Medals for the Philippines police

With more facts and evidence in the open, Aquino should seriously consider awarding the Police Chief and his SWAT team a medal... for Stupidity. The Police Chief should get a higher award, Medal for Stupidity of the Highest Order. In the public inquest he was asked why he didn't accede to the simple request from the ex police officer. His reply was a rigid text book version 1.01, that if he gave way, more officers will repeat the act of holding hostages to make demands. How ridiculous could this be. Even a machine could be more flexible and think better. And for the police officers running around the hijacked bus wielding their sledge hammers that could do no damage to the bus windows, did they know that the hijacker could spray his M16 at the hostages and finished them off in 5 secs? And they were happily hammering away as if they got the whole day to do so. The fact that the hijacker was willing to talk, to release hostages said a lot about his lack of intent to kill the hostages. And the fact that after all the messing around, many hostages were still unhurt and alive is proof that he was not really interested in killing them. Medals of Stupidity shall be part and parcel of the awards of any country and be conferred to the well deserved recipients when necessary.


Anonymous said...

>>His reply was a rigid text book version 1.01, that if he gave way, more officers will repeat the act of holding hostages to make demands

Hhmm...how come this sounds so familiar in local context????

Wally Buffet said...

What's a SWAT team without proper equipment?

Smashing the windows with sledgehammers?


Let me tell you that the gunman must have been laughing like mad while the hostages were wondering, what the fuck is going on?

And the worst part is that this fiasco was video broadcasted worldwide in real time!

Mr. Bean, not you Chin Leng, the real Mr. Bean on TV would have done a better job.

I still maintain that Mendoza should be given a fair hearing over his grievances. Killing him and having 8 collateral damage is absolutely unprofessional and unacceptable.

All SWAT teams around the world should learn from this stupendously stupid response and make it a top case study what not to do in hostage rescue.

Anonymous said...

patriot now wants to say the Hijacker had absolutely NO intention to kill, had he wanted, he could have killed or wounded some of the SWAT members when they went about trying to break the glass panels of the bus.

While the Hijacker had been kind and humane, the STUPID SWAT Members and their commander(s) and the Philippines Authority had totally no idea to handle the problem except to act liked as though they were dealing with the Moro National Liberation Front Fighters.

Speaking for myself, me does not mind that President Aquino be removed from Office before his term is up.

If any medal is to be awarded, the Medal must be made of dirt.


Matilah_Singapura said...

According to this report,


the gunman started shooting first.

If the report is true, and not fabricated by "whoever", then the cops were justified in storming the bus.

redbean is still unaccepting of "life boat" situations where all bets are essentially off, and someone has to make a decision -- often an unpleasent and dangerous decision which will have lethal results.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to the stupidity part in answering questions, I think we should not laugh at the so-called text book answers, because our immortal masters are no better, many a time.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In the first place if they had not treated the ex cop like a terrorist from MNLF, and like Wally said, the police chief gone forward to give him a hug and promise him of an investigation, there would not be any tragic drama.

The pain and anger in Hongkong is real.

agongkia said...

At least they manage to save some of the HK tourists.I can't tell whether the 8 victims were killed by the ex cop or the Swat Team.We should not make wild guesses unless we are at the scene.
So you think your police chief should go and will go and give him a hug and promise him an investigation and everything will be fine under such circumstances?
I may agree with you all that the case can be better handled.
But the police somehow had risk their lives to solve the case.They are not dealing with a gunman with 2 smith and webson or taurus.,but a machine gun.
Put yourself and imagine that you are the one on duty,having to deal with someone who have don the same uniform as yours before.
Just becos there are casualties,does not mean that they should deserve that stupid medals.
Saying is easy.Talk only mah.Why dun you all join the SWaT team then?Dun think there is no chance for you to prove your ability here.Remember the Jln Geok Siang Nerng soldier who also have rifle with him?
Let us learn to be humble.We cannot compare all cases to end up with zero casualties.There are more important issue to look into,not by making fun of the mem who risk their lives daily on the streets.Those who propose for the medals should deserve the medals.
hehehe...just in case you think I am too carried away.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Filipino govt has made a statement that probably all the victims were shot by the hijacker. I am willing to put a wager that this is another nonsense. Fortunately some of the victims were not subject to autopsy in Manila and Hongkong is going to conduct their own autopsy on them.

