My National Day Inputs

1. Bring down the price of public housing. Remember it is the citizens that have to pay and pay. Paying for a life time for a public flat is a life sentence. 2. Make sure that all citizens, especially NS men, be eligible to buy a HDB flat. Make it a right attached to NS. If not, what’s the point of NS? And worst, new citizens who have not done NS are eligible to buy HDB flats. 3. Bring down the cost of medical services and hospitalization fees. 4. Bring down the cost of public transport. 5. Stop the mad population growth. It is a vicious cycle that will lead to doom. Nah, nobody will listen.


Wally Buffet said...


I am listening but motion denied! Don't ask for the impossible. Please request for simpler and cheaper stuff like transport credits for Senior citizens.


Anonymous said...

Tankuku !

No, Redbean kookoo !

Anonymous said...

Every national day the rulers will give citizens a dream, eg more good years, for them to dream for the next five years.

Unfortunately, redbean's input is not in line with the the dream that the leaders have in mind.

But, just continue with each others dream.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I know that my wishful thinking will not make any difference. No one will listen.

And you people also refuse to listen: (

Anonymous said...

Can add social security benefits for Senior citizen, so that they dun need to do area cleaning and collect aluminum cans.

Plus, more play time for school children, not stupid rat race.

Anonymous said...

NS is forced labour. Do you understand the meaning of force labour, redbean? It means you're forced to do the work for no pay or a pittance at best. Nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Ya lor, want our citizen to do NS and defend country but cannot buy HDB flats just because they single or earn more than $8k.

Then offer HDB flats to new citizens. Ingrates...

Morerer Mortal said...

Don't be daft, you lesser mortal. The question of ingratitude does not arise when you are nothing more than forced labour. Now get out of my uncaring elite face and get back to work.

Anonymous said...

His master's voice.

I like pets that obey it's master's command.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Morerer Mortal,

Welcome to the blog.

You are right. Lesser mortals are no betterer than immortals. No need to waste their breath

Anonymous said...

Walau...Honestly speaking I was an ex NS man but I have never expect anything in return .I am loyal to my country and its people.Even if I am not forced,I still volunteer to serve the Nation without any condition.Maybe I am naive.
Though I am dissapointed with my country and how I am being treated,this NS to me is still something we should contribute without regrets.
As for other points,I have difficulty expressing my views here ,for fear of being sccccrewed.hehe....

Anonymous said...

If one and ones' family are taken care of, it is only fair to care for ones' country.

But, the behaviours of the leaders, power crazy, selfish and greedy, left much to be desired.

Loyalty is a positive trait, blind loyalty, however is pure foolishness.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

All NS men did not expect anything in return from the country. It is a duty that all willingly served.

It only becomes an issue when foreigners and new citizens are seen to be getting more and better privileges than NS men. This distortion makes people to start to question and compare.

Anonymous said...

Mr Bean .
Hehe..All NS men did not expect anything in return meh?Then why bring NS into the picture just becos of a flat?
Are we saying those handicap citizen who don't serve NS should not be entitle to pigeon hole meh?
In an organisation or company,we may have incapable leaders who do not know how to manage the organisation.Greedy manager who only want a fat pay packet but do not know how to take care of their employees.Sar Buay Sek assistant manager who squanders away the company funds and still think they are good.......
But those are their personnel greed and poor upbringing .We cannot say that because we have these people,we should not protect the organisation .So irregardless of any unfairness that we faced,we must be loyal .We must do our part.Protect our organisation.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Before the influx of foreigners and new citizens, NS was just a duty and every NS man would just take it in their strides.

When the people they are supposed to be protecting are getting a better deal than the NS man, I too agree that NS man must not be taken for granted and be disadvantaged. They should not be made suckers.

Nothing is for free. Everyone is demanding to be treated fair, paid fairly. Why should NS men be treated otherwise? They deserved to be better appreciated.

Those who did not do NS for whatever reasons is a separate issue.

Anonymous said...

Me wants to be frank and candid here, maybe one can call it pure honesty.

Me never for a second liked doing NS as I viewed and view it as an abuse of Human Rights.


I still believe a professional fighting force is better than conscription.

Why then did i serverd my National Service ? Me did not want my family to suffer any unjust consequences, as simple as that.

I like to re-affirm here that me am of the view that National Service is a violation of the most fundamental Human Rights, no matter how any Regime legislate it.



Anonymous said...

Agree, but what can we do?

Conscription is cheap labour. Full time professional fighting force is expensive to upkeep.

Knowing this Government, what you do for them or sell to them must be cheapest, by bidding for example, and the lowest bidder gets it.

What you want the Government to do for you or sell to you must be expensive, by tender or bidding, the highest bidder gets it.

Anonymous said...

Me would not want the government to do anything if it has not caused anything that affects my livelihood.

I would not even want the government to give me rebates or any form of subsidies if it has not caused the prices of every damn thing to go up.

It was very fine living for me in the Seventies and before and who say me needs progress to be happy ? It nothing but Bulls.

Tell it to the Bhutanese and Thais that Singaporeans are happier than them anytime and the World will know that Singaporeans are pure bullshitters. And the Malaysians will laugh all the way to their toes if they hear it.


Anonymous said...

And I like to add;

the less participations and least interferences from the government the better.

Some Singaporeans have great fears of the Sin Government helping the people, me am one of them.