Notable quote by Lee Hsien Loong

"Let us welcome them with an open heart, help them to fit in and encourage those who will become citizens to strike roots here. If we do this well, by the next generation, their children will be native Singaporeans." Lee Hsien Loong The future of Singapore is looking very bright and exciting. We are going all out to woo the brightest talents from all over the world, including those who helped in one way or another to create the world's biggest financial collapse, to work with us. Yes, if we handle this well, Singapore's future will be rosy and good. And we have hundreds of billions in our reserves that would serve our future well too. And the large reserves will come in handy to the financial experts coming into our shores. Together with GIC and Temasek, if we manage these monies well, we may not have to work in the future. The money will work for us, with the help of all the financial talents. We are talking about our future getting better and better. Presumably we are doing very well now. And yes, many are doing excellently today except for the few oldies that needed $20 to help out in their transport fare and a few who have to live in the parks. Tell them not to worry, the future is looking really good, that is, if we handle the situation well. What if we did not do it well?


Wally Buffet said...

I would be more assured by his statement and your post if all who come in are "financial experts" because even if the guy is a crook, he must have some quality grey matter and that augurs well for the next generation who may be turn out to be our future presidente schoolers. Frankly, another bunch of bookworm nitwits who will mess up the future civil service.

But the real truth on the ground is that we are attracting all the wrong people because our carrot is not big enough to entice the real "talents". We have instead, restaurant waitresses/ helpers moonlighting as prostitutes, salegirls and pseudo businessmen coming in by the droves and choking our transport system and other infrastructures. And 100,000 of such trash are coming, that's official. Unofficially, I bet that the figure can be expanded by one more zero.

Sorry to spoil your breakfast.

Wally Buffet said...

Can't help adding one more laughable comment.

He said:
"If we do this well, by the next generation, their children will be native Singaporeans."

Wally says:
"By the next generation, I won't be around to see that we have not done this well!"


Anonymous said...

My apology first to dear Wally, how can You be so selfish?

Imagine 0.0000000001% of the Rich and Wealthy from China, India and Indonesia can be attracted to Sin, Singaporeans will never run out of jobs as chicken and ducks in the vice industries and the elderlies will be not be enough to attend to toilets, foodcourts, sweep the roads and tend to the gardens. The chauffers will not be so lucky as the expensive cars are so expensive, all the Rich wants to drive themselves and not let Singaporeans enjoy driving luxury cars and be paid for doing so.

And You know what? Our Leaders will just sit on their thrones in their ivory towers and collect money.

See, everyone gainfully employed till they breathe their last breath. No good meh?

Great man have lofty ideas, the Father is so and so is the Son. Let's wish them long live to enjoy the fruits of their labours. We must be positive like them, though i personally prefer to be your neighbour at Lijiang anytime.


Anonymous said...

LHL's NDP message "After all, we are doing this for the sake of Singaporeans."

The reason he gave to Singaporeans for bringing in more FTs.

He also mentioned building "better designed HDB estates, higher quality schools and hospitals, more MRT lines and new places for recreation."

With more FTs coming and we are being squeezed in MRT trains like sardines, there will be no improvement from the current situation. Most recreational areas are crowded with FT's every weekends and ho;lidays. Pulau Ubin, Kallang River, Jurong East Swimming Complex, East Coast Park etc. So how can more FTs be good for us?

People, take the initiative and do the needful. Do not accept that the leaders are infallible. If we make a wrong decision, it affects those close to us, but if our leaders makes a mistake it affects us and the long term repercussion is incalculable. The Stop At Two campaign and emphasis on Mandarin to pass exams as a criteria has affected Singaporeans immeasurably. How has past policies improve our lives, ask yourselves. Are we better off today than 20 years ago?

Anonymous said...

100 billion can help how many lower income Singaporeans??

Or is it better to help FT fit in??

100 billion can provide free housing for 300000 people * $300000.00 plus good HDB, that will really help lower income Singaporeans.

100 billion can also allow Ms Ho to squander 200 failed investment worth $500 million each.


Anonymous said...

Forget about GIC and Temasek. They are like private investment funds.

What big money they make will not benefit lesser mortals one bit. Why? They already told us emphatically that the money can never be taken out to help Citizens even in very bad times, so think about it.

And we have just been told that what we have in the Istana is just a highly paid puppet, who do not even have the power to decide in granting a pardon. What is he there for? Still counting the worth of GIC and Temasek? After all, we have been told, it will take 50 years to do so.

Anonymous said...

See, all gone case alredi.

Anonymous said...

One fine day they are going to say that the third key is no longer usable and has been taken away from the puppet.

Singaporeans will just wake up and then just blink!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Wow. sounds like LHL is pitching to the hotel dwellers -- those pesky, coldly pragmatic expatriate Singaporeans who treat their former country like a hotel. Fucking bastards :-)

Ah... the world would be a boring place if politicians and state leaders stopped singing their bullshit -- designed to tug at the heartstrings of the more "patriotically incline".

That's not me, I'm proud to claim. I remain the coldly pragmatic hotel-dweller, immune to the sales pitch -- though "well intended" -- like all religious messages...based on emotionally-charged bullshit.

Anonymous said...

"He also mentioned building "better designed HDB estates, higher quality schools and hospitals, more MRT lines and new places for recreation". Unquote.

Don't think he knows much about the things he talked about. He, his family, kins, clans and fraternity are unlikely to use public transports. Hospitalisations for them are likely Privileged or Deluxe Clssses. As for education, a visit or two once in a blue moon with all the pre-preparation for his visits are going to give a beautiful albeit surreal reality for him to be impressed. However, he won't know much of the real situation and no matter how good the Education System in Sin, their offsprings will be sent to Ivy League Universities abroad. Few of them will appreciate the World Class Universities the Leaders have built for the Locals.

As for housings, needless to say; i don't think any of the 84 Parliamentarians lives in Public Housing. THE LIVEABLE SPACE OF HDB GETS SMALLER, CLOSER TO DOVE HOUSE, BUT THE PRICES HAVE GONE BERSERK.

Singaporeans have to swallow the Words of their Leaders with not just a pinch of salt, from now on got to take their words as though there's more than a pint of salt in
every word of theirs.

Hear and replay what PM Lees' Father said at the Tanjong Pagar National Celebration 2010. Together, they had repeated their rhetorics for decades, check your present state of livings with their words, see and feel if they match.

If Singaporeans are still being mesmerized by empty rhetorics, so be it.