3 most costly expenditure of Singaporeans

The 3 most expensive items that Singaporeans have to throw their money at are property, car and hospitalisation. A simple flat is likely to cost an average Singaporean $1m by the time he pays up his mortgage. The cars which he would have to purchase in his lifetime would range from $300k to more than a $1m, to an average Singaporean. The rich would spend more than $1m for a car, let alone several million dollar cars in the backyard. Then, given the fact that a Singaporean will live past 80 or 90, the luck of spend a month in hospital could cost him another few hundred thousand. Add another $500k to raise a child through university, geeze, that's quite a lot of money to pay in one's lifetime. But Singaporeans are rich, so not a problem paying for them. Time to celebrate National Day for the good life and able to pay for it.


Wally Buffet said...

Walau eh, the S$ is now slowly becoming Banana$ according to Mr. Bean.

Next time gotta get the maid to haul a sackful of these $$ just to buy a Chery.

Suggest a new currency only for buying a flat, a car or a hospital stay. 1 New S$=S$100. So to buy a 1 million S$ flat, just pay $10,000 NEW S$. Cheap, Cheep and Chipperest.

Sounds really cheap to me.

Anonymous said...

We are always talking about the rich who can afford to have everything, with enough to spare for retirement.

What about the poor who are earning a few hundred dollars or slightly more than a thousand a month? There are tens of thousands in that category, who in their lifetime probably never even had a few hundred dollars in their savings. I know some will say that it is their own fault for not being born smart.

I guess in the eyes of the immortals and the able, these poor people do not exist. They only see those celebrating National Day shouting 'more good years'.

Anonymous said...

Going by the many new cars appearing at the carparks at the estate where i stay and also the recently spiked COEs, me thinks Singaporeans are affordable.

And if i understand the currency rates correctly, Singaporeans are indeed very rich if they spend their monies abroad. Maybe most Singaporeans will be able to afford landed properties, upmarket cars, branded apparels, jewelleries and drivers, maids and gardeners.

Can Singaporeans see the positive sides?

Me do, waiting for my HDB Unit to reach One Million SINDollars.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singapore is flooded with cheap millionaire. In earlier times, a millionaire could easily buy 10 or 20 units of landed properties and still have plenty of money to spare.

Today, a millionaire could barely buy a HDB flat.

Wally Buffet said...

So please do not begrudge the high pay that our super talent is getting.

They will say what's the big deal? My annual pay can only buy maybe 4 HDB pigeon holes at most! And so hard work some more. Kenna cursed left right and centre! You want the job?

Anonymous said...

Wah lau eh Ah bean ah...inside my Monopoly box I've got several cars and houses + hundreds of millions of Monopoly dollars to spare :)

Anonymous said...

The rich worry about bungalows, big cars and holidays on the moon.

The poor worry about hospital charges, bus and MRT fares, rice, sugar and oil.

What is not considered costly to the rich, is a king's ransom to the poor.

Different people have different attachments to the term 'costly'.

Me? I have no ego to upkeep, no debts to pay, no wants to wish for. Poor as I am, envy not the lifestyle of others.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Nonsense. No one is "forced" to buy a car.

Since your own health is your own business, anything which happens to you is your responsibility. You cannot hold the govt "accountable" for you health. That idea is pure bullshit -- like the bullshit of believing in a "supreme being" to forgive you for all your "transgressions" thereby alleviating you of the need of that terrible burden to be personally responsible for yourself.

Everyone has to live somewhere. You are here, you have free choice, you have "needs" which have to be met for you to even see tomorrow; needs like food, clothing, employment, air, water...and shelter.

It is not the govt's job to "provide" you with any of your "needs" over and above a reasonably secure environment of peace so you can go about your life as you choose (without fucking others up, of course).

National Day, like every other tear-jerking, melodramatic expression of "nationalist" bullshit, is what it is -- some people fall for the bullshit and a small minority are intelligently skeptical about this overt and unnecessary symbolism designed to con people into believing that there is such a thing as "country" to which one should be "emotionally attached".

Great. Enjoy the delusion folks!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Nonsense Matilah. You do not know how good our govt is and how meticulous they are plannning our lives and future. Singaporeans no need to think at all, no need to save at all. All has been carefully planned for by the govt.

A Singaporean will come clean and goes clean at the end of the day. Not a cent more and not a cent less.

Since when is our health and our money the govt's business? If the govt want's to take the people's money and manage the health system, let it be their business.

The govt cannot grab hold of the people's money, stash away, and tell the people their healthcare is their own problem.

Matilah_Singapura said...


> If the govt want's to take the people's money and manage the health system, let it be their business. <

And I intend to do just that. Afterall, ultimately its the sheeple's choice.

I'll just do my usual thing: sit back and enjoy the suffering of stupid choices i.e. wishful thinking, going against natural law.

Wait until the "govt help" becomes really too expensive for even rich people to pay. Then many will be wishing for death because it is cheaper.

The simple point I make is this: if you allow a govt of "high-maintenance bitches" to "help" you deal with the vagaries of life, then that mistress is going to cost you more and more money as time goes on

She'll give you "pleasure", and then give you pain. When you pay more and more for the soothing of pain, ahhh... relief, you get "pleasure" again...where you will then willingly and happily pay. Then comes the pain...

...and so on.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Unfortunately Singaporeans have no choices except one which they messed it up every 4 or 5 years.

The high medical costs, high housing prices, the money in lock up, etc etc are not choices.

How ridiculous things are now when the fortune of most Singaporeans are in a flat which when sold, will not be enough to pay for one long stay in a privatised govt hospital?

Anonymous said...

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