be strewn everywhere? Heh heh, I love the idea.


Anonymous said...

It is only just a personal view of mine.

Anything that generates businesses in Sin should be tolerated, inconveniences such as traffic arrangements for YOG, enlargement of the red lantern vice Geylang/Gayland despite the sleazy activities and of course the litterings of fliers and pamphlets.

Singaporeans must know their fates, there is very little that the citizens can depend on for their survivals. Social welfares are almost nil, the lands and the sealines that older Singaporeans depended for livings are now all state properties.

No entry and no occupational activity or risk prosecution if the people think it is Nature gift to all mankind and no one should claimed ownership. But in Sin, everyone and everthing belong to the State.

So, may i say to my fren Redbean, be pragmatic, the printers of the fliers, the agents for the advertisers and the advertisers themselves and the flier distributing workers depend on your so-called 'litters' for a job. Do You see it ? Can i ask You to allow these people to make their livings, even though most are paid dirts.


Anonymous said...

It will take someone to throw a cigarette butt onto a pile of fliers, blown together by the wind, outside the electrical mains room and start a fire, then they will wake up.

Then the blaming will start and laws will be changed. What I am afraid of is that the law will be skewed again in favour of big businesses while punishing the innocent HDB dwellers for not picking up the loose fliers.

Anonymous said...

even with anti locking device in letter boxes, these flier distributors have a way of pushing through the boxes with their stuffs. And thereby damaging the said devices. And so the great littering goes on. Really something serious and drastic must be done to stamp this wanton act of littering caused primarily by these sc called small businesses. There must be a better way for them to advertise themselves. Perhaps the town council and neighbourhood groups such as Resident Committees can brainstorm together and come up with an appropriate idea.

Anonymous said...

The present type of letter boxes were introduced primarily to prevent people from dropping unwanted fliers or junk-mails into the letter boxes, as at the time of introduction, plenty of complaints were made about junk mails.

But distributors of fliers have now bypassed those letter boxes and resorted to slotting fliers between doors and gates, thus giving rise to a new set of problems.

Solving the problem is easy and obvious. It is a question of whether they want to do it. As a Government best known for using the big stick on citizens, they are perceived to be soft handed when it comes to businesses and foreigners.

As an example, the use of phantom workers to make up the numbers to qualify for employing foreigners has been flouted for years, but they just kept one eye closed and let the situation persist. That is why we have foreign workers competing even for the lowest paid jobs, hardly the talents that we initially sought.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Hide near the letter-boxes in the void deck. The hammer those fuckers who force their shit litter/ junk mail into the hapless heartlanders mailboxes.

All you need to do is hammer a few fuckers terok terbokok, and in a short time this disgusting lack of respect will cease. Or at least the govt might reconsider their position.

Anonymous said...

Being a society of doers and followers, plus the top down approach in management practices, civil servants will not act unless the higher-ups gives instructions. No one would take the initiative to act on their own and take responsibility. The consequence of such set mentality is why many times one sees how slow they react to an unexpected problem. I can cite a few examples here, namely, the famous escape of Mas Selamat, the break-in at the MRT Depot, the flooding of Orchard Road and many areas in Singapore. Without being given instructions or approvals, we have a system that has bottlenecks and stoppages.

The problem is also compounded by the large and unwieldy government organisation run by big indian chiefs, with assistant chiefs and assistant assistant chief and so on. The system is pretty complex, and therefore, a lowly indian has to wait for a long time before finally being told what to do.

It is therefore not surprising that when a serious problem arises, we will see many chickens running without a head, shaking their hands not knowing what to do. When the Head finally realises the seriousness of the situation and pass down instructions, by then, it is too late and more damage had been done. One thing they are good for though, is passing the buck and finger pointing.

If one were to analyse the Sept 11th attack for instance, the reaction by the Americans immediately after was amazing. One example was the grounding of all civilian aircraft in the American airspace within a few short hours (several hundred aircraft was in the air at that time). Where was President Bush? He was in a kindergarten reading a story to some kids. The news of the attack was made known to him very much later.

Coming back to the litter problem, being "pro-business", anything that increases businesses is good, but too bad if the ordinary citizens are affected and inconvenience. What is good for business is good for Singapore, and Singaporeans' interests are unimportant and set aside for the greater good.

Anonymous said...

Owner of the above 6 entries do not stay in HDB, thus not aware of what is happening.

The fliers are no longer at the letter box. They are now at the door steps. FT are being employed to go door to door to put fliers under the door, on the metal gate, on the fish tank, under the flower pots, u name it, they do it.

Anonymous said...

The best part is that they can slip all the fliers into the letter boxes if they are willing to pay a price of a small ransom.

And all the clever designs of letter boxes to keep unwelcome fliers flying into your boxes will be in vain.

With money, anyone can throw rubbish into your letter boxes.

Matilah_Singapura said...

"Pro business" == minding your own business, at times when neccessary in a fanatical way...i.e. DEFENSE.

Your home is your business. If people disrespect your place of domicile by "attacking" it -- in this case by unwelcome litter -- it is up to you and your neighbours to defend your territory against trespases, vandals and anti-social folks who don't give a shit about you or your property -- they just want to HAWK THEIR WARES and shove their shit into your faces.

Fuck them. Hide, then ambust and beat these thugs up. I call them thugs: they hide behind their shit and dirty up your home, and have the audacity to expect that YOU will patronise their business after being treated with such utter contempt ?!!?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The crazier ones are those who said the housing agents have the rights to shove the litters into your house or leave them on the grills.

The craziest are those that don't even know if there is any laws against such acts.

Matilah_Singapura said...

In this case, fuck the law. Defend your home.

Hammer these fuckers. Put as many of them in hospital as possible.

Everyone needs to make a living. However it becomes another story if you have to make a living by trespassing my property and overtly disrepecting my right to be left alone in peace.

Can you post flyers at your local MP's house? I doubt it. The cops will arrest you, detain you and charge you. Just becuase the "violence" in this case is "legal" and just, doesn't mean the "illegal" violence you use to defend your turf is unjust.

The MP/ minister has "security" paid for by the state. Heartlanders need to look after their own interests with the same amount of zeal.