One happy problem out of the way

Singaporeans are now all smiling with the prices of their HDB flats going higher by the days. And with this good feeling of becoming millionaires and near millionaires, they should all be very grateful to the HDB and the govt for their windfalls. For those singles, young professionals etc who are not eligible to buy a HDB flat, just accept your fate or migrate to a place where housing is cheaper. And being professionals, they are in demand and can always find good employment elsewhere. And don't worry, their absence will not be felt as there are millions of foreigners waiting to become new citizens and buy HDB flats. Bon voyage!


Anonymous said...

One question?

All becoming millionaires and near millionaires for possession of a HDB flat, how come still so many still picking drink cans, cardboard boxes, pushing trolleys and cleaning tables while bent over and struggling to walk upright?

Foreigners laugh at us, but we feel proud of our older workers showing the world that Singapore workers like to work until they drop dead.

After all, we have a perfect example in the Cabinet.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singapore will be the only country where the millionaires will have to sublet their flats to stay alive. And the millionaires will no longer be millionairs if they are hospitalised for serious illnesses.

As for the oldies picking cans, they should get a job. Heh heh. Work till drop dead. That is the way we enjoy life in paradise. Be useful till the last breath.

Anonymous said...

'As for the oldies picking cans, they should get a job. Heh, heh. Work till drop dead'

On that note, I feel they should award you a medal for your contribution to nation building.

But I hope when they read this blog, they do not quote your 'quotable quote' in context.

They only hear the good stuff!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ya man. Working till one drops dead is the national philosophy propounded by the living sage.

I don't subscribe to it. If I can afford not to work I would want to enjoy my life the way I want it.

For those who have no choice, what to do?

Anonymous said...

Are the comment posters here not seeing the shortages of carpark lots despite the lots getting smaller and the branded Mers, BMs, Audies, Vwagons and Lexus got bigger and car population growing by the days despite COEs at record high.

Pray, please tell, what's your grouses and readings of the leadership all about ?

Without the PAP Leaders, can Singaporeans afford the luxurious lifestyles ?

Anonymous said...

Another question please.

Does the government forces the people to buy properties and cars or for that matter, anything not essential ?

Anonymous said...


Just because of the shortage of car park lots, and the sight of big cars, therefore 'all' Singaporeans must be enjoying their luxurious lifestyles because of the PAP.

No other country's population can afford Mers, BMs etc? Please, pray tell.

No wonder everybody is feeling so rich in red dot! Propaganda repeated often enough becomes the truth.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Like I said, what we have are happy problems. We could be happier if the prices are not so crazy and Singaporeans could all be driving Rolls Royces and living in 5 rm flats and better, and cheaper. And we can build more car parks if we plan better.

It is a mismanagement of resources and wasting of hard earned money that could be put to better uses and better quality of life much better.

Anonymous said...

Just emigrate lah. Sg is a lost cause.

Wally Buffet said...

What is Singapore's loss is Lijiang's gain.

I'll be at the airport to welcome my sardine canned compatriots who also sold their million dollar 3, 4 room flats and exchanged it for a villa styled in the likeness of Banyan Tree Resort.