Japan PM apologises to South Korea

Japan PM Naoto Kan apologises to the people of South Korea for the humiliating colonisation of Korea in the early 20th Century. The thought of colonising a people of another country, robbed them of their pride, culture and identity, treating them like animals and murdering them at their fancy, is something unthinkable today. How could any country go around thinking of colonising and subjugating another people of a different country? Such thinking was prevalent during the days of colonialism. Prior to that, hunting slaves was also acceptable in the European world. Though the world has changed since then, the domineering thought of superior race and of controlling other inferior races is still in existence in many countries. And some Japanese are still harbouring this grandeur of their past supremacy. The apologies by Kan has been attacked and rejected by some extreme quarters in the Japanese govt. It is disgraceful to make such an apology as far as this group of people is concerned. They would not apologise for the humiliation and atrocities inflicted on the lesser races, especially to the Koreans and Chinese and other Southeast Asian countries. Would Japan really repent and denounce their past militant doctrine given the fact that there are still many 'conservatives' who would want to relive their past glory? America is encouraging the remilitarisation of Japan as a lackey to wage war with China. Would this foolish act of the Americans, in unleashing the animal in the Japanese psyche, lead to more turbulent times in Asia? There is no honour in war and in invading another country. It is gangsterism at its worst.


Anonymous said...

Some are magnanimous. Some are vindictive.

Guess who is the better and happier person?

Wally Buffet said...

I don't trust the Japs.

No sir!

Apologies are just words.

Let's see the money.

All who suffered at their hands including those in China, South Korea, the Malay Peninsula etc. should be compensated.

Anonymous said...

I believe the older Japanese, who lived through the war, are the ones still carrying the burden of insisting that, what they did during WW2, was right and can never be changed.

Some will never apologise even when they are wrong. We should know better, living in red dot.

Anonymous said...

Sometime when I saw those anonae it still remind me of their forefathers' brutality.
But what to do .Most soldiers have been brainwashed and are just taking order blindly .The top gun gave order and they just act.,many took advantage of their power and overreact and cause those unnecesary pain and suffering.Very common one.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> There is no honour in war and in invading another country. It is gangsterism at its worst <

Maybe so, but we are a warlike species. When humans get into large groups, they organise, and before you know it they look for opportunities to impose themselves on other humans.

The smart money of usually hard-core individuals know this. Which is why some of those with an amoral mindset waste no time in ensuring that warfare occurs o that these individuals can make lots and lots of money from wanton destruction.

And when the conflict ceases, the same people are all to ready to lend money for "reconstruction".

War is a racket. According to decorated war hero Smedley Butler.