Ding dong policies

The family is the core unit of our nation building. We want our young to get married, have children, at least two. We want them to be filial, to visit their parents, look after and care for their parents. And better still, 3 generation family under one roof. We want our womenfolk to be productive, to go to work and provide that second income to pay for cheap HDB flats where one pay check is not enough. On the other hand we build flats that are smaller and smaller. Not only that the flats cannot accommodate 3 generations together, with 2 or 3 children, there is no room for a maid which is becoming a necessity to many families. The car park fees keep going up. How to visit parents when every hour is charged? How to be filial and stay overnight with parents when over night parking fee is doubled? Don’t they want the children to visit their parents, spend time with their parents, to share quality time with the family? And the parking fees for second car of children who want to spend more time with their parents are so costly. And instead of providing for adequate car parks, they only know how to increase the fees to keep people away. Parking is not just parking. It is a social activity, an essential family activity, an activity related to filial piety. It is also an activity where grandparents can help to look after the grandchildren while the parents are at work. The parents don’t just come back to pick up their children and scoot off immediately. The parking policies, providing inadequate car parks and prohibitive parking fees are anti social and anti family. The shoe box flats are also anti family and anti procreation. You mean you don’t know? Ding dong, ding dong, like two balls banging against each other happily ever after. It is unbelieveable to think that this doubling of carpark fees is universal and applicable to all car parks whether they are full or half full. Will it be implemented like dat?


Anonymous said...

Oh they know and want Singaporeans to be pro country like me, patriotic to the core , work and contribute to the economic developments; pro family like producing two kids or more. They know and they want. Why? Because the more the citizens do according to what they want, they ensure themselves of steady World Record Remunerations which they pay themselves according to their wants.

Do the Leaders care about the people? Obviously You die your business and this, every Singaporean knows. Why should they? Each and every Singaporean is expected to study hard, upgrade oneself non stop to be economically productive. Singaporeans are to keep themselves healthy and adapt themselves to the shrinking space of livings in abodes, transportations and everything.

While the costs of livings are ever increasing, the incomes of most Singaporeans have stayed stagnant or suffered lesser allowances and benefits.

Ah; Singaporeans not only have to behave themselves and be obedient, they are to protect themselves and the country, they have to police one another as well.

What does the SIN Government do to its' citizens or how does it treat them? Oh; me don't know, will my fellow countrymen please tell me.

Honestly, me don't even know why we need them, the Leaders.


Wally Buffet said...


They are so busy collecting COE and ERP with glee that they forgot that cars need space to park. I think everyone needs to take lessons from David Copperfield. Once you're done driving, Alabramama.......wham! the car becomes a mini model and you can put it in your pocket!

Flats will get smaller because there are another 100,000 honourable worker bees flying into the hornet's nest. Soon the hive will be so heavy that it will fall off from the tree and it's the end. The alien bees however will fly off looking for another hive!


Matilah_Singapura said...

When you have a monopoly owner on the car parks, they can, and will do what they like.

Anonymous said...

Car owners better be prepared. This is only the beginning. Parking fees will be like retirement and medisave money in CPF, with no ceiling.

So the reality is, when the time comes, driving on the roads will be expensive when they start island-wide ERP charging, that is whenever you exit your car park. Making parking expensive solves the problem of too many people not driving out of carparks, because they have to pay more and more putting their cars there.

You may say, this is thinking ahead to make more money.