Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally

The main media will have a good coverage of what Hsien Loong said last night. Cyberspace will have a diametrically opposite version from the main media. What should I add to the yin and yang of reporting the same event? I must say that he made my life quite difficult, from the point of writing something that is expected from the new media perspective. And I am trying hard and still fumbling as to how to be critical with what he said. I can’t blame him for not listening to the people’s grouses and brushing them aside or calling Singaporeans names. I can’t blame him for not doing anything towards the people’s complaints. He covered most of the issues that we have discussed here, from NS men, housing issues, immigrants, transportation and education. More recognition will be given to NS men, more substantive and tangible than just mere talks. Of course, it would be better if more were given. $9000 could not even pay for the first down payment, only meaningful if buying direct from the HDB. The issues of immigrants and transportation were tackled, explained and the follow up actions and plans were revealed to minimise the problems. New citizens and PRs will be managed more stringently and at a slower pace. More MRT lines are in the pipeline. Then the runaway housing prices and the promise of more flats to be built. He reiterated the original mission of HDB, to build affordable flats for ALL citizens. Mah Bow Tan will be coming out with his new plans to clear up the mess that should not be there in the first place. This appointment is inappropriate. Mah Bow Tan has his own definition of affordability that no one agrees except those in the party. He has his own queer ways of interpreting supply and demand for housing. He has his own convenient time frame while the anxious flat buyers would be biting their fingers as housing prices soar to the sky. Many ended up buying more expensive flats, paying excessively more than necessary while the more unlucky ones were kicked out of the HDB queue because they waited too long and their incomes exceeded the ceilings imposed. My main misgiving is that no sacred cows were slaughtered. He never did what LKY did like removing retirement age once and for all. The HDB income ceiling stays. It would be more refreshing and exciting if he announced that there will be no more income ceiling and ALL Singapore citizens shall be entitled to at least one bite of the cherry. No citizens shall be excluded from buying his first flat from the HDB. But that was expecting too much. A little tweak in the income ceiling like retaining the $8000 for the cheaper HDB flats and those earning above $8000 can be eligible for Design and Build or Executive Condos will be a better change. The silly $8000/$10,000 ceiling is irrelevant given the high cost of private properties and HDB flats. It is becoming an irritating anomaly. What more when multi millionaires are now allowed to buy HDB flats, though in the resale market! This Rally speech came out as one that promises more actions, acknowledging the problems raised by all the whinings and kpkbs, instead of words or excuses and nothing can be done as in the past. It is more pleasant to the ears.


Abao said...

It will be the same as before... 100% feel good, nothing much done in the following 365 days.

And the same cycle repeats itself come next year...

Anonymous said...

Me was thinking Redbean will be a happier Singaporean after the 2010 NDR. The Focuses on immigrants, high housing prices, N Service, Ministers Wong Kan Seng, Vivian Balakrishnan, YOG and Public Transports were all repeatedly blogged in My Singapore News. Though me thought all great men think alike, for once me suspected that the PM must have had read Redbeans' Blogs.

Accolades and praises were emphathetically given to YOG, the Pinnacles(Redbean's favourite) and DPM Wong was given another important portfolio to oversee a new department in PMO. Housing Minister Mah will be talking about housing development; You have been heard my fren, today.

Did I say the bloggers and the people will have to see and hear more from their favourite Ministers in their bloggings and discussions about subjects that affect their livelihoods? All should be happy now, the more widely known parliamentarians will have more rapports with us. I like it.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We can't say that he is not listening. Unlike some jokers who keep insisting that their positions are the best and the people either live with it or get lost.

Abao is cautious if this good feeling can last. We will see if history will repeat itself again. Understandably people are sceptical. I am also sceptical if Mah Bow Tan would change his tact and policies.

Anonymous said...

The first few badges of NS Men are into their sixties. According to the PM, PRs who do NS and become citizens in future will be given the $9000 study grant to further their studies.

Now the Question is:- the OVER FIFTIES(in age) NS MEN, are they to further their studies to be entitled to the $9000 ?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I haven't read the details and not sure if this is applicable to the oldies. What is the cut off date?

Anonymous said...


how can there be cut of date when future generations and PR to Citizens are entitled ?

You make me feel third rate in my own country, man.

Patriots, You know ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am doubtful it will be backdated to the beginning of NS. Have you read anything about when this will be effective and applicable?

Anonymous said...

My apology Chin Leng, me watched the live telecast last nite, heard the PM mentioned the study grant but there was no other detail except those that me mentioned earlier.

In any case, me just do not see why NS Men of any year should be excluded unless the Government could prove that the newer ones are more patriotic than the early ones.

Even though we are in twilight zone, me have not completed 'O' Level, they should help me to upgrade myself mah. Me born Singaporean and Law abiding one leh.


