Ming Yi is out of jail

The monk Ming Yi is out of jail and under house detention. Is he still a monk or has he been derobed? Monkhood is open to all, criminals and non criminals. It is a place to seek repentence for wrong doings. So, shall he be derobed and not be given a chance to seek repentence in the solitary life of a monk? With religious people getting closely involved in society and social works, and collecting big money, and with many self anointed or self appointed priests and monks, is there a need for a regulatory body to remove the criminals in them? Oops, how can criminals be removed from becoing religious people when they have turned over a new leaf, to be good, to seek God's forgiveness? But there are those who are hiding under the facade of the holy orders to cheat and swindle the innocent and naive believers. How should these hustlers or crooks be dealt with? Quite a complex situation. To make things simpler, in the case of Ming Yi and Father Kang, are both still in their previous status as a monk and priest or should they remain in their orders?


Wally Buffet said...

Come to think of it.

Sometimes the public deserves to be conned or swindled. Most forget that once the money passes from your hands, they are no longer in your control entirely.

How else could you explain the gullibility of people who can part with money from a Nigerian scam? Or of people who are promised 500% returns and in the end found they were robbed lot stock and barrel.

Everyone needs to do our due diligence and exercise some commonsense and less of greed and or stupidity. And that includes donating to religious or charitable causes.

Now this guy is soon going to finish his sentence and paid his due on a relatively minor offence. I think we should just let the poor man slide into the sunset and let him pick up his life whether as a layman or a monk.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Wally,

I am more concerned about the many in the midst still wearing robes and are actually hustlers and cheats. I have encountered one, who is a cheat through and through and nothing was done and he still wears his robe and pass himself around as a monk.

I dunno where he has disappeared to and I will want to sound the bell if I get wind of his whereabout.

Anonymous said...

Believers(in religions and faiths) are funny.

Instead of just be good, they need others to feel that they are good. They have no faith in their own deeds and behaviours and need other people to ascertain and recognize themselves to be good.

When one has no faith in ones' own deeds, how can one knows the integrities of others ?

Mankinds are indeed funny when they believe in supernaturals and become victims of their own beliefs.


Anonymous said...

I think we should all just believe the religion of Wall Street.