$20 for senior commuters

Gan Kim Yong is dishing out $20 from his CCC fund to senior citizens affected by the recent fare hikes in public transport. Only those who are 60 and above and have less than $1,500 monthly family income qualified. It is expected that this will cost the CCC $20,000. This is a one time payment though there is possibly of further payments. Is there a real problem affecting the senior citizens? After all it is only a few cents per trip. And this is not enough even to buy a can of soft drink. So why the hooha? Gan Kim Yong had received many complaints during his meet the people session. So there is a real problem. Other MPs are also getting more complaints on the same issue. If there is a problem, how is a one time $20 going to help remove the problem? Is this just a gesture of kindness or a temporary measure while the MPs are seeking a real solution to the plight of the poor oldies? Should those who made the decision to increase the small and irritating few cents of financial burden try to do something, like donating their bonuses to help them? After all their bonuses can come to several hundred thousands each and quite likely paid by these small increases? I don’t think anything will happen as the small hike is going to bring in many benefits to the oldies in the future. The hike is a good thing, helping the oldies. It becomes ridiculous to dish out more money for the oldies when they are supposedly benefitting from the hike. Or is it?


Wally Buffet said...

There is something unique in this country regarding price or tax hikes by public entities or the Govt. respectively and that is to give one time payments to cushion the the permanence of the increase.

Now let's see what $20 can buy. 20 cups of kopi ci at the neighbourhood coffee shop or 3 cups of gourmet coffee at Blue Mountain. Nah, not worth the trouble otherwise I will go and queue up at the CCC front door pronto. The fuel and the parking going there to meet the honourable MP is more than 20 bucks. Doesn't make sense. I would appreciate them more if the bright spark had not targeted the oldies in their cloaked transport fare increase. They should call a spade a spade. At least be honest about it and we the oldies will forgive and forget.

Another thing I don't quite understand is why the transport companies make the extras from the fare increases and Mr. Gan has to carry the baby so to speak and dish out contrition red packets?

I understand one hand give out the other hand take but one leg give out and the other hand take?

I am lost.

Anonymous said...

Mr Wally is very negative today.

Minister Gan is really kind and the Prime Minister was kinder before, when he donated his salary increment of a few hundred thousands. Although the Former is less kind to the Latter as he is not using his own money, let's hope that some of them will emulate Warren Buffer and Bill Gate to give away money they can NEVER use due to lifespan limits.

Be positive Mr Wally, You don't behave like a Buffet today, what happens? Redbeans' posts this morning must have hurt your spirit. Naughty Redbean!


Anonymous said...

Mr Gan is perhaps preparing for the coming elections.

We may see more from other MPs soon.


Anonymous said...

$20 can watch 20 matches of world cup games months ago..

Anonymous said...

..give u $20 FIRST
i'm sure they're going to recover much more from u later..sigh

Anonymous said...

Less than $1500 'family' income, mind you.

You want to guess how many will actually qualify to get the $20?

I strongly believe, as most others, that this fare revision affected the elderly the most, and its purpose is to discourage the elderly from taking trains, since so much complaints have been registered regarding overcrowding on the MRT.

The maximum fare of 72 cts went up to $1.05 for the elderly taking the MRT. That is really too much to swallow.

I think this token gesture really proves that the elderly are badly affected by the revision, otherwise do you think they will do something like this.

Again, I am going to quote LTK: They give you a drumstick, they are preparing to take from you one whole chicken. Just wait until the election is over.

Wally Buffet said...


Bro. Patriot, I am not feeling negative. As a matter of fact, I am perpetually feeling tickled by the clowns' actions lately.

20 friggin' bucks! Enough for two 10 minute quickie haircuts. Big deal.

We seniors are no beggars. And family income gotta be $1,500 or less some more.

I think I will set up a table next to Mr. Gan and give away $50, me being a Buffet. See the oldies take whose money!

OK, enough of jokes. Me go afternoon nap then proceed to happy hour.


Anonymous said...

Haha, Wally, you are funny.

A table next to Mr Gan? They will tell you that you are not allowed to do that, because there is a likelihood of public disturbance and eventual rioting arising from your act of kindness by overbidding Mr. Gan. The riot squads will be called in to surround you. Dr. Chee found that our long ago.

And, most of all, you are taking away the bragging rights of Mr. Gan, who is trying to earn it for the coming election. And for that, Mr. Low Thia Khiang found that out long ago.

So, no go lah!

Anonymous said...

"20 friggin' bucks! Enough for two 10 minute quickie haircuts. Big deal".


Most beggars can get the amount within a day without having to go thru any red-tape. The hassle of applying for a MISERABLE $20.
The Government is not even comparable to Religious Organizations, Charity Foundations and the General Public Donors.

And soon we are going to have local graduates reading utilities meter, as carpark attendant and valet, security officer(guard), traffic surveyor, traffic assistant at the air/seaports, caddy and driver; jobs that secondary and below educated people did before the 80s.

There was a civil engineer and an undergraduate working as security guards with me before and they are much younger than me.

Very worrying for the younger Singaporeans.

What the heck is happening???


Anonymous said...

We have probably the only Phd taxi driver in the world. What else is surprising?

When you go for a free meal at The Buddhist Lodge, they do not even care how much you earn. And you can go there every day, and they just let you eat, even if you are not really poor.

Matilah_Singapura said...

If the govt hands out "welfare", grab it -- as much and as fast as you can.

Think of it as a "free for all from the robbers".

The robbers never give something for nothing -- but whether you grab the goodies or not, they are going to take from you.

Many -- including me -- argue that "welfarism is bad". However, if welfarism is introduced, you get no medals nor any "heavenly reward" from sticking by your opinion about "welfare". The game changed, and so must you.

Grab it! If you don't, someone else will.

Anonymous said...

Hands out is the beginning, it is also a bait.

Take back is the ending but it will not end until you pay back what you have taken plus ......

And more hand outs will be needed as they are planned and programmed and the vicious cycle will be perpetrated repeatedly.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, no more handouts because the old man criticized the handouts over the years.

When he criticize a decision, you know what happens to all the marbles in the pants of those in Parliament.

I know it is not fair to the younger MPs, but it is the reality.

Anonymous said...

One time $20 and Singaporeans consider it 'hand-out'? It is not a gift that recipients get without the need to apply leh. Need to face the officer when applying and answer quite a few questions at least. And they will be checking into the backgrounds of your families and what not hor!

Frankly speaking, one is actually MADE TO BEG for the 'miserable handout'.

Singaporeans need not be cheapo to such an extent, no need to be humiliated to such a level la.


Anonymous said...

Well, it is a fact that Singaporeans are confirmed 3rd class citizens, so such treatment is to be expected.

There is an outcry in cyberspace that Singaporean YOG volunteers, especially school kids, have been given 'dog food' while foreign athletes enjoy a 42 course buffet.

So, begging for the $20 is to be expected. 3rd class citizens have to be treated like beggars.