Wally Buffet said...

Wa! That was a jolly good National Day Rally. Something for everybody.

But I do wished that the ICA and the MOM would be more selective when granting PRs or citizenships. I don't mind having that role model bus captain or a supermarket helper coming in by the droves but having someone from China who may one day be in command of our SPF, now that's a bit unpalatable.

I am thinking of studying for a PH.D. something I've dreamt of all along, with the study grant if we oldies are eligible. To be called Dr. Wally. Hehe, that sounds cool man. And when I go I can bring it along because even at the gates of heaven, some worthy credentials will open doors. OK guys, don't smirk. I know I will be going to heaven!


Anonymous said...

I did not watch his speech on TV.

A glance at the headlines on CNA reported him assuring Singaporeans that new immigrants will not upset the racial mix of Singaporeans. Was that the issue we were complaining and whinning about all this while?

Anonymous said...

I also want to go for PhD but, let me have my 'O' Level then 'A' Level.

Step by step lah and it has to start with my NS Grant first lah.


Anonymous said...

Wah, everyone going for PhD.

Velly soon, Sinkaporeans will all be PhD holders and millionaires.

Good luck and sweet dreams!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Reddy. Mah Bow Tan is the wrong man to clean up this mess he created. He thinks differently and have different priorities and notion of what is good and what is no good.

You will need another person who has a different mindset to undo what Mah Bow Tan has done.

Anonymous said...

>>Wah, everyone going for PhD.

Nay...i'll be using the grant to upgrade myself throught "Restroom Specialist Training Course (RSTC)"


Anonymous said...

Got any "cupboard collector" Secialist Training Course?

Anonymous said...

By then 'Restroom Specialist' may also need PhD. RSTC not enough if you have to compete with foreigners.

Must think ahead and get upgraded to the pinnacle.

Anonymous said...

Same as before. Election coming. After election, be prepared for the pain of paying back.

Enjoy the good news while you can. The plot never changes. The good feeling never lasts.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Patriot,

Sorry to say that you will not get a cent to your credit for NS under the new award. The cut off date is 29 Aug and those who have completed all the 3 phases of NS will be history.

This is going to agitate many who missed out. All the hopefuls are going to be disappointed.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Ah. The entitlement mentality alive and well.

"All Singaporeans are entitled to:..."

Make your list folks, add to redbean's utopian dream.

And who, BTW is going to pay for all these "entitlements"?

"Rights" and "Entitlements" are strange things: having a "right" or an "entitlement" means placing responsibility on "someone else" to provide those rights and entitlements.

Comrades, rally and unite for the State which provides "entitlements" simply because your mother's vagina opened and popped you out within the territorial borders of said "nation state".

It sort of lends another facet of meaning to the phrase "mother cuntry".


Anonymous said...

WTF, all conscripted and served as legislated and yet some are rewarded and some are denied. Even those PRs who have not serve are entitlem when they become citizens.

So Redbean, do You still want to place your loyalty here ?

And yes, all other Singaporeans should ask themselves the same question.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Can you see the insensitivity of those who made the recommendation to Hsien Loong. They were so arrogant and cock sure that if they draw a line and you are out, you are out. Don't come back to quibble.

In my years in HR, everytime when we do any salary adjustment or benefits, we made sure that we look at everyone down the line and no one can feel aggrieved or lost out.

Here we have robots dealing with unfeeling and unthinking people, or so they think. This supposedly good gesture would turn out to be another hot potato. There are a few hundred ex NSmen out there who would be pissed off by this.

Anonymous said...

I am quite sure that there will undoubtedly be an additional backlash in the coming election from NS men delegated to history.

They are already extremely sore with the sacrifice of servimg two years as cheap labourers and the need to suffer annual in-camp call-ups.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, patriot...

WTF guys? You're still on this "patriotic" and "loyalty" trip?

Give it up man. Treat S'pore as a hotel, and yourself as the sovereign individuals.

You are not going to change the nature of the state -- no amout of voting, or complaining or dissenting will.


Simply becasue the state has the absolute power -- all of it, so why in fuck's name should they ever listen to you? What would be the point anyway?

The fix is up: CPF + HDB + PAP + Absolute State - Civil Liberties = Singapore Citizenship/ Feudal Serfdom... take your pick.

Remove yourself from the CPF, HDB and PAP and you increase your own liberty by several orders of magnitude.

You can't get rid of the absolute state, and your civil liberties increase if you emigrate to the 'right' country (i.e. choose another absolute state that is more 'friendly' -- for the moment. Remeber, all states are inherently "evil", that is their nature)

Sad reality: no one working in the govt gives a fuck about your opinion -- unless it pisses them off which makes them then hunt you down to sue or jail you.

But as far as things "changing" in *your* favour? Forget it.