You cannot hide the truth, just like the sinking of Choenan. And independent investigation will tear away the lies immediately.

As for the police chief offering himself to talk to the his former officer, I am of the view that it is the most decent thing to do. He was not a terrorist! And he wanted his job back.

If you recall the Laju case, Nathan and Tee Tua Bah offered themselves as hostages to a real terrorist from the Japanese Red Army. And flew with him to Libya.

I would not suggest such an option if the hostage taker is from MNLF or MILF.

The lives lost was all unnecessary as the situation did not call for it.

Wally Buffet said...


The mark of a good leader is to instill confidence in his leadership. The gunman was one of their own for Christ's sake. He was not a crazed zombie terrorist who would kill just to claim some promised reward upon reaching heaven.

It is easy to kill to eliminate the problem and be just a trigger happy street cop. It takes a lot of humanness, compassion, professionalism and leadership to get the best out of a dire situation with everyone safe and alive. In the end, that's what counts.

If you ask me whether I would run to a cop for help when I am in trouble in Pinoy land?

No sir. I'll rather negotiate with the baddies and strike a win win solution on my own! I don't want the trigger happy morons to eliminate the bad guys but in the end, I am gone as well!


Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that viewers and readers had forgotten that the hostages were not harmed before the storming of the bus by the security men.


I maintained that the Hijacker, been alone, will ultimately have to surrender as he would naturally succumbed to fatique.

Obviously, it would have been better had he got the sympathy of his government who may then charge him after he got won over. All strategy must be explored for the safeties of the hostages.

Dare I say, a much better outcome was definitely posssible in the said Incident.

Like to say to my dear Buffet and Beannie that patriot is in full agreement with You All.


agongkia said...

I did agree with you guys earlier that the case can be better handled.
The media is to be blamed too for airing Mendoza's family member being drag out from the house ,maybe you should also propose for a medal for them.But dun challenge the autopsy report.Like the Flor Contemplation case,they are capable of demanding buried bodies to be dugged out for further autopsy.
What's done cannot be undone.
Let the victim rest peacefully.My sympathy goes to the victims and their families.

agongkia said...

and Sir Patriot,
there's a claim from a rescued hostage that the hostage taker had actually lost his cool after watching the TV footage of his family member being dragged out of the house.He slashed the neck of a girl who do not understand his language to keep quiet.Her boyfriend was shot in the head for trying to hit him.
That is where I believe the police move in.So we can't claim that they were not harm before the cop move in.Anyway that's hearsay.

And Sir Wally,dun worry.
You got no more chance to run into their cop in Pinoy land becos
you vowed not to step into that banana replublic even with expenses fully paid.
You may regret for saying that .I will come back and tell you how gentle and friendly the banana girls are.And without competitor like you around ,they may treat me even better.You can only imagine and eat Delmonte banana at home at the very most.No more Pinoy for you.

Anonymous said...

Shall I say categorically that the assault on the Hijacker started from the moment his family members were 'dragged' as claimed by the hostage.

And here, me shall say that was where and why the Philippino Authority had acted recklessly, negligently and stupidly.

Repeat here one more time that the Philippino Government ignoring the Hong Kong Government and its' Law and Military Authorities showed that The Philippino Government has no respect and regard for the Hong Kong Victims as well as the Chinese(China) and Hong Kong Government.

The perpetual grins of the Phillipino President in tv footages were just as nauseating to me.


Anonymous said...

Was he thinking he was still campaigning for the presidential election ? Or was he still celebrating his victory at the election ?

Wally Buffet said...

Hehe agongkia,

I am pleased to let you know that I will not compete with you over the banana girls.
Comparing them with those from the Middle Kingdom is like, well, comparing bananas with nectarine peaches! :-)

As for the cops, my only hope is that they will not be recruited here as foreign talents and patrol our streets!


Anonymous said...

When Senior Aquino was gunned downed and out at the airport on returning to the Filippines, did President Aquino(Junior) grinned as he did in the incident being discussed ? Hope the grin is not a moulded one.

Anonymous said...

Yep Mr President Filippines, the agonising deaths of the hostages and your own citizen was no laughing matter. You know ?