Are we at war?

My eyebrows were raised when I read an article by Ong WeiChong in the ST today. The article 'Preserve the link between citizens, SAF' mentioned our soldiers involvement in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I quote, 'As part of the multinational effort to restore stability in Iraq, 998 SAF personnel were deployed in Operation Blue Orchid in and around the Iraqi theatre from 2003 to 2008. The SAF presence in Afghanistan to date has included provincial reconstruction teams, medical teams, a weapon-locating radar team, an unmanned aerial vehicle task group, aerial refuelling aircraft teams and artillery trainers. The technicality that Singapore is not at war does not disguise the fact that SAF personnel are operating in a war zone.' Fortunately, I believe, we have no casualty yet. What if one of our boys come back in a black plastic bag? Would he be considered KIA, killed in a war? I pray nothing of such will happen to our boys. Such missions are not the same as those in Meubulah during the tsunami crisis when our boys were there to provide and assist in humanitarian aids.


Wally Buffet said...

Even if our boys are sent there as cooks, we are allies in war and technically, we are at war "fighting" alongside the Americans.

So, a body bag coming home is KIA.

Having said the above, I think the rationale is to give our boys some kind of experience in real battle conditions albeit providing back room services and support. This is a start to enable the SAF to horn their logistical skills and at the same time, show some action instead of just paying lip service to our commitment to support the Yanks. Not NATO. Talk only no action.

Anonymous said...

If and when our soldiers boys volunteered to go for the experience, thrill and challenges of real battles, their wishes should be granted. That will make them real professional fighting men.

With no information release by the Defence Ministry, one wonders if NS Men were and are ordered to the battle grounds? We know lah, military orders are non negotiable hor.


Anonymous said...

For sure...there'll be no "white horses" involved.

Anonymous said...

Must parliament approve such a commitment?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Singapore govt licking American balls... again.

No surprises there. America beckons, Singapore jumps and says : "how high, master?"

Anonymous said...

Are there cold wars and psychological wars amongst the people, leaders and citizens vice versa and the countries around?

There should be, at least terrorists are intent in fighting their own governments.

Technically, all countries are suffering from infightings(not serious to be labelled civil wars but resulted in killings and destructions of infrastructures) and political, commercial conflicts amongst neighbouring countries can never be avoided. So, yes, there are ongoing wars.