Apparently good news

With the high cost of COEs and cars, many Singaporeans are still able to afford 2 or 3 cars. The way it is reported, it seems so easy to own cars. And this is good news as it reflects how wealthy Singaporeans are. They have the dollars, and money is plentiful. There is a small happy problem though. Not enough car parks. And the car owners are complaining. Heh heh. Now here's the trick. You know what happened to the problem of overnight parking? Not enough car parks right? The solution is so simple. They kena pay double for overnight parking, in every car park, empty, half full or over parked. Now I can see the brilliant solution going to be enacted. But no need to worry lah. Only the car owners would have to pay a bit more. Double the $90 it is only $180 pm. Cheap, cheap, cheap! When the roads are congested, make the motorists pay to use the road. When car parks are congested or ful, increase parking charges to reduce the number of cars in the car parks. Then motorists can park more easily. I am beginning to think like a genius.


Anonymous said...

"They have the dole and money is plentiful."

I don't understand this sentence. Dole means hand-outs, charity or giving out money.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oops, sorry for the hiccup. I meant they have the dollars, plentiful of money: )

Will correct it.

Anonymous said...

Of course the Government knows that if Singaporeans can afford a car, they surely must have the dough to pay for parking fees of $180 pm or even more eventually.

Singaporeans are all beginning to feel very rich seeing their CPF statements and all are potential millionaires when they cash in their HDB golden goose.

So, what does it matter if they are increasing parking fees and soon, introducing road usage charges as well?

It is still affordable to potential millionaires.

Thinking about this, I myself am also feeling very rich.

Anonymous said...

Wow fixing the blame instead of the problem. Uniquely Singapore indeed. Now even retarded monkeys can be ministers.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Buying a car n S'pore is accepting to taxed voluntarily.

I have no problem with that at all. It is possible to life quite well in S'pore without owning a car.

Therefore those who agree to be voluntarily taxed at a high rate are welcome to part with their hard-earned cash and hand it over to the state so that they can have their over-priced car - an item which is so mundane in the society I live in no one bothers discussing it (unless it is about driving fast and beating the cops)