How real are polls and reports?

Singapore is the most desired country for migration and its population could go up by 200% if those who wanted to come are allowed to come. But the US is still the most preferred country to migrate to. Wow, we are number one again. If one ask anyone from a third world poor country if they want to migrate to a first world country, would they say no? If the survey were to be conducted in India or China, at least 1% would say they want to come to Singapore and we would have 20 million instant citizens. If the survey were to ask the respondents about Australia and that there is no racist policy to keep them out, at least 50 million each from India and China would be there in no time. So how much good can we attach to a survey like this? And of course as been pointed out, if 10 million want to come here, our population will be inflated by 200%. If 30 million want to go to the US, its population will only go up by 10%. In percentage term the US is less favoured than us. It is like surveying 5 people and claim that 100% of the respondent say yes.


Wally Buffet said...


Just have a good laugh every morning when I flip through the Shit Times sitting on my throne and bombing the Japs below.

That editorial on Sunday regarding HDB leaflets litter? I just wiped my ass with the very same page. That's about all I can do to register my disdain and disgust at how any rational human, let alone a leader writer in a national daily, can tell you that we have to suffer "little" inconveniences so that others can earn their commissions or grow their business and that if we protest at this injustice, we are deemed "pampered".

Anyway, with so much euphoria around these days, you know that the day of reckoning is just round the corner.

There will be fresh new opposition faces in parliament to wake up some incumbents who have an obnoxious habit of dosing off or appearing bored when they get ready to read their silly speeches.

We're in for some exciting days.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The silliness that we are facing daily or made to accept as wisdom is, yes, signs of a big change coming.

Anonymous said...

I have a few relatives who are PR from Malaysia working here for decades, but they never want to become citizens.

When I asked them why, they tell me that this is no place for retirement because of the high cost of living, and they still plan to return to Malaysia eventually. And, mind you, they are not Malays, who would otherwise enjoy privileges as bumiputras.

Sure, the wages in Malaysia are much lower, but houses, cars, hospitalisation and medical treatments and essentials are so much relatively cheaper, even with the recent adjustment of subsidies by the Malaysian Government.

They have long bought homes in Malaysia, with the money they earned working in Singapore, and they now go back on weekends to enjoy and maintain their country home.

Maybe they should also ask the Indians, who were left stranded without money or work by errant employment agents, and see if they want to come here again,

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Who says we have only two casinos?

Did I hear 3, or 4 or 5?

My view is that the country is now a casino. Every is placing their bets for a quick return.

Anonymous said...

The dangerous part is that we are gambling with our national reserves, our CPF savings, and our homes.

Making quick profit is everything.

Anonymous said...

SIN itself is one great casino, no doubt about it.

Oh no, my apology, SIN itself is a stake and it will all be gone soon.

Tio chak, kena makan.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Anecdotal account:

I know of several Aussies who will be emigrating to S'pore within the next year.

I myself am responsible for about 10 Aussies who now have either PR or citizenship. Most of them also hold HDB's, some have private condos and just about all of them also have property in Oz.

Given the amount of fiscal fucking around western welfare states are doing, as well as imposing severe austerity measures in those states whose "game is up", it is no surprise that tax, investment and immigration Singapore would score well in a poll: assuming of course the poll is "reliable", which they often aren't and thus there's valid grounds for skepticism.

As shitty as the Straight Times might be, one cannot discount everything which appears as "misinformation" or "disinformation".

NEither should anyone take my anecdotal account as "proof-positive" that the small island is going to be overun by the hoards of western welfare state economic fugitives.

But of course, the possibility is always there...given the fact that UK is broke, US is broke, EU is about to implode and more entertainment highlights which are bound to play out in the near future.