I am back!

Practically every week there will be news on LKY making some calls on national affairs. After his revolutionary statement that there shall be no retirement age, the reports are the surest sign that he will be standing in the next GE. I believe he was the man who advised Deng Xiaoping to replace the old Chinese leadership with younger men and women in charge. China has done so and their leaders are mostly younger than ours now. We still have LKY, Jayakumar and Chok Tong in an age group that makes the Chinese leaders look boyish. So, why the dramatic change to keep the oldies going for as long as they are still kicking? Is it dearth of leadership, dearth of good political leaders? China is a big country with depth in talents. We don’t have the luxury. Look at the banks and you will understand why. The locals are just inept, not good enough, and you just cannot risk the banks with them. So there is a need to keep looking for foreign talents when the locals are just not good enough. For political leadership, things are a bit trickier. PRs cannot be political leaders for one. They need to change their ICs to pink. Only pink can do. For any newly minted citizens, preferably they should be pinkies for a few years to lend some credibility to be our political leaders. There is thus an urgent task to find and attract more foreign talents to boost up the quality of our political talent. In the meantime, the oldie trinity of LKY, Jayakumar and Chok Tong would still be needed to warm the seats and hold the fort. If this theory is true, then soon we could be seeing a Clinton, Brown, Gandhi or a Hu becoming our PM and leading us to a brighter future. Let’s welcome the foreigners with open arms. It is quite sad that with 2 million people we could carry ourselves to the first world. Now with 4/5 million people we are saying that our future will be doomed without more talented foreigners coming here to help us.


Anonymous said...

Does that mean that we better pee and look at our own image... and get the first flight out.

Anonymous said...

Singapore's policies are not cast in stone, but the old man's staying on means that the PAP's mentality is still cast in stone.

Just a word from the old man and no one within the Party dare to utter a squeak or make a different decision.

Anonymous said...

Comment Number Two is not fair to our younger politicians, ok, the newer politicians are behaving like interns. However, the people made much proposals, give plenty of ideas, but the old leaders just do not give a damn.

This Post by Redbean is damn true, so much so that soon Sin will be damned.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

LKY is a true leader. At 36, his position as the leader of the party was undisputable. He already stamped his mark then.

If one is in the 50s or 60s and still unable to assume that kind of authority and leadership, then one's leadership is quite shaky.

And at 86, LKY's leadership is still unmistakable and unchallenged.

He is the man! Give him a beer.

Anonymous said...

Like that, why need 84 MPs? Are they not elected to represent voters to voice their concerns in Parliament?

Oh, I almost forgot, Parliament is to rubber-stamp decisions already made, grown old and buried, like the transport fare revisions. Why the heck are they debating that issue in Parliament after being implemented? Is it going to make a difference?

I guess they are just like religious worshipers going into the House of God to praise God.

Anonymous said...

No matter how good Muhammad Ali was, his time must come and a new challenger would stand up to take him down.

Can we see anyone in that like to stand up and tell him that it is time for him to make way?

Anonymous said...

Chemical Ali?

Anonymous said...

You will see and hear more of him when he kicks the bucket.

He himself said that he will rise up from his grave if anything goes wrong.

Singapore really cannot exist without him, dead or alive.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans arte wise enough to understand why LKY said that there is no need to retire. It is a clever act of blurring the people to the fact that ministers , members of parliament and politicians can cling on their lucrative jobs until their last breath or may be beyond if possible. If they are sincere in genuinely wanting to serve the country they should follow South Korean president of accepting a token salary of only One Dollar ( $1.00 ), and not paying themselves hundreds of thounsands or millions of dollars a year, for after all they are already very very rich people.In the meantime the hundreds of thousands of poor people cannot afford to retire because they have to scrape a poor living to see through their miserable life.

one dollar ( $1.00 ) and not paying themselves hundreds of thousands or millions